Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's wayyy past time!

Here it is almost JULY and I haven't even shown
you the rest of my photos that I took June 3rd at
the antique store in Michigan.

The first seven photos are another favorite booth of
mine in the mall. Leslie's french booth was number
one and this one was number two.
They had several old clock faces that were neat.
First time ever that I have found vintage clock faces
to buy that was not online.

This person just has a knack for making neat
displays, but I did not find a business card in her
booth. Maybe I missed it.

Love these banners made out of book pages.

See the clock face in this photo underneath the bloom banner? It now resides in my house. :)

Neat chippy white pieces...I know! I just couldn't buy everything though.

Vintage opera glasses along with many
other goodies.

This was what I saw when I first entered
this booth.

Love this table which was in a booth very close
to Leslies.

Can a person have too many flower frogs? I have several so I left this one for someone else.

Yet another area that I thought was nice.

Can you believe the gorgeous chandelier is marked
SOLD? I can!!

I seriously considered this birdhouse because
I need a new one for outside, but after I
found Leslie's booth I didn't get it.

I try to reason things out when trying to decide
what to buy. Now I know my
hubby can make me a birdhouse very easily,
but can he get me vintage items all the way
from France?? Not so the vintage French
items won out!

There was quite a display outside before you
even got in the door of the mall.

Love how these mailboxes are embellished.
I see a mailbox makeover coming on soon. Oh boy won't my mailman love me!!

Neat white door, but would have had to strap
it to the top of the car and I don't think hubby
would have agreed to that. :)

I hope you enjoyed yet another tour of the antique mall
in Michigan. Once in awhile when I let my mind wander
I think of all the places out there in the world that I have
not seen. I know it must be filled with all kinds of treasures
because I haven't even scratched the surface and I
am amazed at what I find.

Just in case you missed it before:

Memories Antique Mall 4036 W. Grand Blanc Rd. Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473 {just off of US 23 a mile or two}
Happy Thursday!! Blessings~

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Porch curtains, flowers and cutie patooties!

I am just thrilled with how my galvanized tub has
performed for me this year. Last year we had tomatoes
planted in it and it looks so much prettier this way
don't you think?

I planted ivy geraniums, hops, allysum along with an
asparagus fern.

The allysum (snowdrift or snow something??) is spilling over the edges very nicely.

Very light pink geranium

Oh my look who snuck into my post!! Aren't they just the cutest ever!!! Big sister Keira and little brother Kanaan.
My oldest son's children. Can you tell that Keira loves him to death??
{I don't think he minds being loved on either!} love this picture of them!
{Kanaan got his boo boo when we were out there
last time to visit, but he took it like a little man!}

my back deck...don't look too close ,but I spy greenish
stuff on part of it so I guess it is time to get out the
power washer
{The fence came home from my booth}

Here is my front porch from a couple posts ago where I
didn't get this shot added. Thought you might want
to see the whole thing.

and WA LA......I hung curtains on the porch!!!! What do you think? I posted on facebook that I think the neighbors
think I am batty for putting them up, but I don't
care. Sure makes a nice peaceful place to sit and I
love it when they blow in the breeze.
I didn't buy one thing...took these out of my stash
from a garage sale last year. I think it was a huge
scarf type curtain. I ripped it in two and love it!

It has been an interesting time here lately at the Wayside
Treasures household. Last week we had to have a new
starter put on our car (2003) and a four wheel alignment
($400), this week new struts put on (over $600 , but
thankfully not the $800 they quoted us),
$250 spent on roofing materials for replacing a
tiny roof, and a yet to be seen price for a
lawnmower part. Hubby will pick that up tomorrow
after work. Can you believe I push mowed part
of our lawn today? We have almost three acres,
maybe two that we mow and I would NOT
want to mow it all that way! I sure got a
workout though!

I was trying to find a silver lining in all this
money going out and I did. Thankfully it happened now
and not when hubby was laid off a year and a half ago. God is good!!!

Now scoot on over to Faded Charm where I

know Kathleen has many lovely white posts
for you to view again this week.

{PS disclaimer here again...still can't get to many of
your WW posts because of my slow dial-up internet,
but I do keep trying. One of these days!!}

For those of you who asked the antique mall
where Leslie's french booth is:

Memories Antique Mall
4036 W. Grand Blanc Rd.
Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473
{just off of US 23 a mile or two}


Saturday, June 25, 2011

A *french* story of amazing kindness!

This is a story about a shared love of all things french,
a person who I have never met {Leslie},
and random acts of kindness...
they were bestowed upon me...of all people me!

{isn't this french correspondence letter just lovely?}

Remember when we visited my daughter a few weeks
ago and we stopped at *the* antique mall with the
vintage french booth?

