Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet Autumn Clematis

I am on the hunt for one of these beauties...
Sweet Autumn Clematis.
Do any of you grow them? According to what I read online they are easy to grow and
are abundant with these gorgeous white flowers in the fall.

I took the above photo and the one below at the Fall Festival. Not sure if it is the clematis or another gorgeous flowering vine. Help?? anyone??

It's shaping up to be one of those days today...
I have a sore on top of my nose
{it resembles a pimple which I never get let alone on my
nose. I will not be venturing out in public today. lol. },
I caught a nasty cold that has settled in my throat.
It kept me awake most of the night and I am
constantly clearing my throat or coughing,
AND the furnace is not working. Why is it that in the spring when we are done using
the furnace it works fine and then in the fall it won't
come on.This will be our 2nd or 3rd year of this
happening and having to call in a repair man.
It is not that old for this to keep happening every year.
Hubby says the diagnostic is flashing 9 times so I got out the instructions today and this is what it says
for nine red flashes,
"grounding or line polarity fault"...
don't have a clue!
Now that I got that out, I am going to try and put on my
thankful hat today for all the postives in my life and try
not to focus on the negative.
Have a lovely fall day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Naughty Pumpkins Saga

My little white pumpkins were *out and about*
today strutting their stuff so I told them I would take
their picture. I asked them nicely before we even started to
behave because I wanted a great photo shoot. They sweetly
obliged me and hopped up onto this old suitcase and
fell right in line.

However, they quickly decided the suitcase wasn't for them
and the minute my back was turned they slid right down the
side and landed in the middle of this wire holder!

I almost said something to them, but decided to wait and see what they would do next. They were trying to get all comfy...{I think}

pushing and shoving their way around...

Just as I was getting ready to open my mouth, they ran
right past me and out onto the back porch. They thought
they were being clever by trying to hide in this
metal container!

I warned them did I not... but no...they would have none
of that. One little pumpkin (still feeling very naughty)
climbed onto the backs of his siblings and jumped
right out and onto the ladder that was standing

He was feeling pretty good about his antics until he noticed
that he had lost his stem somewhere along the line.
{that is what happens when you misbehave. lol.}

so he just sat there looking very sad.

I finally rescued him and put him back in the bucket
with his friends and he was a happy little pumpkin.

Man where did that come from?? I started this post
intending the pictures to speak for themselves.
It was fun though and I hope you enjoyed it.

Linking up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Signs of Autumn

*This is the day that the Lord hath made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it*
Psalm 118:24

Fall has definitely arrived here in Michigan. We went to a fall festival Saturday and had a
wonderful day away with hubs and son's family.

I scored these pumpkins just up the road from us a mile
or so a few days ago.

I love the smell of Sweet Annie! I used to grow it
and make my own wreaths until I became allergic
to it. Now it can't be in the same house with me.

I got all these little pumpkins {and more} just up the road
from me...for free.

They were headed to the field to be thrown out.
They can't be sold to the orchards with even a tiny
blemish. Goodness...I filled up a bag!
We throw so much good stuff away in this country
that some days it just makes me sad.

Fall potpourri at the festival.

Indian corn is always a must have for any fall decor.

Another photo from the festival. Love the bittersweet
and pumpkin together.

Hydrangeas from my own bush.

Rose hips on the north side of our pole barn.

I do hope you have a glorious fall day today.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

I hit the mother lode! {part 2}

More finds Thursday at the Hillsdale College
Rummage Sale ...

Not ONE ,but FOUR Wendy Addision glitter stars! These were the first things I spotted and picked up.
Well actually I picked up two of them and on my
second time around I found the other two.
50 cents each and the largest one is 13 inches
across! I love anything by Wendy.

New bags of vintage style tinsel for $1.00 and pink
and silver glitter balls all for 50 cents. These are very
lightweight and I fell in love with them.

Six of these cutie wreaths for 30 cents each.

little silver tinsel candy canes bunch for 30 cents

10 cents - 50 cents

vintage style bottle brush trees
small 50 cents each, large 1.50 and 2.00.

pretty vintage style star...this was $1.00
and it is much smaller than the Wendy Addison stars
I think different people price them.

bird ornies 50 cents for 3 and a santa cone ornie
for 10 cents. I realized I missed a tree topper in the
photos so who knows what else I missed, but you get
the picture.

Initially when I started picking up the stars and trees
the lady that was helping out just started picking things
up and saying "do you want this" and I would say!!

This sale is the sale of all sales. It is huge and people come
from all over. We all stand outside in a line that snakes
around the college. It starts at 9 am and we always try
to be there at 8:30 so we can get towards the
front of the line.
Then when the doors are opened promply at 9 am
people flood inside. They have each department marked,
such as Antiques, furniture, Christmas etc. Ladies stand
in each department with sale pads in hand and as you
pick up an item you have them write down the price.
{I have learned along with most everyone else to take my
own bags to put my items in as I pick them up}
At the end you hand one of the cashiers your slip of paper, ( or papers such as my case was) they add it up and you pay.
I made three trips to the car before it was all over and then
we went for lunch, came back and hit the 1/2 off sale.
Most certainly a highlight of the year. Hope you enjoyed
my goodies.
Happy day!


Friday, September 24, 2010

I hit the mother lode! {part 1}

You should have been there ladies!
I definitely hit the mother lode on Thursday!
My mother and I went to the local college rummage
sale that I wait anxiously for every year and did I ever
find the bargains! The first area I hit hard was the
vintage Christmas and did I ever load up.
{but that post is for next time}
We will start with the non- Christmas items.

Beautiful book called Edith Lyle's secret...1.00

gorgeous old glove box...2.00

It is missing part of the latch, but I don't care.
I love it!

a neat sign that will go in my booth

18 English garden magazines FREE

12 nests for I have to be creative. lol.

wooden finials for 20 cents and 30 cents
the tallest one is 19 inches high

tart tins 30 cents, silverplate spoon 5 cents,
salt shaker 5 cents, apothcary jar 50 cents

shabby chic book 1.50

lace and doilies 30 cents - 50 cents mostly

linen napkins 2.50
(they were $5.00 but got them at half off hour)

beautiful old lace hanky 1.00 (half price again)

satin jewelry box 10 cents

I have a feeling that some items missed being photographed,
but you get the idea. Just wait until you see my Christmas
goodies. Wendy Addison....umm hmm...