Tuesday, August 30, 2011

French Antiques for White Wednesday!

For White Wednesday today I thought I would share another trip up to the antique mall that isn't too far from my daughter's house. You can bet that I will visit this place every time we head up that way just for this booth alone! Remember this post and Leslie's booth?  This is her booth again that I visited on Friday. Isn't this European telephone neat? Love it!

Fell in love with this sign too!

Many, many wonderful items in Leslie's booth!

I don't know for sure , but I am guessing that she made these wonderful totes.

Love what she has done with these old architectural pieces too.

Does it get any better than chippy iron and WHITE?? I think not! :)

Smallest corbels I have ever seen.

Overall shot of the booth

Just pure beauty everywhere I looked!

I would have loved to brought this home with me, but I can't buy everything. My wallet just won't allow it. :)

I noticed that she put one of her french enamel numbers on this basket . Neat idea!

Love how Leslie displayed her business cards in the little clay pot.

Three little Belgium seed pots.
This  was my purchase and I was thrilled to find them for a price that I could afford!
I have more photos, but it would take forever to upload them all in one post on dial-up internet so I will do a follow-up post soon.  I sure wish her booth was closer to where I live, but maybe that would not be a good thing because I would be tempted to spend more money than I should. With that in mind,  I will be happy just to visit once in awhile and then it will  be that much more special . Happy White Wednesday a little early. Be sure and visit Kathleen over at Faded Charm again tomorrow to browse more beautiful whites.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm Summer Faire

"Heavenly Scent Herb Farm is a unique and delightful place to visit. Housed in a 1910 barn painted to look like three European store fronts, the shop offers a variety of home decor items, candles, cement statuary, body care products, culinary spices and much more"...taken straight off of their website which you can find here.

Hubby and I visited our daughter and her family again this weekend and on the agenda for Saturday was the Heavenly Scent Herb Farm Summer Faire. It was fabulous!! I can’t believe this place is about 30 minutes away from her home and we have never been!! Now that we know where it is, we will definitely make this an annual event.

There were very talented artisans set up under huge white tents and I even got to meet fellow blogger/facebook friend Carol Richards Berger {Queenbe} I was thrilled to meet her and be able to chat with her for a bit.  She is one talented lady and had a booth full of amazing items.

This place was huge! So many places to walk and visit and take in all the beauty. Many statues were placed here and there over the grounds along with waterfalls, amazing flowers, curved walkways, a huge greenhouse and an equally huge barn that houses their amazing store. (that is for another post!)

I loved these walkways with trellis's and vines.

This was a neat waterfall on the property right beside where we ate lunch.

Hydrangeas were EVERYWHERE on this property and they were covered with huge blossoms!

I fell in love with this lady statue. I saw two of them in different places in the garden. This one is in a fairy garden.  Isn't she so pretty?

gorgeous waterfall fountain

Darling daughter posing for her mum:)

"The barn"...filled to the rafters with goodies and I mean FILLED!

Wish I had gotten a picture of the bicycle painted on the side of this barn. Amazing detail on these paintings.

dd once again...taking a stroll.

this curved staircase led to a huge greenhouse down below

love the details on the stonework and cement

There was a delicious lunch served on site by Savory Thymes Cafe. The menu choices included:

1. Grilled Chicken Quesadilla w/fresh salsa and cilantro

2. Michigan Salad w/grilled chicken, mixed greens,cherries,walnuts and blue cheese

3. Steve’s savory chicken salad croissant

4. Herb farm burger w/grilled vegetables & cheese

5. Melange of fresh fruit infused w/mint

6. Grilled fresh vegetables or cucumber apple slaw

7. Peach soup w/bluberries and mint

8. Decedent chocolate brownies

9. Gourmet cookie

10. Pop

11. Ice tea (ginger peach or blueberry)

12. Bottled water

13. Coffee

14. Chips
{I purchased and ate every bite of what is in bold letters! So yummy!!}

I will share more pictures in a few days.
Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing hide and seek

Do you ever feel like you are playing *hide and seek* when you are out and about looking for treasures?
 I sure do! Somedays they are few and far between and other days they seem to be abundant. There are days when I want to stand in the middle of a antique mall and yell, "come out , come out wherever you are". lol.

I found a whole pile of these berry boxes at the Route 127 garage sales for 25 cents. Someone has painted several of them white , but it is glossy white. I may repaint them in a flat color. I found the tiny berry boxes in front of the other stacks at an antique store awhile ago. I L.O.V.E. the small sizes of these.

Loving this marked Nelson McCoy that I just picked up this past week for 2.99!  You know me. I love anything in creams and whites. The color was right and the price so I made it mine quickly.

I found this creamer and sugar at the Goodwill. The sugar is Grindley and the creamer is not marked, but again...right color and right price.

These two jars from France were found on the Route 127 garage sales a few weeks ago as well. I paid $1.00 for one and I think $1.50 for the other. I decided to use one for sugar and added the pretty silver spoon. I have a spoon somewhere that is bent so I could hang it over the wire bail, but do you think I can find it?? Noooooo...!

I have had quite a busy week so far. Yesterday I weeded a very large part of my flower beds. I couldn't just pull the weeds. It was one of those *get the shovel out and turn over the soil to get every weed out* kind of days. I also planted two invincible hydrangeas. {that was really the reason I started weeding in the first place} The tiny little pink flower you see in my photos is what they will look like. I can't wait till next year to see how they produce.  The plants were regular 24.88 each and on sale for $5.00! After weeding yesterday, moving some hollyhocks and digging out other plants, I   think I need a couple more of them!

Then when hubby got home I helped him some more on the soffit and fascia and weeded the front flower garden while I was out there. I have decided that I need a full time gardener. This is wearing me out!! :)

I hope you enjoyed my white finds today as I join Kathleen over at Faded Charm once again for our favorite day of the week...White Wednesday.  Here is to all of you  when you are seeking those wonderful goodies that they don't stay in hiding!

Monday, August 22, 2011

My favorite pizza...on the grill!

                    My favorite pizza...on the grill!!! Yumm!!
Frozen bread dough thawed and shaped with hands on a plate or cookie sheet (I separate each loaf into three pieces for this step). We then grill each pizza crust until partially done and then add our goodies to it and finish grilling.
Mine has a tiny bit of tomato sauce {just enough to moisten the dough}, drizzle of olive oil, campari tomatoes(sliced and seeded), chopped green peppers, shredded cheese and BASIL!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is the life!

 Last weekend our daughter and her family came down for a visit and our son brought his two little sweeties 
up as well. We all had a wonderful time together!

{I took many, many photos!}

 Annika wanted to set the race car back on it's wheels that were being driven around the driveway, but Jonathan beat her to it so she ran to the side of the pole barn and plopped down in the grass. I told her that they could take turns and she was happy then.  

                                                           Playing hide and seek. :)

Enjoy your Sunday! This is the day that the Lord hath made!!