Friday, October 26, 2012

Booth beauty, a MOUSE and a brownie!

Just to put your minds at ease,  the mouse did not eat the brownie, but we will get to that
 later. lol

A few weeks ago when we visited my daughter and her family,  I stopped at the Memories
antique mall by Fenton, Michigan again. I always love to visit there because there are a couple
booths that I just love and these first few photos are from one of them.

Can you believe that I walked out of there and didn't purchase one thing?? I KNOW!
 I had just purchased several items at the Peacock Park sale and I had to be good.

The lady who has this booth always has such wonderful items and displays so I had
to capture it in pictures once again.

Just look at all the amazing and lovely white treasures!

She sure has a knack for displaying her items beautifully!

Love this olive oil soap and the dish it sets in.

A neat way to display old linens. I love old hangers and I have several in my stash.
I need to get them out and do this. :) we are to the brownie part...I made these brownies a week or two ago and they
were sooooooo yummy!! I just mix up a regular brownie mix , put it in the pan and add
dollops of peanut butter and then bake it. We love them this way and if you like peanut
butter and chocolate I think you will too!

I have been busy , busy, busy trying to get things made for a craft show that I am going to be in
and although things are not moving along at warp speed I am getting some treasures finished.

I found these nests  with the eggs inside on clearance after Easter. They were brown and of course
 I sprayed them white and added some Martha Stewart Tinsel glitter. Love how they turned out!!

Now on to the story about the MOUSE.  Our two granddaughters Annika and Ainsley
 {little gal in these pics}were at our house last week and we were in the living room playing
with toys when we saw a mouse run around the room. Of course it startled me so
 I screeched...well kinda...ha ha!

Of course that got the girls all excited and Ainsley wanted to literally jump in my arms so I
rescued her and we tip-toed into the dining room and watched the mouse run into the kitchen
and then on into the bathroom.  Ainsleys eyes were wide and she kept saying, *BUG ,BUG*
and pointing. It was just too cute!

These pictures are her trying to tell her gpa all about it when he got in the house. It was so
precious!! She got her face so close to his and kept whispering about the mouse. I told him
to keep her talking while I ran and got the camera and thankfully it worked!!!!! She just
went on and on. I just love her facial expressions that I captured! The above photo almost
looks like she is kissing him, but she isn't...she is just whispering. :)

"oh , paw paw we saw a mouse"...
don't you just love her little hands on his face. :)

Then she had to point and show him where it ran off to. So glad I got these special
moments to keep!

Last , but not little vase of violas. I was outside this past week cleaning up
my gardens and found a few of these flowers still blooming so I had to pick them.

I sure hope I can keep in touch. I think my computer is on it's last breath, but I am
praying that it limps along for another year...think that will happen?? ha!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am blessed! {with goodies from Peacock Park}

I have been a busy beaver again this week, but I wanted to take some time and show you what I
brought home with me from the big Peacock Park sale last weekend.

Don't you just love these beautiful bags? I sure do! 

I believe that Gina told me that these are in her new line.  She was so sweet! I was carrying around a
 few things and she told me I needed a box so I followed her to the other side of her warehouse where
she found me an empty box to hold my treasures. If you haven't met her, she is one amazing lady!
 I think she has more energy in her big toe than I have in my whole body. ha!

This wreath!!!!!! I spied this across the tent on the first day and made a beeline for it.
I am glad I did because I didn't see any more and ladies were asking us where we found it.

music paper holly leaves with added glitter and glam...perfect!

I couldn't pass up a stack of simple muslin aprons and runners for 50 cents and 1.00 each.
{depending on what day you purchased them...regular day or half off day. I did both!}

I have been wanting a large lantern so was very pleased when I found this one with all
the glass intact. She had several that were missing glass and while it would not have been
hard to have glass cut for them, I don't have to now. :)

A beautiful picture that I picked up and carried around the first day and just couldn't decide , but
decided fast on the half off day. :)

Are you ready for this bloggy friends??? Gina also had a FREE pile! I brought home 20 of these chippy
 table legs and will use them for shelf brackets and who knows what else. 

She was also giving away tons of these wooden buckets! They were originally a dark color, but I
have painted five of them so far and am fixing them up. First, I picked up a stack of five, but then
we found out there were unopened boxes on pallets so I also nabbed a full box!

{ disclaimer: no one was hurt in the shuffle and scuffle of grabbing free items...rofl!
everyone behaved in a ladylike manner at least when I was there. }

I have big plans for these so I hope it works out. ha! One lady nabbed two boxes to utilize them
 for her daughters wedding.

All in all it was a fun day and truth be told this is my big hurrah for the year. Hubby and I never
seem to go on a true vacation ,so we take mini vacays to visit our kids and love it when we find
stops like this along the way.

I did get a few other items that didn't make the photos yet. Some silver glittered jingle bells,
another printed tote...not sure what else, but I think most of it made the photos. I hope you
enjoyed seeing all my goodies. Happy Thursday!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Annual Peacock Park Sale...I wish I could have taken you with me!

