Friday, April 29, 2011

What I'm wishing...

...for the beautiful royal couple William and Kate...

I managed to open my peepers today about 5:30 am
to see the royal wedding. I just had to.
Couldn't help myself. Stunning wedding...elegant, gorgeous, just beautiful!

It was definitely a little girls dream come true.

How appropriate that I found this gorgeous linen pillow today at the Goodwill. I don't think it was ever used as it is immaculate.

Oh before I go... I heard this today on our local christian radio station. Might not be worded exactly the same but something to ponder on this wonderful day:

On this royal wedding day, I am a princess of the High King and I am royalty in His eyes!!


Basket Makeover

When I saw Rosemary's post , I just had
to make a basket like hers for myself.

She told me where she purchased her basket
and I tried to find some , but to no avail.

However, I was very surprised to realize that I already had a basket like hers although darker in color so I immediately took the flowers out of it that originally came in it and started the transformation process.

Love how she turned out and this one is for me to keep.

I used antique red cross white gauze for the ribbon, a white ruffle off of a skirt that I purchased at the Goodwill some time ago and a parchment rose. I also added a paper embellishment to the front of it. I enjoyed making it and it didn't take long at all. Just a little paint, hot glue, one burnt finger and a few minutes later wa la it was done.

Happy weekend everyone! Blessings~

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eggs, eggs and more eggs...

The grands just can't wait for the Easter egg
hunt each year and I so enjoy doing it for them.
I think we put out over 100 eggs this year!

Allysha, Annika and Jon waiting to *take off*.

Annika found one!

Jon too! {wow my bush needs help...hope it lives}

Allysha and Annika taking off around the house

We put them here...

We put them there...

We even put one in a tulip! I have enough yet?

Little Joshua found out there is candy inside
the eggs so he is taking a break! lol.
{his older brother did the very same thing last year}

Annika's basket is full.

Allysha blowing bubbles...
When they came in the house to check out the goodies
inside their eggs I also gave them each a Easter bag with
more goodies and bubbles were included.

See the little ice cream cones in the right hand corner
of their bags? Those are the bubbles. Too cute!

Another Easter has come and gone and with it

more precious family memories were made.

Happy Monday everyone!
I am doing laundry today, cleaning and trying to get
my house put back together. I forget just how much of
a little monkey Joshua is and I had to put a lot of
my things up high so he couln't reach them. :)
Then he climbed on the

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A little indulgence

Lemon Poppyseed Bread
that I made yesterday and took to my parents
house today for Easter dinner. So yummy and
everyone loved it.
Three tiny pieces left. :)

{My daughter helped me make candied violas to add to it
for decoration}

Lemon Poppyseed Bread 1 pkg. lemon cake mix 1 pkg. lemon instant pudding 4 eggs 1 cup water 1/4 cup oil 2 tablespoons poppyseeds Mix all-together with mixer on medium speed for
4 minutes. Pour in 3 ungreased 1 lb. coffee cans.
Bake 35 minutes at 350 degrees. Do not underbake.
{I make it exactly like this and never have had it turn
out wrong. I put everything in the kitchenaid mixing
bowl and let it do it's thing.
Yes the amount of poppyseeds is right.
It seems like a lot , but it is perfect.}

{ I orignally found this recipe somewhere for a "tea" .
I have never used the 3 lb coffee cans , but used loaf
pans and I don't remember how many loaf pans it

Let me know if you try it...


Friday, April 22, 2011

Three words

...that made all the difference for you and me.

He has risen ~
Matthew 28: 6
He is not here; he has risen just as he said.

So thankful today that Christ went to the cross, died for you and me and rose again that we might have eternal life.

{ I received the pink cross candle as a young child and I am so thankful that my mother saved it all these years for me}

Praying that you have a blessed Easter as we

celebrate our risen Lord!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Idol confession

Just a quick post you watch
American Idol ?
I will confess that most of the time I don't. It really
doesn't interest me, but tonight was slightly different.
You see I found out that my 2nd cousin was going to play
his fiddle during Lauren Alaina's performance tonight.
So if you watched it and saw some awesome fiddle
playing it was my cousin's son Nathan Stoops from small
town Alvordton, Ohio...blink and you'll miss it. lol. It is
a few miles from where I live now and where I was also
raised. He is an outstanding musician and was thrilled
when Lauren called him and asked him to fly out and
play for her tonight.
Here it is on youtube if you missed it last night. 

