Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Memories - Carnival Part 1

Saturday we held a carnival for our grandchildren at our house and it was a rousing success. Of course hubby and I thought of ways we blooped and that it could have been better , but thankfully most of the kids were too young to even notice.  At first the weather was pretty iffy and after setting part of it up and then putting everything back inside the tent because of rain, the sun started shining again we were able to get it set up for a fun day.

Goodies bags for the grands prizes hanging on the fence. I got this idea offline, but will have to get that link later. 

The gumball machine filled with skittles and runt candy was a HUGE hit.  

Can't have a carnival without lots of treats .

Lots of prizes... 

one of the games...this sign was printed online and I realized too late that is says,
Bottle ring toss...oh well! lol 

My oldest son brought his popcorn machine and filled fun bags with popcorn.

Is this a fun photo or what? 

My sweeties 

The kids had so much fun playing games, getting faces painted along with tattoos.  

Keira always has such a sweet smile on her face.  

We drafted our daughter-in-law Colette to do the face painting and she did a great job! 

Our son-in-law Matthew with his boys 

Pretty little Ainsley and Kanaan 

Our youngest son Nathan having fun too.

Hope you enjoyed sharing in our fun day... Part 2 installment coming soon...:)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tresors from my bedroom

I thought I would let you take a peek inside my bedroom today. I think I have shown parts of it quite some time ago, but it has been awhile. Not much has changed except for an accessory or two, but I have been playing around in PicMonkey so the photos are a bit different. That program is very addicting and I can see how a person could waste spend hours in there playing around. 

Notice the white lanterns? I hung these on my chandy just to get them out of the way when I had the fairy party for my grands LAST SUMMER! I keep thinking that I need to move them, but somehow it always gets pushed to the very bottom of my to do list.

A very favorite vintage ceiling tin frame that has been in here forever, but I just LOVE it!

Also , a very favorite shelf that I have had for several years as well and wish I had more. :)

The beautiful photo in the frame came from Alice over at Thoughts from Alice blog. 

An old shutter, vintage lace and just lovely goodness.  

I have a obsession with vintage mirrors and this one is a favorite, along with my linen bag that I purchased at the French Flea in Tipton, Indiana the first year they had it. 

Donna from D. Reyne made the bag and she did an awesome job. 

See, I CAN do color !! ha!

I used to have tons of scarves hanging on each curly-q that is on the hanging planter, but I just took them off a week or two ago. Sometimes a gal just needs a change.

I hope you enjoyed your mini tour of my bedroom today.  My bed isn't made yet today, but I will get to that as soon as I post this. lol.

 I spent the last two days over at my sons house babysitting my two precious granddaughters and I took lots of photos, so I hope to be doing a post soon.

Happy Thursday!! :)

{Note: Don't you just love the metal cross in the first photo? I scooped that up at Hobby Lobby in their 80% off sale. I had to fork over a whopping 80 cents for it. Funny thing is that I had looked at it several weeks ago , but it didn't have a price so I just put it back. Sometimes it is just a hassle to get that figured out, but I was there again last week and saw it in the discount pile so decided I wasn't leaving without it. ha!}

Sharing this post over at Timewashed : Blissful Whites Wednesday. If you have a minute please head on over and check it out.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Prairie Style {or cottage style?} Mason Jars...and sad news

Since it is 98 degrees out along with stifling humidity, I decided it was time for another photo shoot. What in the world was I thinking?? I didn't stay out there long at all, but I had some fun. I don't have a clue how to style photos to make them look like they should, but I have fun trying. lol. 

Last night while laying in bed with insomnia my mind was racing a million miles an hour. Ever happen to you? That is my life many nights, so I try to come up with different ideas to try.  Have you seen all the gorgeous prairie style dream catchers in blogland? Laurie over at Heavens Walk makes them and they are just gorgeous!! I had an idea to make my vintage ball jars with pretty rags like the dream catchers. This is my first attempt so please bear with me, but I did have fun making them!

You never know how my photography will turn out...most of it is pure chance. lol

I added a few beads, but only what I had on hand. 

Pretty candleholders, don't you agree?

I also added a few of my pink geraniums and it was just what the photos were initially lacking.

Doesn't this scream SUMMER to you?? :) 

Yes, I got rather carried away taking pics...we are almost to the end though...I think...heehee.

Sun glare is not my friend. ha! 

Thought you might want to see another part of MY these flip flops!

Just perfect for throwing on as I head out the door to who knows where...

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Some days I take good photos and some days I don't so I am very thankful for each one of you that keeps dropping by to visit.

On a sad note...I don't know how many of you followed Sweet Old Vintage blog ,but in case you didn't already know
sweet Marietta passed away this week.  The doctors had found spots on her lungs in May or June and gave her six months with chemo which I figured was November, but she took chemo twice and it about killed her so she stopped. I am sad that we never met in person since she only lived probably 30 miles or so away.  However, we did exchange gifts through the mail and I will treasure her lovely paper items. She was a talented lady that loved her family and had a soft spot in her heart for people who were hurting whatever the reason might be. If you think about it , please say a prayer for her family.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watches and fans and messes...OH MY!!

I found these watches at an antique store a couple weekends ago and just had to bring them home with me.
I have never seen any like them...have you?? So unique. 

This is what I REALLY should be doing today, but instead I decided to clean a fan and take photos?!! 

I am working on filling up my new/old cabinet that has an old screen door attached. I just love it!!  That little white
basket won't stay on that stand, but we are *a work in progress* here at the moment.  

Don't you just love this cabinet? I want another one for the other wall. I can guarantee you that I could have them both filled up in no time flat! ha! 

Isn't this a neat old fan? I have loved this fan from the moment I found her {several years ago| and I use her every year.  I noticed today that she needed a good cleaning. Have you ever tried to take apart and old fan? They don't have screws that make it easy like the fans now-days. After studying her for awhile, I realized the front grill comes off so that is how
I had to clean the whole fan.  

I even had to clean the backside of the blades from the front which was very interesting, but she looks much
better now. :)  Love her soft aqua color. 

Something about neutrals just speak to my soul...

Yea...the fan pics were supposed to be at the end of the post , but Sandi goofed again. lol

Happy Wednesday and be sure to enjoy life!!