You know when you are looking forward to something so much that you can't eat,
can't sleep, can't clean or do dishes, can't drive, can't do anything right??

Okay...okay, I am getting a little really carried away here, but I have been hoping that
Gina from Peacock Park would have a sale this year and when June came and went
without one being announced I figured it was a no day not too long
ago she announced it on facebook and her blog. Happy camper here! hee hee

I was there twice on Friday and once today...plenty of times to snap up some goodies
at awesome prices although I needed a truck because I LOVED the above piece and it
would not fit in my car. lol!

{Thursday was for wholesale customers only which I am not}

There were beautiful baskets and metal ware...

...chests with numbers on them. Who doesn't love numbers these days??

lots of assorted ribbon...

these trick or treat rolled bamboo mats ...

( I brought a few of these home with me}

burlap pillow covers...

A gorgeous chair and even more baskets...

everywhere you looked was another treasure just waiting to be found...I almost brought one of these
"flower container trees" home with me, but didn't know if it would fit in the car either.

Did you notice the basket on the left is made into a lamp??

More numbered items...

Another gorgeous angel! They had one of these last year also. I love it!

I fell in love with these rusty ,screen hats , but none made it home with me. I just
couldn't purchase all that I thought was neat or I would need another home
to put it all in and I also had to save some money to pay bills ya know!! lol.

I goofed here! I intended to get a couple of these today and didn't. Today was half off day so they
were 2.50 each. All the little fleur -de -lis were broken, but I could have replaced it with something
else. Oh well...another item I really didn't NEED. :)

loved all the gorgeous gray baskets no matter the size...

numbers, numbers, numbers...

I thought this clock was gorgeous!

This is the tent you saw when you drove in. The sale was inside the tent, along the side of the warehouse
and there were also some items inside the warehouse. It was a perfect day yesterday. Beautiful,
sunny weather. Today it rained all day long.

This is the sign you see as you are driving along the interstate. I have loved the sight of this place
before I even knew what it was. Years ago, my daughter happened upon it as it is only 15 minutes from
where she lives and she told me I would love it. That is when the warehouse was actually a retail location
and as soon as you stepped inside, you were transported to a most beautiful place in time. It was
breathtakingly gorgeous each and every time we visited.

It has since closed to the public and it is now her warehouse, but Gina started her annual sale last year
and have been fortunate enough to attend both years. If you live in Michigan it is well worth the trip!!
 Hope you enjoyed seeing the photos.  I will share what I purchased with you later. Happy Saturday!

{ I never told you WHY I was there twice on Friday did I? Well, it so happens that as we got
 closer to our destination, I asked hubby to remind me to put my camera around my neck so
 I could take photos for my blog. Well , he forgot and so did I! I didn't even remember until we
 were a few miles up the road to an antique store. So , after we ate lunch we drove back so I
could get some photos just for you! ha! We also had some time we needed to kill so it worked
out just fine. Also, on my second trip I scored some freebies and can't wait to transform them.}

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I've been up to...

I just realized today that I haven't posted for about nine days so thought I would hop in
here and tell you what I have been up to.

I picked up some acorns on a walk one day... 

...and it turned into a mini photo shoot. Hubby
and I have been walking every other day or rather trying to get it in every other day and I
am loving it...him, not so much! ha! I am amazed at the different kinds of acorns that
we have been finding. Here I thought they were all alike. Not so...maybe I can get
some more pictures taken one of these days. :)

 I  bought this tutorial for these beautiful angel wings from Dawn...

 over at The Feathered Nest and I can't wait to get some made.

{photo above taken by Dawn}

I mailed a package to Indiana because a little sweetie of ours turned FIVE this past week...

My oldest son's daughter.
Her mommy posted the following on facebook and it just brought tears to my eyes.
If all little ones could have a mommy like this , how great our world would be!

"Today my precious girl turns 5...5!!!!! "A whole hand mommy!!" Hard to believe,,
but I am so proud of the smart and beautiful and spunky and energetic and
individualistic girl she has become! She challenges my thinking daily.  I'm so
excited for the next 5 years and beyond! "

I had a photo shoot with my youngest son's family...

I took over 400 photos. They sure took a while to wade through, but we got some goodies. :)

I even had to work with a *little* attitude, but it was still a fun day...

I loved taking photos of my sweeties...

I hopped in the car one day and drove up and down our dirt roads and found some
amazing color...

I ate this delicious donut that my bff brought me...

{but not all at once!}

It was like none I have ever had. From a bakery called Rise and Roll

SO YUMMY...and huge!! 

I about shouted with glee when my bff brought along these beautiful hydrangeas for me...

I thought this shed was a beauty while out cruising the countryside...

I snapped this photo of Annika before she could move again...

I have been a busy beaver, but it has been a fun couple weeks... 

Hope you all are doing well and that your lives are filled with
unexpected blessings daily!