Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter brings out the kid in me

Yesterday I was longing for Spring, but instead we got dumped on with about 6 inches
of snow. I posted on facebook  that "I should go out and build a snowman"...just kinda
joking around. Then I thought , "WHY NOT?" i did just that!! 

I had this little lady made in about 15 minutes or less. I realize her scarf should be long
enough to go all around her neck , but I just grabbed stuff and improvised.

I think she turned out pretty cute. I got a couple of takers on facebook who want me
to go to their house and make one. lol. It was fun to be a "kid" again.  Keeps us
young right?? :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is it Spring yet ???

Please tell me it is just around the corner!
 I am soooooooo ready for Spring this year...are you?

Aren't these nests just beautiful? I picked up this container full at an antique store of
all places!! I would love to know the story behind this collection. I know the cashier
that day thought I was absolutely cracked when I took these up to pay for them,
but that is okay. I am used to people thinking I am a bit strange. lol!

If it can't be Spring outside yet at least it can be inside. I made this burlap banner a week or
so ago. Lighting here is horrible today and I had to use my flash, but at least you get the

I even clipped a little fake nest to the banner.  If all my wishing will make Spring arrive
faster, then it should be here tomorrow!!  If only....:)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Star bright...

...first star I see tonight...

...I wish I may...I wish I might...

...have the wish I wish tonight.

wishing love, laughter and warm fuzzies for each one of you.

It is colddddddd here in Michigan and kinda icky out there so no better time
than the present to make some cranberry stars.

I ran across these vintage star molds the other day while digging in a drawer
and I decided I was going to try out what I intended to do a long time ago.
I had a bag of cranberries left over {don't know what they were left over from ,
but we will call them leftover. lol. } in my refrigerator so no time like the present.

 I want to do this for the holidays next year. I would add greenery at the top
of them where the twine hanger fastens on. You could also do this for Valentines
Day, but use heart molds! How fun would that be?? There is only one thing you
really need  to make these and that is COLD WEATHER...FREEZING weather!
ha! You can't do this where it is warm all year round. I guess there are some
perks to freezing half the winter after all. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beauty in unexpected places

I think the pics speak for themselves...

Blessed Thursday to each of you ~

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Treasures found ~

I have picked up a few treasures here and there in the past few weeks and thoroughly enjoyed  each
and every  moment of the *treasure hunt*.  Sometimes it takes a long time to find something
that speaks to my heart, but when it does I know it instantly.

Aren't these the greatest books ever?? I love them!!

I found several gorgeous pieces of lace and three of them had vintage rhinestones already attached.
I have never seen that before, but I love it! I also found spools for 30 cents each and picked out a
few. I may have to get some more...:)

I fell in love with this SILK ribbon instanty. It is so soft and the perfect color .

I love all the pieces together.

I couldn't go home without this Italian postcard. Isn't it sweet? 

I was in pure heaven when I found this chair at the Goodwill this past week! I was in line to
pay for a couple items, glanced beside me and there was this chair!!! I knocked a few people
trying to get at it  grabbed it right away! Truthfully, no one was even giving it a second
glance and am I ever glad! It now resides in my bedroom. Perfection I say...:)

What have you found lately ?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines day! ♥

Happy Valentines Day!! 

24 or so of these sitting in my kitchen ...
Raspberry and cream cheese filled cupcakes...can you say DELISH!!

I made a couple burlap heart banners this week and love how they turned out.
The hearts are covered with glitter although you can't tell that very well.

I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating with the ones you love.

Hubby shocked my sox off today!
There were beautiful flowers along with candy and a card sitting on the table when I got out of bed.
He leaves for work about 5:15 am and I KNOW he didn't run to the store this morning as there and
back would have been an hour without shopping. ha!! Wondering where he had them tucked away
all night long. Hmm...he always gets me flowers, but gives them to me when he gets home from
work...he was sneaky this year. Love that man!!

I am blessed...♥


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just a little love...

I have been doing a little creating and three one of a kind tags are the latest items that
I have come up with. 

~ Blessings ~

~ Key to my heart ~

~ Love...Amour ~

I had fun making these tags, but the whole kitchen was in utter chaos while
I was working on them. Glitter, fabric, embellishments ...everywhere! lol

Just sharing a little love with you before the big day arrives. :)

Have a wonderful Thursday ~