Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love and french towels

White Wednesday crept up and caught me by surprise again so I took a few quick photos around the house.

 I purchased this beautiful hanging heart over at Cloth and Patina a couple weeks ago
and I just love each and every detail.
It is about that time of year you know. *smile*

 Hubby told me we are going to Olive Garden for Valentines Day.
I can't wait...it is one of my very favorite places to indulge.

I cut out a few paper hearts with pinking shears, rubber stamped images on them
 and scattered them about the house.

I also made a few paper hearts and hung them on my feather tree that I have had out since Christmas.

Fell in love with these beautiful frenchy linen towels that I found at TJ Maxx while I was visiting
 my sister in Pennsylvania this past week so I picked up a couple.

LOVE in the air...:)

A little fun thing I did before I left for PA was to write a bunch of little notes and hide them
all over the house for hubby to find while I was gone. I put them in the kitchen cabinets, on the
 bathroom mirror, in the dresser drawer, wrapped around his toothbrush , in the tea canister,
on the computer etc. 

I found one last night that he didn't find! It was just too fun! I wrote things such as, "I love you",
Be safe today, I am watching you, Email your sweetie, have a great day at work today, etc. 
Just a little something to let him know that I was thinking about him while I was gone. :)

Happy White Wednesday to each and every one of you.  Please visit Kathleen over at
Faded Charm again this week for  more amazing WW posts. I feel I must put a disclaimer on
every once in awhile. I still can't make it to many of the WW posts, but I will continue to post.
 Thank you so much to those of you who visit me despite my slow computer and internet. :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

7 minutes can change your life!

Just a quick post today. I made it safely home last night from visiting my sister in Pennsylvania.
We had such a wonderful time and hated to see it come to an end, but we are both exhausted! lol
That is what happens when you hit the ground running and never slow down until it is time to
come back home. :)

I did want to share with you the amazing goodness of our Heavenly Father. He certainly gave
our family a huge blessing without asking.  The week before I arrived my sister was at her bank doing
 some business and when she left the bank and got back in her vehicle she remembers looking at her
 clock and it said 12:31 pm.
The bank was robbed at 12:38 pm. SEVEN minutes after she left.
This past week she talked to the
clerk who had waited on her last week and she said that Chris (my sister) was her last customer and
then she took her lunch break , but was still in the bank. That is when everything broke loose.
Two masked men came in , showed a gun and robbed the place.

I have gone over all kinds of scenarios in my head such as what if my sister had been in there
when the robbers came in...would they have taken her hostage or worse yet  would they have shot her?
I thank God every day for watching over her and keeping her safe!! I could have been going to
Pennsylvania for a totally different reason that I don't even want to think about.

Friday while we were shopping she got another phone call that there was another bank robbery
in a little town called Sandy Lake about 5 minutes from where she lives and there was also
a third one all within a few miles of where she lives.  If you think about it please say a prayer
that these people will be caught and not hurt anyone in the meantime.

Thanking God today for the prayers he answers without us even praying them!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When mistakes turn out great!

Has that ever happened to you? I have found over and over that sometimes my original ideas don't pan
out , but I rarely scrap them. I try to think what I can do to still make the item beautiful and
most times it works.

For instance, take these paper mache hearts. I had this brilliant idea to decoupage some script napkins
 onto them.  I realized not too far into the project that they should have been painted white first, but I was
 too far along.  Somewhere along the way I abandoned that idea because they just didn't look like I
wanted them to.

So I tried to think of something to cover them up with {after I painted them white right over the decoupage
flubbs}  Then it hit me...cheesecloth! It would be light and airy and just perfect. I just kinda made up the
design as I went along.  I think they turned out better than the original idea would have!

I had fun making a couple different heart designs. I had so much fun that I could have made them all day long. :)

What do you think?

I am in a hurry today because I have big plans!! Plans to visit my sister in PA very shortly and I can't wait!! {hubby will hold down the fort for a few days while I am having fun} I hope that we can make this a yearly event from now on as we have so much fun together. I know we will do some fun shopping while I am out there. Any must see places in the  Mercer , Sharon PA area?? All ideas are welcome! lol

{For some reason the ribbon looks purplish to me, but it really is a pretty gray and goes well with the graphic}

I purchased these adorable little french script *buttons* from Abby over at Abbies Paperie Garden.
Aren't they just the cutest? I love them and am enjoying using them in my artwork.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings today. I do enjoy you gals and blogging so much.
Happy White Wednesday and be sure and visit Kathleen over at Faded Charm again this week.

If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, be sure and check my previous post and enter!! :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Addicted to scarves and a $50 gift certificate giveaway! ~

Do you have an addiction like I do? I am addicted to pretty scarves and I wear them almost every day. I thought I would share a few of my very favorite ones with you today.

Aren't they gorgeous? Who wouldn't want to wear these beauties?

