Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini vacation and farmers market

A vacation is what you take when you can
no longer take what you've been taking.
-Earl Wilson

Yep... we needed to take that vacation so
Friday evening we took the drive up
to visit our daughter's family
and spent the weekend with them.

Saturday we went to a huge
farmer's market and had a wonderful
time. This is DD and GD.
Notice they are the same height and
GD is only 11 years old!

{I got carried away taking pictures so please
bear with me. lol.}

Thought this sign was just too cute!

All colors and varieties of flowers

roof of the market

loved this was not for sale

gorgeous grapes and peppers

beautiful apples

inside the outdoor market looking up

there were tons of gorgeous hanging baskets!

more pretty flowers

another neat chair although I
would paint it white if it were mine.

how neat would this photo be with the
cardboard egg containers instead of

had to photograph these old scales

I did not capture the true beauty of this flower
arrangement. I purchased a planter with
flowers from this vendor, but not this one.

The cherries were delicious!!

My granddaughter Allysha was really intriqued
by this monk.

Aren't these radishes spectucular!!
Basil and other herbs by the dozen

Just beautiful produce. These people know how
to display to get the maximum effect too!

more beautiful flowers

Many people were purchasing this beautiful plant.

I have more pictures, but did not want to bore
you to death so I stopped here....maybe more to
come next post.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little garden therapy

Oh my goodness has it been hot here
the past few days! You would think it is the middle of summer, but
I digress...

Don't you just love this wheeled metal cart? When I picked it up for $2.00 at a garage sale
last week my intentions were to use it in my booth...
Until today
when I decided my deck looked pretty pathetic
and it needed something to snazz it up.

I love how it looks and it will probably
never go to my booth now.

I had fun adding this and that and the other. lol.

My best friend gave me these garden soaps probably two
years ago now and I still have not used them all,
but I sure do love them!!

You can just catch a glimpse of my white chair off to the
side of this picture. No fancy pictures here today
...just regular point and shoot.

I also remembered that I had some cream colored burlap so I cut a piece and threw it on the top.

I love this clay rosemary pot too! I actually purchased it with a rosemary plant in it a few
years ago and I just love it....chippy paint and all.

The asparagus fern over to the left side wintered over
in my potting shed! I could not believe it when I
saw green this spring. I need to add some flowers
around it.

I want to wish each of you and fun and safe Memorial Day
weekend. I probably won't be posting again until next week
so I can enjoy some fun with family.

Be safe and be blessed~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do you ever wonder...

if what you are doing really matters...
if you are really getting anywhere
or if you are just spinning your wheels.

if you really know what you are doing... or if you just think you know. {that one gets me every time}

if your creativity really is that... or is it just a repeat of others, with your own twist.

I actually told hubby that some days
I think we would be much better off
if I would just...
quit buying all this stuff...
to create more stuff...
to hopefully sell the stuff...
that I create!!

{Whew...that is almost a tongue twister!} He has always been my biggest fan .

"what would you do if you didn't do this?"
"well , I don't know...I am supposed to know???"
He reminded me once again that I would go crazy
with nothing to do and would have to find something
to keep me busy.

Oh dear...he knows me soooo well! I guess I will keep plugging along ...
at least for now...

Happy creating and happy WW!!

This is a "different" WW post, but this is one I

wrote up last week and with all that has been going

on posted it for today because after all...

it has WHITE in it. lol.

{Check out Faded Charm for more WW posts}


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Indulgence...Pottery Barn and cupcakes

To yield to the desires and whims of

In the midst of all the craziness of life the past
several days we managed to take a little time
out and go out to eat with my youngest son
and his family.

We also stopped at Cake in a Cup and a mall.

I hadn't been to this mall for years and I actually
found a
Pottery Barn store!!

I was so excited because I have never
been to one. Just visited online.

They had these little nest placecard holders
on sale for $3.99 each so these were my
little indulgence for the day.

Aren't they just too cute? Love them.

oops...I guess I did have one more
little indulgence.
Cake in a cup we come! I had never been and it was so neat.

Although I must confess, I insisted that we
stop at the cupcake store first so we would be
sure and get some and not have them closed
on the way home.

Well...guess what?
It has been very hot here and when we checked
on our cupcakes {in the trunk of our car}
the frosting had melted
off of some of them. I felt so bad!!

We brought them home and put them in the refrigerator
and these three survived intact! lol.

Yumm...I think I need to go and eat my red velvet
cupcake now! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Update on my father: he had the implant yesterday
and is doing just fine. He is due to come home today.
God is good...all the time!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lovely find and update on my dad...

Don't you just love this display mirror?

it even has beveled edges
price...$5.00 !

I know in my last post I told you that my dad is
doing so much better and he is, but he
still needs your prayers.
We thought he would be coming
home today, but now it has been changed
until next week sometime.

His heart doctor wants to implant an ICD

{implantable cardioverter-defibrillator }

Dad was not too keen on the idea,
but after discussing it with my mom
and us kids he has decided to go ahead with it.
He may not be home now until Tuesday
or Wednesday.

He is in very good spirits and we have a
wonderful time when we visit, but it is still
a scary thing whenI realize that it is
my dad's heart
that we are talking about.

Praying that the Lord will guide the doctor's
hands and that all will go well.


April Showers...

in May...
and boy did we get them yesterday.
Torrents of rain!!
I was in my father's hospital room watching
it pour down.
{by the way he is doing so much better
thank you so much for your prayers!}
He is on the fourth floor and it
really was a beautiful sight looking over the
city at night from high above...but the rain!
In our area we got around 3 inches and we
almost needed a boat to get home!!
We turned down our road and there
were four places where it was flooded over
the road in the 3/4 mile from the main road to
our house. We have never seen that in the
28 years that we have lived here.
Sharing a chuckle for the day:
Whether the weather be fair,
whether the weather be hot,
we'll weather the weather
whatever the weather,
whether we like it or not!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Another late night phone call

Just once I want someone to call me
late at night and say: we have really good news...
but it doesn't happen that way does it?

I received another phone call from my mother last night
at 11:30 pm and she told me they had taken my father
to the hospital again by EMS .
He was having severe breathing problems.

When we arrived at the hospital an EMT told us that
he given them quite a scare. They had to radio ahead
and meet someone part way and get them on board
to administer meds to him.

His breathing appeared very labored and he
told me it was much better than it had been.
I can't imagine.

From the ER doctor we heard words like:

congestive heart failure

fluid on the lungs

you need to get
reacquainted with your heart doctor

We will find out what today brings.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.