Monday, February 20, 2017

Have you jumped on the RAE DUNN bandwagon?

Have you seen the latest obsession of countless people?

RAE DUNN pottery

I have only found a few pieces and that is OKAY.
I don't want a whole house full of it.
Just a little.
Mugs and bowls is what I am concentrating on right now.

I also had to pick up this big letter planter when I spied it because
I love it and they are very hard to come by!

There are RAE DUNN facebook groups and tons of Instagram groups.
I may have joined a couple... or two or three... or...

I don't know if most collectors actually use their pieces or just display them , but I will use mine.

I raided the kitchen to set up this cupboard for pics. lol.

I am going "minimalist" compared to what I used to display on here.

Sorry about the glare. Usually there is not any light and today the sun is shining brightly
and so thus the glare. 

There are days that I REALLY want to paint this hutch white , but I haven't
taken the plunge...yet. lol.

SO, if you are obsessed with it or just have a few pieces I would love to hear about it!
It is very hard to find pieces in my area and by "my area" I mean the closest stores
are an hour or two away.

It's the thrill of the hunt right? I can't drive that far every day hoping to find something.
As I said I am NOT OBSESSED...yet. 

It's been a few months since I last posted.
We are still missing our Eden Rain so very much. It is still hard to believe that tomorrow
it will be nine months since she gained her angel wings.
We said hello and goodbye all at once.
So very hard to do.

She is loved. She is missed. She is our tenth grandchild.