Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Fairy Tea Party ~

I can't believe that my darling granddaughter Allysha will turn 10 years old this week. Her mommy had a fairy tea party for her and a friend on Saturday and I just had to share the pictures that she emailed to me. A lot of detail and effort went into this party and Allysha was on cloud nine! She loved it and so did her friend~ Egg salad sandwiches, fruit salad, tiny cream puffs and punch with strawberries inside...oh yes and we can't forget the mint leaves that were in the punch too~
Two little fairies taking tea together~
Her mommy made this cake too. Isn't it so pretty~
My Allysha looking so grown up...where did the years go?
You can't have a fairy party without bubbles ~
Two adorable fairies that had a day to remember. Wish I could have been there...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

This , That and The Other...

So what did you all do today? I got a few new things listed on my Etsy site, crafted some other goodies, planted one of my window boxes on my shed, ran to town again, stopped at our sons apartment to see my sweet little granddaughter...basically this and that and the other.(which is what I get done most days) LOL

The bird decor above is hanging on the outside of my potting shed above a window and I loved how the sun was shining on it today ~
I received this sweet wire bird soap holder from dear Pamela over at Lady Pamela's cottage a few weeks ago. Isn't it too cute? Last week I sat it out in my entry way on a table and put this sweet little bird nest in it. Then I sat the little cement bird beside it on the table. The next day I noticed that the little bird was sitting on the nest!! Did she sprout her cement wings and fly to the nest I could this be? Then an *AH HA* moment. My adorable 2 year old granddaughter was at our house the night before and I was sure she had placed the birdie on the nest because she loves to go out on the porch and play with all my pretties. Fast forward to this week and guess what I caught my sweet Annika doing...she had taken the birdie and plopped him on his nest again. She is so smart!! (proud grandma bragging here). I said to her "does the birdie belong on the nest" and she said *YES* and then she said "ewwwwww it is dirty"...LOL What a sweetheart! Love her to pieces and I cherish every moment I get to spend with her~
Love this bowl and vintage lace pieces. I purchased these for a little of nothing on my venture out on Thursday. Just had to share them with you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Blessings~

Friday, May 29, 2009

I LOVE My Bicycle...Mission Accomplished

I LOVE MY BICYCLE!!! I went out in the garage this morning and it was all dry and ready for me to attach the basket. This is not a bicycle basket , but rather just a white one that I found at a garage sale for 50 cents last week. I thought I wanted a vintage bicycle basket, but I decided to make due with what I already had and I think it turned out wonderful.
I just adore her~
I just couldn't wait to post my beauty! Isn't it amazing what a little white paint and some pretty plants will do? I planted white impatiens, asparagus fern and vinca vines in my basket and it will look even better as it grows lush and full.
On another note, THE LETTERED COTTAGE is having a wonderful giveaway! Just click here to enter and here to read all about it! And also TREASURES FROM THE HEART is having a giveaway if you click here.
Enjoy your God given day today~

I Have A Plan... ~ lets see if the plan comes to fruition. I purchased this old bicycle a few years ago with plans of taking parts of my pink childhood bicycle and remaking it as I remembered it when I was small. Fast forward to now and that has not happened. Pink bicycle parts are still in my potting shed. One of these days (or years) it *WILL* happen, but....for *NOW*...a slightly different plan~

I got hubby to attack this bike with white spray paint (photo was taken in the process)...
I told you...I have a plan...
saw it in someone elses yard a few years ago. More to come soon IF this turns out like I hope it does! Stay tuned ~

On a different note did any of you watch the National Spelling Bee on TV last night?? Oh my goodness! 8th graders spelling words I have never even heard of ... antonomasia,bouquiniste,orifliamme,guayabera,isagoge,

sophrosyne,maecenas... enough to make a person quake in their least I would be if someone threw those words at me and I consider myself a good speller! The winning word was that word I COULD have spelled because it is in the Bible! Go figure! There are some smart kids out there. Have a wonderful Friday~ Blessings~

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Nice Day Away ~

I needed to get away today from all the hum drum of every day life and it was just what the doctor ordered. I didn't spend a lot of money, but I did come home with some delightful finds.

I went to a huge greenhouse, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots and was trying to decide whether to hit the Goodwill store or head home. Am I ever glad I decided to go! I found this wonderful picture and fell in love with it.

The Goodwill store that I went to has a large area where they put everything on shelves and they don't price anything. It is called, "AS IS". You take the items that you want up to the counter and they give you a price. This picture cost me a whopping 25 cents! Can you believe it? The glass in it is convex and I adore it! I am sure some will look at it and think that it is a piece of junk but I see wonderful character in the chippy paint, a beautiful vintage patina, and a romantic victorian couple. What do you see?

