Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beautiful Bird Nest...a work of *HEART* ~

UPDATE: The birdies have hatched...YAY!! I was outside today by the gas tank tearing an old couch apart and I heard them chirping a was so hard not to peek , but I was good and left them alone!

Just look at this wonderful bird nest...I love all the elements that make up this beauty. A piece of paper, a green plant leaf, straw, leaves...simply a work of art~
Isn't it amazing? I am telling you there was a determined bird making this nest. She built it inside our gas tank lid (shown below).
Several weeks ago when I walked past the tank I noticed twigs sticking out. I opened the lid and removed them. This happened daily for a few days and I even left the lid open for awhile thinking it would deter mama bird. Not a chance! I forgot about it and when I went back one day and opened the lid to check our gas consumption there was this beautiful nest! Needless to say I carefully closed the lid and I haven't opened it since~ Enjoy the wonder of Gods creation~ Blessings~


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the building instinct takes over & there is no detering them. The nest & the accumulation is a beautiful still-life of a birds home....
Nice Post!

Jeanneoli said...

Pretty incredible isn't it??!! We have one on our back porch and the kids can't wait for those little birdies to be born.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Sandi,
That nest is a beautiful gift of nature. So good you've left it for the little birdies to be cozy and safe.

Did you plant your climbing roses where you wanted? Happy week to you.