Friday, August 31, 2012

Playing in the potting shed

I have been busy lately playing in my potting shed so I thought I would give you
a few more peeks at what I am doing.

Do you remember this old white shelf that I purchased a few weeks ago? It ended up out here and I
think it is just right for my goodies.

I did add a bit of fake greenery before I got the bright idea {DUH!} to add real plants. :)

My flowers are still doing just wonderful despite the awful heat we had this summer.

I love this chippy green chair. I purchased FOUR of these chairs at an estate sale
years ago for 50 cents each! Everything was cheap at that sale and I was carrying
my baby granddaughter who was living with us at the time so that was about 11 or 12
 years ago. This is the ONLY green one I have left. I have two more that I let set outside
and they lost all of their paint and I sold one in my booth {dumb thing to do I know!}
I am hanging onto this one!

I love real bird nests and this one is a beauty.

Still trying to figure out if this is too much shelving , but it is what it is right now
so it is staying for awhile anyways.

Did you notice what I had hubby do?? This shed does not have interior walls except
on the back wall. It is something we have always intended to do , but just have not
gotten around to it. I was tired of waiting so a week or two ago I grabbed some paint
that we had sitting around and painted the top two thirds of the walls white.
I painted OSB board, I painted old beams...I painted, painted, painted!

Then I had hubby put the fence around the bottom part of the walls! I love how it
turned out, but once again the whole shed is not done, so you are seeing this one
wall! ha! We replaced a few sections of fence this year that were rotting and I
wanted it all to match so we took the above fence down also even though we had
just put it up a year or two ago. I do LOVE to recycle!!
More fake greenery in this cast iron wall vase.

I realized I should have added some gardening gloves and clippers or scissors , but I had already
spent too long taking photos so I opted not to redo it. I don't know how photographers do it!!
It must take them DAYS to do some photo shoots.

I have lots of goodies so I have pottery and all kinds of treasures sitting around in here.

Still lovin' my burlap potting bench skirt. See the slats in the top of my bench?
When hubby made the bench he added a pull out plastic tub underneath the slats so
that after I pot my plants, I can just grab a whisk broom and brush all the soil
 down the holes and right into the tub. Then take it out and dump it and wa-la all
nice and clean! :)

My favorite chair again with my pretty pink impatiens.

Loving my little *GROW* knife that I made last year.

A little nest that I spray painted white. That ends the tour for now. I know it isn't the most perfect
shed in the world , but it is mine and I love it. I decided whatever I did to fix it up this year I was
NOT going to spend any money doing it and I am happy how it turned out. Now on to the other
walls...oh goodness. Woman's work is never done...:)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Come sail with me...

It was Navy Week in Toledo, Ohio this past week and on Saturday our son and family along with hubby
and I went out for a day of adventure. I was just in awe all day long and we had a wonderful time!

We were able to board this first ship with the number *45* called the USS De Wert and roam around
at our leisure. Talk about a massive ship. Oh my!

I had to capture the gorgeous flags flying in the breeze.

Have you ever seen such huge rope? 

I took photos from all different fact I took 270 photos so I really had to
edit them down!

Our little granddaughter Annika in the navy?? lol
Me thinks she is a bit too young! :)

The sailors were taking questions and Annika wanted to ask them one. So they squatted down
to talk to her. Of course THEN she wouldn't talk. lol  I told them she wondered where all they
have been. I don't remember everywhere, but I do remember them telling about being in Africa!

Two sweet little granddaughters {Annika and Ainsley} waiting patiently in line. We had to
wait in line for 1 and 1/2 hours to board this the hot sun {90 degrees}. Then we
had to walk through a scanner and put our items in totes just like at an airport. Well, not
 exactly like an airport because there was no FULL BODY scan thank God!! ha! The girls
 did so good and I was very proud of them!!

This is the Flagship Niagara that was coming in just as we got off of the USS De Wert. We were so thrilled
 that it was timed just right. We didn't see this ship with it's sails all open, but still quite an amazing site.

They had to open the drawbridge to let the Niagara pass through.

...and thar she goes! :) When she got on the other side of the bridge, she fired off a canon and
the smoke was rolling.  You can read more about this famous ship if you click here.