I did have a wonderful time all by myself . Sometimes we just need to get away for a bit to renew our spirit ...I know I did and I am all the better for it. Blessings~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inspired Creativity ~

I rarely do two posts in one day, but I had a little inspired creativity going on today so I wanted to share it.
I got this idea from Notes From a Cottage Industry and I love it. In fact I loved it so much that I ran out and rescued these glass votives that I had in my garage sale last week before they were swooped up for 10 cents each! I used pages from an old french reading book, seam binding ribbon and vintage millinery flowers.
Tracey has a tutorial that you can use if you click here. These are so easy to make and are just beautiful! I pretty much made them as she suggested, but they would also be pretty with buttons , bling etc. instead of flowers. Your imagination is the limit!
Blessings ~

Beauty in the Details ~

Can you tell what colors I am inspired by today? I am loving soft greens at the moment. This is Crabtree and Evelyn "Lettuce" soap. I love how it has crackled from use. My mom asked me if I did something to make it that way. Well...I guess so...I washed my hands with it?? LOL Love the colors in this beaded candle ring ~ Silk flower petals that my granddaughter was supposed to throw at my daughter's wedding a few years ago, but she forgot. So I got to keep them...yay! What is inspiring you today? I hope you are just bursting with inspiration and new ideas to share with all of us. Blessings~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Magnifique Site Award~

I am so honored for my site to be given this award by Christine at Christine Annette designs. Thank you so much!! It is an absolutely beautiful award! I will be adding it to my sidebar asap. Blessings~

Weekend Treasures~

Sharing my treasures with you that I found this weekend within the four mile square of our house.
I love this pretty old vase with the pink floral design and I scored it for 50 cents.
I just broke a bowl like these a couple days ago so it was nice to find more in great condition...these are perfect for cereal, popcorn etc. $2.00 for all three ~
I LOVE these vases...the one on the left with the swirl pattern is McCoy and it is in perfect condition...$1.00 each for the vases ~ Wicker magazine rack for $1.00...couldn't pass it up ~
I have always loved vintage baby items too and this adorable toy was no exception so I happily plunked down the 50 cents asking price...they even rattle. Are they too cute or what ~
I hope you are having a lovely weekend ~
Blessings ~

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Down On The Corner... ~

Who would have ever thought...a *FLEA MARKET* on our little corner out in the country! We live on a dirt road just 3/4 mile off a main road and the couple who purchased the place down on the corner are holding a flea market this weekend! Talk about excited! They only charged people $5 to set up. There were cars stopping along the road the whole time we were there and it was exciting to see.
Hubby and I went to a town about 14 miles away yesterday garage saling and I found nothing. (he got a few tools,but that doesn't count...LOL) Then we come home and in our own back yard we find treasures! Love this old stand with clay pots ~ Just about anything you can imagine ~
I scored this window for $3 and also purchased three more ! (I will take the flowers off for my project) I have been looking for old windows for months now and I find these 3/4 mile down the road. Talk about happy!! AND they have more...they just live up the road and have gobs of old windows. I got their phone number...yay! ~ Look closely and you will see more windows that I purchased~ Doesn't this look like the *PLACE TO BE* this weekend ~
Lots of treasures to choose from~
Bill and Jane (the couple running it) even have a lunch wagon that they set up so we ate hotdogs and chips and drank fresh squeezed lemonade as well. We sat under a GO BLUE Michigan awning and just had a wonderful time ~
There was also a Amish wagon full of baked goods , but I didn't get a photo of that. We are hoping along with Bill and Jane that this will turn into a huge hit and attract more people each time. They are also having it the 4th of July weekend and over Labor Day. Can't wait to see how this takes off ...this could put our little Buckeye Road on the map! LOL I did purchase some other goodies , but will post them later. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Quaint Little Bathroom ~

Okay fellow bloggers...are you ready for this??? I know most people don't show their bathrooms, but I worked a little in mine yesterday and I thought *WHY NOT* so here we go...

First let me confess that our house was built in the late 1800's and some of the old wiring and old walls and definitely old LONG windows are still in place. Initially when we purchased this house and acreage in 1982 we had grand ideas of renovating big time, but through years of layoffs and pay cuts and being a one income family that just has not happened and truthfully it probably never will. That being said I am very content in my humble abode (most of the time) until we have to shell out big bucks for heat in the winter or something needs repaired for the fourth

This is my TEENY TINY bathroom...the only one in the house and I love it. I measured it today and from wall to wall it is only 5 feet 4 inches (I think I am about that tall...I should have just laid down and measured...LOL) x 6 feet 10 inches. We raised three kids in this tiny bath and they actually survived (and even thrived!)

This wall is straight across from the wall with the sink and commode on (that sounds much better than the *T* word don't you think) To the right of this picture I do have a double closet with shelves (and doors) that holds a lot of towels , cleaners etc. ~

Love my vintage towel with a *B* monogram~ Pretties on my stand...not sure what I want in the bowl yet so just stuck the candle in there for picture taking ~
This is what I did yesterday. I had a vintage pink and black stool in here, but I went upstairs and hauled down this little stand and I think I just love it in here! I try to think outside the box when decorating. This is technically a nightstand from Kmart's baby line. I purchased it for $20 or so when it was on clearance and I knew I would find a place for it. Initially it was upstairs at the top of the stairs, but something else will have to go there now.
A PARIS hook on my tiny closet door holding my white PJ's ~
Love this mirror...I have a thing for mirrors. If I find one I love and it is cheap I will buy it no matter that I already have many, many mirrors in this house already! LOL ~
This area is right off to the left as you come in the door. The only dark piece of wood I have in here is the vanity that hubby made a few years I wish it was painted, but oh well. It will do just fine. Do you see the little vintage light pink match holder above the commode? I put Q-tips in that and love it~
My *caddy* on the back of the commode~
LOVE this light fixture ~
You know me...I gotta throw a pop of color in somewhere every now and then. Depends on my mood if the towel matches everything else or if it is a pink polka dot one ~
I hope I didn't scare you too much by showing you *THE ROOM*. I love fixing up my house and moving things around for a new look. The color of the walls is *Summer linen*...the same color I just repainted my back porch/laundry room. I am hung up on this color. Have a joyful day filled with doing things that you love. Blessings~