Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Peacock Park Warehouse Sale!

I took these photos quick and not in good lighting because people have been asking me
what I purchased at the


that I went to on Tuesday.

Don't you just love the tote above?

I also found this amazing french style curtain.

this chippy white chair...

these pink crates that will be painted either white or gray...

TWINE and MUSLIN RIBBON...I just kept grabbing it because it was such a
great price.

These JOYEUX NOEL nesting crates that also need some work.

I didn't notice until later that there is an "O" where the "U" should be.
No problem... I can fix them! lol

Lots of glittery leaf and star cheap!!

I think I showed you most of what I purchased.

They move so much stuff out of there you would not believe it.
People standing by HUGE piles guarding them with their life and some people even
bring u-hauls and large trailers. (Especially store owners for stocking their shelves)

It is SO fun!!

Then today we went to a local college rummage sale and we scored these lights for my
potting shed and a Porter Cable tool for hubby. He was thrilled!! $5 each for these.

I won't tell you the Peacock Park prices because I don't want a bunch of screaming, crying
women on my hands. haha!! Seriously, I am so glad I live within driving distance of this
place. {2 and 1/2 hours or so}

It was definitely a fun day. I met up with my daughter {after she took my 16 year old
 granddaughter to the ER because just as my daughter was supposed to be leaving to meet me,
 Allysha dislocated her knee!! OUCH!! } She has a knee brace on and crutches, but is doing
good now so all is well.

HAPPY AUTUMN EVERYONE!!! What good deals have you gotten lately?
I would love to hear about it!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

A whole lot of paintin' going on!

There has most definitely been a whole lot of painting going on at the Boothman house.
It amazes me how much a can of paint can transform almost anything!
Nearly every day I put on my painting duds and head upstairs. It seems to be a never ending
project. It is a small room so I can't imagine how long it would take me to do a large room!

To be fair, I had to work around furniture and that is always FUN...not! 

So, these photos are kinda in the wrong order...oops!  I wanted a plank wall in the room upstairs
so that is what we worked on last week...the hubs and I. He is a great sport about trying to fulfill my wishes. :)

We purchased a sheet of 1/4 inch plywood and ripped it down in 6 inch strips.
Then I laid them out on sawhorses and started painting them. I thought I was done and the hubs thought
I needed to add some white. I DID!! HOW HORRIBLE does this look??? HAHA!!

NOPE this is not staying this way. It looks like a spotted owl on steriods!!

Second go around MUCH BETTER! In fact I am in love with it...{if you can be in love with
a WALL} We have talked about putting can lights above it ...time will tell. We definitely need
more light in this room and I think they would be perfect. 

This is one of the first pictures I took when I started working on the room. Just sneak peaks, but trust
me you don't want to see all the UGH! This room hasn't been re-decorated for 16 years!! IT WAS TIME!

I initially wanted to just remove the wallpaper at the top and paint the wall because I am
SO OVER WALLPAPER, but as fate would have it, that wasn't a possibility with these old walls.

We don't have the money or the UMPH to take it all down to the studs and put up drywall so I
WALLPAPERED AGAIN....just the top part though. I used a textured paper that is great
for hiding imperfections in old houses.

Last time this room was fixed up was for our 19 year old daughter and that was in 1999!
Oh , mercy!! How did I let it go this long?? AND what in the world was I thinking when
I decorated it the way I did way back then?? I will have to dig out a photo sometime and
share it.  You won't believe it. :)

This is a built in bookcase that we really don't have the option to take out so I am adding
some detail to it. It looks much better than it did me! Prior to this it was loaded
with shelves and books. No more. I think I am going to be getting rid of a LOT of books. 

Woke up today and  I decided to paint the entry doors of our house.
{no I am NOT done upstairs. ha!}
You have to do it while the weather is nice and it was beautiful today.

This is the first coat on our back door. It went on a light gray primed door that had never
been painted.

This is the outside of the front door. The SAME paint on this door as the back. It was already
painted dark blue {several years ago} so this is on top of that.
After painting it, I am not sure if it will adhere good to this door, so this one may have to be
stripped down {dear Lord, I hope not!} and re-painted. Time will tell.

I LOVE the color! I found this color or kinda this color on Pinterest and fell in love with it.
I knew our doors have needed painted for a long time so I took the plunge. This is
WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX for me, but I do like it.

There is always so much to do when you own and old house and it seems at times that it
 is never-ending.

I will share pictures of the whole room once it is all done. I think you will like it.
I know I will!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Family times are always fun!

I LOVE it when the granddaughters come over and I get to snap a few photos.
Some don't turn out too great because those girls are FAST movers, but I managed
to get a few cute shots this time.

Ainsley loves her kitty Maeve. We took Maeve and Merida {sister cats} in when
their family moved away for a year, but they are back now and they love to visit
Maeve. {sadly Merida has passed on}

Here kitty...

Ainsley loving on Maeve and she is taking it all in.

This is Merida's grave. You can't see it in this photo, but the girls colored
rocks to lay beside the stone. They miss her, but thankfully they still have Maeve.

A fun stop at Steak and Shake one weekend. Annika appears to be deep in thought.
LOVE those freckles!

This photo and the rest were taken with my cell phone so they aren't too great quality,
but I wanted to include them.

Ainsley always has a smile!

This is right before we went Putt-putt golfing. I was trying to get the girls to
stand still for a photo and they just started acting goofy, running all around
and this is what we ended up with. ha!. Annika's expression cracks me up!

Loving the family times that we thought we going to be few and far between , but their family has
 returned and we are loving it.

What is not to love right???

Have a blessed week ahead! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer's Last Hurrah!

We drove up to my daughters place this past Friday so her and I could attend
the Heavenly Scent Herb Farm Summer Faire and as usual it did not disappoint.

Our one last summer fling until Fall arrives.

Are you ready for fall?
I am ready, although the heat forecast for this week makes it seem like the middle of July.

I love their attention to detail from the moment you walk in the entrance.

This was where you paid your $2 entrance fee and also got your hand stamped for
taking goodies to the car and returning.

The gardens at this place are nothing short of

My daughter Amanda is photo bombing. ha!

There are hydrangea bushes all over this property that covers several acres.  All the plants
and flowers were at their peak for this beautiful weekend.

They were having a sale in the greenhouses. Plants and garden art were included.

I purchased three different herbs for $1.00 each. They were all different "thymes".

French thyme, lemon thyme and silver edged thyme.

I also purchased a succulent.

They had a huge white tent set up with  a myriad of vendors inside. 

We also ate lunch here. We both picked the Grilled Chicken Quesadilla with
fresh salsa and sour cream along with the melange of fresh fruit infused with mint.

A little off center in this photo. I was trying not to get people in my photo. 

I told you the gardens are AMAZING!!

If you are ever in Fenton, Michigan and get a chance this place is a must visit!

Gorgeous place that you can walk through for hours...literally.

Here is a link for you if you want more information.

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm

Enjoy your week and God bless!!