{You can read about it here if you missed it}

I mentioned that I had looked and looked for a price
on some vintage french paper pieces in the booth,
but decided they were just for display.
What I didn't tell you was that I picked up the
seller's business card and sent her an email
telling her how much I loved her booth
and that I will be visiting it whenever we
are in the area.

I received a very kind email back from Leslie
and she happened to mention that if there was
ever anything I was looking for to let her know.
Once again I replied and told her that I loved
the vintage french papers and did she have any
for sale.

{a vintage french medicinal glass and wicker carrier
along with an eiffel tower postcard!}

She replied and told me if I would give her my
address then she would just send me some.

{it even says "made in france" on the bottom}

Totally surprised I passed it along to her
and I was shocked at what appeared in my
mailbox within a few days!

A huge package with all kinds of vintage french paper
ephemera along with a french skeleton key and
a french bin number.

I was just amazed at each and every little thing
and looked them all over very carefully.

A random act of kindness that left me speechless!

Beautiful photos on french papers.

French cutouts of wings and butterflies

this vintage french correspondence letter along
with the french skeleton key.

more paper goodies

several beautiful vintage telegrams.
You name it...she sent it!

A day or two later while still corresponding with Leslie,
I asked her if she could check the price of the little wicker
glass carrier with glass inside and get back with me.
She assured me that she would when she was at her
booth again. We agreed that I would pay by check
or paypal.

When I asked her the price a few days later this
was the exact wording of the email she sent to me:

Hi Sandi, wanted to let you know that you
should check your mail in the next few days
for a wonderful little package.... Leslie

You have got to be kidding me! I emailed her
again and asked her what I owed her and
she replied back:
"just enjoy it.....

What I did to deserve these acts of amazing
kindness I don't know, but I am so grateful
for her kindness to me and I told her I too
will pass along a random act of kindness.

My wonderful package arrived today and I
was thrilled to open it and find this little
treasure. She told me that a doctor in France
would order mineral spring water for many ailments
so the ladies would have their own wicker pouch and
glass and take it to the spring to drink from.
She has found three of them and all three had
differences to the glass. What an interesting
little piece that I will always treasure!!

She also told me that she started traveling to England
many years ago and always would buy anything french
at the english flea markets.
She has been to France several times in the last few years.
Last summer she spent a month about 6 hours south of Paris,
rented a fisherman's cottage ( yes it really was)
from an English couple and traveled to the brocantes with her.
Can you imagine?? What a dream to be living in so I will
live vicariously through her!! :)

Thank you so much Leslie and may you be
blessed many times over for your kindness
to me!

a very grateful french lover...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Front porch serenity

My ivy geranium on my front porch has really
taken a growth spurt lately with all the rain
we have had and I love it.

I don't know if I have ever told you, but we live on a dirt road
{what other kinds of roads are there in Michigan!}
in a two story house that was
built in the 1890's. We have lived here for over
29 years
and truth be told we will probably always live here.
Once in awhile I get the urge to pack it all up and
move ,but then when I think of all the work
involved ...yea, it stops me dead in my tracks! lol.
Our home sweet home still needs a lot of
work! We went through several years of babies,
lay-offs, machinist strikes, etc. and the time
just has never been right to fix it all up
like it needs to be.
We did replace the siding ourselves one
year when the kids were still at home, hubby
was working 10 or more hours a day and he was
also coaching our sons little league team at the time.
He would get home from work, we would literally
throw a couple pieces of siding on the house
and then run off to a game. I don't know how,
but we finally did manage to get it all sided
that year.
However those little *finishing touches* like the
soffit, trim etc never got all done. Almost , but not totally.
We are hoping to get that accomplished this
summer but once again...
Hubby is working a lot again so that doesn't leave much
time. We also need to replace a few of the windows.
Hopefully within a couple years we will get that
accomplished too, but God is good and I do enjoy
my little corner of the world...most of the time!
Remember this mirror? I think I had photos up
of it last year when it was dark green. I gave it the white treatment and it goes so much
better now don't you think?
A birds nest that I found while trimming bushes one day.
There is still part of a broken egg shell in it.

I purchased this wicker stand one year at a garage sale for $5.00! Still can't believe that price.

I love anything architectural!

I love this bush when it is in bloom. Also loving this plant
stand that I purchased for 5.99.

Don't look too close! The allysum in the pot is almost
dead I think...but it is coming back now slowly
but surely. lol.

View from the west end of the porch.

One of these days I would like to paint

( I mean...I would Mr. Wayside to paint) the green
table and chairs white and our dark blue shutters
white as well. I also want to get a new market
umbrella for the table. All in due time.
I just planted a lilac bush at this end too so am
anxious for that to grow and fill in the space. Once in awhile I toy with the idea of hanging
airy curtains at this end of the porch too.
What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed your tour of my front porch.

Maybe next time I can get better photos of the
glider and other items that I missed.