Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new cloche

I played around a little today on bighugelabs and made
a mosiac. It took awhile since I am on dial-up internet,
but it was fun. I haven't made one for quite some time.

Do any of you ever watch Katie Browns workshop
on pbs? I happen to catch it once in
awhile. More by happenstance than anything
else. I was in Meijer and saw that they are now
carrying some of her items. The above cloche
is one of them. I love it! It also has a wooden
stand that you can purchase separately, but I
opted not to.

Hubby worked 10 hours yesterday so I had to figure
out what I wanted to do and I decided to go shopping.
I needed a new watch and a few groceries and along
the way I picked up these flowers too.
Aren't they so pretty?

Wishing everyone a blessed day today!! Hugs~

P.S. You might want to pop over to the Old painted cottage and enter this amazing giveaway that Jennifer is having. She is giving away a Alles bag (german grain sack bag) made by Kymberley. It retails for $365! Be sure and check it out!

I am also linking this post with Kathleen again over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday this week. Okay I will quit yacking now and make my way over to some lovely blogs. lol.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sneak peak at what I have been doing...

...a little laundry room makeover.

I forgot that I had two long windows like this until
I was cleaning out my potting shed a couple weeks
ago so I hauled one out, cleaned it up and then
hung it up.
First attempt had me strattling the washer and dryer
and pounding in three nails that went into space!
Not a one of them went into a stud!! Story of my life! lol

So it was off to the store to purchase three drywall
anchors. Seems we have to use them a lot in this old
house. I thought hubby would put them in , but I crawled
up there again and did them myself and they turned out
GREAT!! for the women!!

I am also doing a little redecorating on the long shelf above
my washer and dryer. I blinged up my candleholders
by adding glass glitter to the outside of the metal cups.

but THIS is my crowning jewel!! ha ha! I know takes so very little to make this lady
one happy camper. I should have added the before photo, but I forgot!
There is a water heater behind this cupboard. I have been wanting to enclose it for years, but
we just never got around to it. The other day I had
hubby cut a door in two and we made this top for it.
I love how it turned out! Still have to put the
finishing touches on it, but it is pretty much done.

{Will try to remember to take photos when everything
is all done and share them with you}

Happy friday everyone!

If tonight you can't sleep...try counting your
blessings instead of sheep.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A walk to the potting shed

I thought I would share some *rusty whites* from
outside my potting shed today.

My shed still needs some work inside, but it will probably be a work in progress for awhile. I do have great plans to get it finished next year though.

This basket and the window box (in the 2nd photo)
hang outside the front of the shed.
There was a wooden window box here , but it rotted
and fell apart this year so I opted to put a
wire one up and I do like it.

love the curly wire

Love these window box brackets too.
I don't even remember where I bought these
as I have had them for several years.
Four of them just perfect for two window boxes.

This is still the old wooden window box on the west
side of the shed. It is falling apart too so we
will have to replace it soon as well.

I just plopped these clay pots and insulators in here
for now until next year when it is planted again.
I might put some greens in it at Christmas time
as I think that would look great!

I am linking up with White Wednesday again this week. I think by now you know the drill , but just in
case you don't...visit Kathleen over at Faded Charm
for more beautiful posts.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A visit from Tinkerbell

I had the most wonderful visit today
from a special little fairy named *tinkerbell*.
{she sure looks a lot like my sweetie Annika}

She ran and she played like all fairies do

and she had to show me this *pose*

I sure love this pretty little fairy and I
am so glad that she stopped by for a visit!
{She is our only grandchild that lives closeby so
she gets more "airtime" than the}

We have a little fairy,
Who flits about the house,
As gleeful as a cricket,
As quiet as a mouse.
She brings papa his slippers,
She runs upstairs and down,
The dearest little fairy,
In all the busy town...
the dearest little fairy,
in all the busy town.
-copyright 1895
by Harper and Bros.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

The blessing of a best friend

...a real friend sticks closer than a brother."
Proverbs 18:24

Once again I have been overwhelmingly blessed
by my bestest and dearest friend in the whole
wide world.

Remember the post I did a couple days ago when
I went to that neat garage sale and found lots of
seam binding and other goodies?
Well... dear friend Peggy happened to go to the same sale
{before I did}
and she picked up a couple things for me.

We met for lunch Friday at
and she handed me a bag with tissue paper
sticking out of it.
I knew it was not my birthday...
and certainly not Christmas,
{ain't ready for that yet!}
but just a regular day.
I was so surprised and giddy at the same time.

The first thing I pulled out of the bag was this
gorgeous glass shaker with the silver top.
I was stunned to find out when I got home that it
matched perfectly with my salt and peppers that I
found earlier this summer.
Love it when that happens!

She also gave me a cream color vintage pottery planter that is wonderful too, but I didn't get a picture taken of it yet. Maybe I can add it to my white Wednesday post this week.

Do you have a best friend?? I truly pray that you do and if you don't that one will come across your pathway soon. I can't imagine what I would do without her in my life. She is my go to person, we talk...and talk...and talk some more and she makes me laugh so hard at times I almost pee my pants. {now that is quite a friend...or it could be my age too. lol.}

Her life has gotten much busier, {she is a grandma now to two little ones and a farmer's wife...busy, busy, busy} and it seems that we are off running in different directions most of the time , but I pray that we always make the time for each other. always...always...always!