Okay I am done bragging for now. lol.
PS. yes he does play professionally , but I can't
remember the name of the band. I believe he is
living in Nashville or around there right now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My one regret and digging in the archives

My bestie camera is in the fix it shop so
I had to get out the dusting cloth and go
digging wayyyyyy down into the archives. {hey it is dusty down there. lol}

I hope you enjoy these photos as much
the 2nd time around.

A favorite candleholder below~

old white buttons and ironstone~

Chippy candleholders~

My one regret you ask? I have been painting some items this week including this piece of an old shutter that I have had for several years. I never thought I would ever regret painting something white, but yep here I am. living with regret.

I don't know if you remember it from long ago posts, but this was a beautiful deep aqua with white paint splatters. I kept putting off painting it because I just wasn't sure and then one day I took the plunge. *sniff sniff* I do like it white, but it doesn't compare to what it looked like before...the wonderful patina all gone now. I am thinking of throwing it outside in the rain and see what that does. Seriously.

I also had hubby cut an old door in half for me and hinge it in the middle with old painty, peely, creamy hinges. I need to do some work on it yet and put the white porcelain doorknobs back on, but I love it. Intend to take it to my booth for a prop, but haven't accomplished that of these days.

Wayyy in the back of this photo do you see that metal cabinet with pink flowers on it? I know ...barely. I bought that beauty at the goodwill. Never seen anything like it before. I will show it better later. The bottom door tips out into a clothes hamper. So cool!! That is intended for my booth as well if I manage to actually get it there. lol.

Hopefully next Wednesday I will have my camera back and be taking new photos again to share with you. Run on over to Faded Charm for more beautiful White Wednesday posts and be sure and tell Kathleen that I said hello. :) Blessings~

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter decor

Can you believe that we woke up to
a little snow on the ground today after
almost 80 degree temps one day
last week? Crazy Michigan weather!

I decided it was time I made a few new items for
my booth so last week I got two of these adorable
shakers made.

I purchased the tutorial for these from Dawn over at

quite some time ago. She uses glitter and I have
made several like that in the past, but this time I used dried lavender and Easter images for something

I thought they turned out sweet although my camera
skills leave a lot to be desired.
{Sorry for the glare}

I just realized I also found the pretty egg image on
the left over at The Feathered Nest as well.
What can I say...I love her graphics and ideas.

Today is a good day. Hubby is feeling better and is off
to work. I told him LIGHT DUTY today twisting
and turning etc. Wonder if he will listen...hmm.
Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nesting today

I am home from church today waiting on my hubby
hand and foot from his *accident* so what better to
do then share some photos with you.

{which I took before my camera died...she is being shipped
out tomorrow to the fix it shop, but I sure will miss her}

I have all of these bird nests on a long shelf above my
washer and dryer. I love real nests which most
of these are.

You probaby can't tell , but there is a bird nest in the
bottom of this wreath with eggs in it. Just lovely.

This is a fake nest *pick* and now looking
at the photo it looks like those eggs could fall right out.

One of my favorite nests

Another favorite. I found this one on an old ladder
in my dad's barn that I am using in my booth. I quickly
made it mine. :)

And now for hubby's story. He races RC cars/trucks with our two sons and Friday evening was another
event for them. Long story short, he was marshalling
{ stands on the track and flips cars back over} and he got
hit by a car so he tried to get out of the way and down
he went. {I was not there}

He said he went down on his knees , but he really messed
up his back. I had to pull him out of bed yesterday
and help him get dressed and then get him in the car to go
to the chiropractor. I pulled him out of the car when we
arrived and he slowly made his way

Doc said his lower back was very swollen. He is feeling
a bit better and sits most of the day in a chair with an
ice pack on and off. I think he is very fortunate that
he wasn't hurt worse because people who were there
said he hit very hard.

Thankfully he still has his sense of humor. He is
wondering if we could claim this on our auto insurance
since it was a *hit and run*. hee hee
Happy Sunday everyone!!