This is a clothing rack in my bedroom that I have hung them on and I love the way they look all together.

ruffles, rosettes, lace...pretty, pretty, pretty!

shimmery, ruffles, lacey, polkdots...whats not to love? :)

Okay, now on to the giveaway. I know that is what you really want to know about! lol  One lucky reader will receive a $50 gift certificate to Novica.com. When I was asked if I wanted to participate in a giveaway, I checked out their site and it didn't take me long to say yes. :)  They have all kinds of scarves including alpaca wool scarves. They also carry mens sweaters, silk jackets, and womens brazillian accessories along with gorgeous jewelry and home decor.

The lucky winner will have their choice of many wonderful items in this amazing store, but as a scarf lover I think I would choose a beautiful scarf! :)

For one entry leave a comment on this post and for a second entry blog about it or put it on your blog sidebar.
Please leave separate comment for each. This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE...yay!

I will draw a winner on February 5th.  Good luck everyone!

PS It has been brought to my attention that the Novica links are not working. I have no idea why because I tested them all out and they worked fine. A blogger issue or maybe the site is down for some reason?
 Hopefully they will work later.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daydreaming again...and paper heart chain

Do you ever sit and daydream? Truthfully I usually don't , but lately I have been daydreaming of Paris.  {just once in awhile. I am still actually getting my laundry done, dishes washed, floors moped etc. We wouldn't want any daydreaming to get in the way of everyday chores now would we?} It must be amazing to visit that city, but truthfully it is probably something I will never do.

 Did I ever tell you that I have a fear of flying? Not a huge fear, but nevertheless a fear. I truly think I could get over it fast
if we suddenly came into boatloads of money. lol. Not expecting that to happen either, so I will continue to dream away!!

While dreaming of Paris I decided to finish an altered bottle that I started creating some time ago.
Do you do that too? Start something and then not sure what direction you want to go so you just set it
aside for a week ,month year?  Happens a lot around here and then I have several unfinished projects
laying around. There comes a point when they have to be finished or they would run me out of
 house and home. lol.

I also got carried away this week making paper heart chains out of old music sheets! I saw the idea on Pinterest and just had to try it. {although it was made out of purple paper. I decided this would be much prettier!} SO easy so I just kept on adding hearts, hearts and more hearts until it is about long enough to circle the house six times!! Well , okay maybe not quite that long.  :)

Can you tell I like this bottle and the paper chain? hee hee

She is dressed in her Sunday best. This is a vintage ruffled lace cuff that I had laying around and it
fit the bottle perfectly. I think it was meant for her. I just put it on and snapped it shut with the snaps
that were already on it. Then I added a graphic from the graphic fairy and some other embellishments.
Simple, but lovely.

Speaking of Paris...the city of love...I also painted and embellished this simple heart a day or two ago.
Don't look too close. I didn't get the rubber stamp to *rock* for me on the curved surface so had to fill in some of the letters by hand with a marker. I still think it is sweet though.

How is your week going? Have you been creative? Please do tell me...

Linking up with Faded Charm again this week for White Wednesday.

Monday, January 16, 2012

How will you change the world this year?

{I did not write this , but it is wonderful. By Holley Gerth}

"I’m thinking of you wherever you are…

carpool lines, cubicles, around the corner or across the world.

And I can hear that quiet question, the one that taps the heart of every woman:

“How am I going to change the world?”

I want to lean in close, cup your beautiful face in my hands and say this to you…

You are going to change the world this year the same way you did the one before –

by being YOU.

Glorious, messy, Jesus-filled, you.

The one who makes mistakes and keeps on trying.

The one who is learning about her gifts and grace and how it all goes together.

The one loving, laughing, learning about being a little bit more like Him every day.

Yep, you...

To read the rest of this post... please click here.

{by  Holley Gerth}

Just what I needed today...thank you Holley!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love and speeding tickets

Ah...love sweet love

...it can overcome anything...right?

Love hangs in there even when your dearest brings home a speeding ticket...
and then to top that off you find out that it was in a school zone.
 {meaning that the fine is doubled and we get to donate over $200
to the wonderful state of Michigan}

Realizing that I have gotten a couple speeding tickets in my lifetime I really can't say much...but I did.

"Seriously????  IN A SCHOOL ZONE???  Were you paying attention??" 

Then he nicely reminds me that he never once chided me when I got one...and he is right
{another *ouch*}
That was Monday...I am over it now and I love that man!
He didn't do it intentionally and who am I to judge!
{I am working on this...not being so quick to judge}

We will chalk this up to a lesson learned and move on.
The whole story is that he was called from the plant he works in to go to the sister plant
in a different town and he got the ticket on his way home from that destination.
 My theory is that had they not called him over there he would not have gotten it. {LOL}
Don't you love my logic? ha!

All that aside...{had to vent a little}...I have been working on cute little tags for Valentines day...

and I pulled out this beautiful vintage Valentine card also.

If you think that you just must have some,  stick $4.00 in an envelope and drop it in the mail {$3.00 for tags and $1.00 for shipping} and I will send you an assortment of 13 tags packaged in a cute little envelope. You can do most anything with them. Add a tiny hole and ribbon and attatch to a package, embellish cards, etc. If you need my addy convo me. I am not planning to list these on Etsy. Thank you!
Happy Thursday everyone and watch your speed!  :)