{when we were ready to leave and were walking towards our vehicle {which was on the other side of the
 bridge}guess what happened?? The drawbridge got stuck in the upright position and we {along with a
 lot of other people} had to wait for a half hour or so for them to get the bridge back down.  We were
 standing not too far from where the bridge actually separates.  Some people sitting in traffic were
getting irate, but we didn't care. We were just hanging out on the bridge! lol

This tells how much food that the USS DeWert uses per year! WOW! That is a lot!

Love the red, white and blue...I love America!!

WARNING FOR NEXT PHOTO: you may want to avert your eyes and get all little
children away from your computer !!!

HA HA!! Just as we were getting ready to get off the ship, hubby grabbed my camera and asked
 this sailor to take a photo with me. He was very kind and a total gentleman and is probably used to
 having his photo taken a lot, but not me!  I look so haggared!
This was after hours in the sun and wind and looking straight into the SUN! ha! I was going to let
my hair grow a little longer , but after seeing this photo I think I need to get it chopped again!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The creation bug bit again!

I have been creating this morning and believe it or not I still have my pj's on!! shh...
don't tell anyone please!!! :) I guess you could call today my "number 1" morning.
A running theme of numbers today. :) Oh no...I just looked at the clock and we have
passed over into afternoon...yikes! I gotta get dressed!

Mini cloches that I finally got finished and that love!

A pretty candle holder. yep...still on numbers. :)

Had to share my huge birdhouse that I purchased on the route 127 garage sales
for a whopping $3.00!! There is a 39.99 sticker on the bottom. What a deal steal!!

{ Sorry the lighting wasn't good at all the day I took this photo} 

I finally got these signs listed in my shoppe as well. They were going to go with me to the Artisan fair, but
it ended up not happening and sadly I just can't keep everything.  :)

You can find all of my goodies in my Etsy shoppe {except the church of course. ha!}

My mama just isn't getting her strength back as fast as she had hoped for. I spent the day
 with her and my father yesterday and it was a good day, but she needs some encouragement
so please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you so much my deary bloging friends!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

It started with a burlap skirt...

...but we will get to that later. :)

While I was working in my potting shed today I also decided to play
a little with my small cast iron bird thingy, a withering geranium and my
trusty camera.

I have had this cast iron piece for years and sometimes it just blends in with
everything else and gets "lost"...not today. I brought it out of hiding and
snapped a few photos.

I love how the beauty of the rust blends nicely with the pink flowers for a pretty picture...
 don't you?

This is what started it all...

 I have had this burlap laying around and had not figured out what to do with it yet
 until an *AHH HA* moment hit the other day
and I decided to use it to skirt my potting bench. I really like the way it looks.
I do have other work to do in this shed {ahem...actually it needs a LOT of work!},
but if I get the little bit done that I want to in a few days I just might show you!!
{only the part that gets done! lol}

 Keep your fingers crossed!! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012


I continue to re-purpose things that I already have laying around my home.  This vintage
spoon holder was originally made to hold those tiny spoons that you can pick up in
different states as collectibles, but I painted it white and added some of my regular size spoons.

I hung the spoons different ways, but the above photo is the way I liked them best. 

I have a *thing* for pretty vintage silver spoons...can you tell?

I also added a Tim Holtz enamel number in lieu of a vintage enamel number which
I do not have. :)

What have you re-purposed lately? Please do share it with me.
Happy Monday!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summers last hurrah!

I haven't had time to do much of anything  but take some photos so I thought I would share
some more of my flowers with you.  The allysum above in my galvanized tub was all but gone
 in the awful summer heat, but I kept it in the container anyway and when the rain started
falling did these flowers ever put on a show!! It has flowered abundantly and I am
in L.O.V.E!!  I also love the hops that are in the same container!! They do so well for me!

My geraniums literally had ZERO flowers on them once the heat wave hit, but again
I just hung in there and they are coming back more beautiful than ever. 

Isn't she a beauty??

Geraniums sitting on my chippy white chair

Another view of the galvanized tub overflowing with hops and allysum. There is also a couple
geranium plants in the middle , but you can't even see them for the other flowers. :)

Still loving my white wicker cone 

I do hope you all are doing great! I haven't had much time to visit, but hopefully that can
change soon.  My mom is doing pretty good and actually visited today to lay on our bed
and try out our mattress.  Then she went to town and bought the same brand. We have
had ours for several years so they didn't make the exact one, but we love it!  How in
the world did I ever get off onto the subject of mattresses? oh well...have a beautiful
week ahead!!!