Love you my BFF!!

Blessings and friendship to each of you~

Friday, October 22, 2010

Somehow I forgot to show you!

I was going through my files of photos when I ran across
a few things that I scooped up this summer and somehow
they never made it onto my blog.

I was aghast! How could that be?
I am here to correct that today. lol.
Now these aren't the greatest pictures, but
you will at least get to see my lovelies.

Love this birdcage on a stand that I found later this
past summer.

Then remember this post??
I rescued this old pink table from *the barn*.
I gave her a good sanding and intended to paint
her white, but haven't gotten that done yet.
love her!

Look at the wonderful detail on the legs
and skirt around the top of the table.

All cleaned up...
Before cleaning...yes she was very dirty! :)

...and again how can we forget this post?
I also purchased this antique baby crib/buggy
for $5.00!!!!! Can you believe that price?? amazing what a person can find for not
many greenbacks.

*this is what the previous post said about this goody*

I did get another neat display item for $5.00 too that I was just as shocked about, but will share that after a coat of white paint. It has four wheels...and is so darn cute!

I realized today that I had never shown it to you
nor did I get it painted white...
what do you think??
worth the $5 I paid??

Happy Friday and wonderful weekend ahead! Blessings~

Thursday, October 21, 2010

FOUND: new fun items to create with {& sources}

I just can't believe that I finally got a post up today.
I was about ready to give up...really I was.
First two times I tried, blogger uploaded my five
photos at least six times on one post.
That is 30 pictures. So I had to go through and delete,
delete, delete. Didn't think you wanted to see each
photo six times! lol
Then the whole page got messed up and after TWO
attempts I gave up and just brought up another page and
started over. Success! yay!

I know I am way behind on this since most of you
probably already do this, but I had so much fun today
making crinkled seam binding ribbon!
love, love , love it!

You can get the tutorial here {from Lori at
Katies Rose Cottage} if you haven't already.
Like I said she has had this out for some time
so you are probably way ahead of me...but
just in case you aren' have to check it out!
I did everything like she does except I put mine in
the oven instead of out in the sun.
{not much sun here in Michigan today}
After it got partially dry, I took the rubber bands
off and just left it loose on the pan and continued
drying it in the oven. Every little bit I would take
it out and check it and scrunch it up more and turn it
over. Love the results!
I will definitely be using this a lot!

My next fun item is my new fringe scissors.
You could be way ahead of me on these too. lol.
I had heard of these, but didn't have any until a couple
weeks ago. Oprah had Martha Stewart on her show one day
and at the
end of the show they said the viewers could go to Oprah's website and print out a coupon to Michaels
for anything MARTHA for 50% off. You better believe I took advantage of that.
Stopped by on the way home from my daughter's that
weekend and this was the last pair of these scissors they
had. SCORE!
{the coupon made them 6.50 instead
of $13}

I haven't used them much yet, but have great
plans when I start my Christmas goodies for the
booth. Now to see if it actually happens.

I just grabbed this and made a few cuts to show you
what they do. I know it isn't perfect at the top where I
made the cuts, but you get the idea.

Found this little cutie applique in the bag of lace that
I purchased at the garage sale last week.

Oh yes , one more thing. IF you don't already know where to get
a bulk supply of seam binding ribbon then here is where I get mine,
OR you can also get it here. They are from the same company,
but one is their store and one is on ebay. Jeff (the owner)
has always been great to work with. I have purchased it off
of both sites and he always combines shipping for me. Last I knew he could ship four or five for the minimum shipping.
Great go to source to have on hand!

Happy Thursday get busy and start creating! :) Blessings~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I tried to be good...

I really did! I had been dreaming of a bar stool or two for the new island in my kitchen (it is also still a dream), but I put that out of my head and we hopped in the car and went to a garage sale just a few miles away on Saturday before all the birthday festivities started.

Am I ever glad we did! Tons of antique goodies were there and it was the third day of the sale! People just aren't buying around here like they used to.

This pottery piece was 1.00

necklace 50 cents

I love the detail on this piece. Did you notice the pinecone on the right hand side? It also has one on the back side.

{Can you believe I still have phlox blooming? I cut them off weeks ago and they bloomed again!}

pretty pottery vase 50 cents

love these tins my hubby spotted for me.
10 cents each

all this ribbon with lily of the valley attached to it
here and there... was included in a bag of vintage lace and buttons
for 50 cents.
50 cents for little green terra cotta pot.

love this buckle that was also in the bag with the lace.

spools and spools of vintage seam binding ribbon
{and crochet thread that didn't make the picture}
2.50 for all of it

This did come with the old cardboard pieces attached
that had wonderful graphics, but I had to take it off
and get rid of it because it was very brittle.

{I know this seam binding ribbon isn't white, but just
had to include it too. Hey at least the basket is white! lol}

last but not least a book for $1.00.

I think I was very good considering all that was there. There was a large pole building and a garage full of antique items. From Christmas ornaments to old valentines to... you name it they had it! The day we went everything was half off and I spent $7.50 total. I was hoping to go back later in the day, but it just didn't happen with family in for the day. I am still very happy with what I purchased.

Happy White Wednesday # 70!

Kathleen has been doing this for quite some time now.
Be sure and visit her blog for more beautiful posts.