Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fairy party...part three

I really thought that I could wrap up the fairy party in this post, but I will have to do one
more. My dial-up only lets me load so many pictures before it goes wonky on me so I
 am not going to push my luck. :)

Above was our drink for the day. Pink lemonade with 7 up. Perfect on a hot summer day.

Pink sugar wafers are perfect for a fairy party. {Did I sugar these kids up or what? lol}

I put the plates, napkins and cups in the wire basket in the vanity table where a drawer used to be.

{This photo was taken the night before so they aren't unwrapped yet}

Initially I had the tulle decoration running down the middle of the table long ways, but
I realized it had to go diagonal for each of the kiddos to have a place to actually color etc.

Loved the way my daughter-in-law Melissa fixed her hair so I had to snap a photo.
I should have purchased wings for my DIL's also. :)

Two happy little fairies...

Just some pretty decor to fill up space and hold the pink butterfly wands.

Little Ms Ainsley playing with the whirly gigs. She was such an adorable little fairy!

Fairy Keira just painted her nails and put pretty stickers on them. Did you notice the sweet
little necklaces that I found for them? I was going to make fairy dust necklaces, but as
luck would have it I found some on clearance at Claire's. Tiny little vials of pink glitter
along with a heart charm on a silver chain. They were the perfect size and color.

Three sweet little fairies holding their bags of jewels.

I wanted to get a photo of all the fairies together, but the littlest one did not cooperate. ha!! 

Fairy Ainsley picking up more jewels. It is hard for me to realize that people in blogland
really don't want to see 500 photos of my grandchildren and it was so hard to choose. *smile*

Close up of a beautiful little fairy. We really did have a wonderful day and I know I overdid it
on the photos, but please bear with me and I promise I will wrap this up with the next post. :)

Celebrate life!!! 


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Everything is so pretty--my favorite cookie is sugar wafers:) So pretty to have that and the pink lemonade. Love the tulle on the table. You did a great job, have enjoyed all these posts!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Cute, cute, cute, Sandi!!! I wonder who had more fun with the party - you with the decorating part or the little ones playing fairies :-).

Wild Oak Designs said...

Such wonderful ideas and darling pix! Treasured moments for sure....Love every idea and pixie dust !