Thursday, May 30, 2013

Every decision we make...update on granddaughter

Have you ever thought about how each and every decision we make has the potential to be absolutely life changing? Wow...has that ever been made clear this week for our family. Three giddy teenage girls hopping in the back seat of a car with no cares in the world , never dreaming that where they choose to sit would have a life changing outcome.  My granddaughter {pictured above on her way home from the hospital} was the farthest away from the impact of the truck that hit the car they were riding in that day. Her outcome...bump, bruises and anxiety. The outcome was a bit different for the other two girls that were sitting beside her. "Larissa has a broken pelvis and Dani has a fractured neck/skull, broken jaw, small brain bleed and a severely bitten tongue". Please continue to pray for these girls and the other 7th and 8th graders that were riding in a car behind them and witnessed the accident. We are thanking God for His goodness in the whole situation. Praising Him that it wasn't much worse...praising Him that He was with them the whole time and praising Him that our Allysha will be just fine. {taking paypal payments for a new LARGE stuffed animal for Allysha...just kidding! lol She has had this animal for years and it is getting rather grungy}  When I saw this photo on facebook, I wanted to hug her so bad , but had to settle for a phone call or two...and I sent her an e-certificate to starbucks yesterday...she said it made her day *smile* It's the little things...Cherish each and every day and hold your loved ones a little tighter today.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cutest little clock EVER!

Isn't this the cutest little clock ever?? I found her a few weeks ago and fell in love!! Never seen one like it and probably never will again.  Okay...bigtime computer issues here. My computer is down...don't know if she can be saved or not. All my photos and all my programs, printables etc. bleh!! We have an external hard drive to save photos etc. but I miss her so much. I am working on a MAC right now that is older than the hills and don't have a clue what I am doing. Don't know how to add text to photos on here, how to start a new paragraph, how to do anything so this is all you get today. ha! Can't figure out how to downsize photos either and this ONE photo took forever to download...I am outta here. ENJOY the day! I am thanking God today for sparing our 13 year old granddaughters life as she was in a car accident earlier today on a field trip from school. She is pretty shook up and will be sore , but God is good!!! {now let's just pray that this will post!! }

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shabby Apple

Newcomb Skirt
My vow to you
Heart of me
At First Sight

Have you ever visited Shabby Apple? It is a wonderful site that sells vintage style clothing in many different styles and colors. I could spend hours just wandering around on this site. {part of that is due to the fact that my computer is running veryy slowww these days and the fact that I am using a MAC which I am not used to at all so please bear with me, but I can still get lost in perusing the site} So many pretty clothes to view!

Above are a very few of the dresses that Shabby Apple offers for sale. I am leaning towards the plum colored dress with the about you?  If you love vintage / retro style clothing then this site is a must see. 

Happy Wednesday! { I sure hope this post okay and that all the links I said  ...LOTS of computer issues}

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Motherhood ...

Motherhood IS a glorious career...don't you think so?

 I know there are always the naysayers out there who don't think of
motherhood as a career, but boy is it ever! I remember expecting our first child who turned out
to be our one and only daughter. We headed for the hospital in the wee hours on a Sunday
morning and a little before 9 am we called my parents and told them that they were grandparents.
Of course they were overjoyed and this was just the beginning. Two more little ones eventually
came along...two sons with red hair! We were shocked when the first one had red hair, so even
more so when we had a second one with fiery red hair.  We sure adored these little people that
God had blessed us with. 

We loved each one of them the best way we knew how, even though we were NOT perfect parents.
We were beyond blessed to have very healthy children and we decided after three that our quiver
 was more pitter patter of little feet at the Boothman household. This mama was very content
with her little family, living out on a dirt road in the country.

Kindergarten, elementary, jr. high, prom, dances, girlfriends, boyfriends, heartache,joy, tears,
laughter, secrets, college , weddings...

The days turned into months, the months into years, the years into decades and here we
are grandparents now to EIGHT. Eight amazing little bodies all full of life and each one
with their own unique personality.  I often wonder where the time has gone!!
It flew by so fast that is seemed just like a blip on the radar screen.

I know you young parents hear it so much until your eyes roll, but it really is true...
Cherish the times you have with your little ones now because before you know it
they will be going off to college , then getting married and you will hear the
pitter patter of little feet once again, but it will be the feet of  your precious little grands.

Yes, we are BLESSED beyond measure and I loved every minute{} then
and I love it now. I certainly don't have the stamina I once had and it is good to ship those precious
little grands back home after they visit so I can catch my breath...but life is good!

Good times or bad times... each moment made us into the family we are today and I love it that we
love each other.

Wishing each and every one of my blogging pals the best Mothers Day ever!
Blink your eyes and it will be Mothers Day 2014 and we will start all over again. :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

I am so so thankful that warm weather is FINALLY here in Michigan!! How about you?
Spring is one of my very favorite seasons. I love the new life and going to the garden center
 and seeing what I can find to bring home with me each year.

We visited my daughter and her family last weekend and her and I attended a
Faire Festival. It was a beautiful time and a fun day. Our first time ever , but we
 decided that next year I need to take my three little granddaughters along.
They would have loved it!! {more on that another day}

I purchased the above basket at the festival and I love it. Hope I can keep it alive. 

My daughter gave me this beautiful plant for Mothers Day. I believe it is "Stock"
and I also hope I can keep this one alive. I just love the color, don't you?

Gorgeous close up of the flowers...just amazing!

I gave my mom this watering can planter for Mothers Day this year and she
loved it. I think it is gorgeous also. 

I mowed our large lawn again today and afterwards took a couple photos
of what is growing in my yard right now.

I thought I would include a photo of my little sweetie granddaughter Annika and yours truly. Her
school had grandparents day this past Tuesday and she invited me. I loved every moment of it.
We got to sit in her class and listen to them read a story and sing some songs. Then I went to lunch
 with her and took her to the book fair. I think they hit the nail on the head to have the book
 fair on grandparents day. After all ,what grandparent is going to tell their grandchild that
they won't buy them anything??? ha!! Then it was on to recess. A fun, fun day and she didn't
 want me to leave. After recess it was hugs and kisses and off she went back into the school.

What is growing at your place? I would love to know!! :)