Thursday, November 29, 2012

Working my fingers to the bone!

I am still here..really I am!! I realize it has been two weeks since I posted , but I have
been a busy little beaver. Trying to get ready for the holiday bazaar that I am in
on Saturday. Ready or not here I come!! lol

I found this pretty burlap at JoAnn Fabric so purchased a bit of it to make some stockings.

I loved embellishing these burlap bags ~

I made all kinds of tags...these are just a few.

You would think that my theme this year is angel wings because I sure seem to have a lot of
different versions and it wasn't even planned. 

Lovely candles waiting for a new home...or two...or three...

More burlap stockings in favorite!

I thought I would also include some scrunchy ribbon in case someone is interested.

These nests turned out cuter than they appear. They are covered in white tinsel glitter and look so sparkly.

Candles with Jeanne D Arc paper...who doesn't need another candle?? I know I LOVE
candles so if these don't sell I won't feel bad at all. :)

I also made some ornies/hang tags out of vintage flash card numbers.
I thought they turned out rather neat looking.

I am off again...much to do before Saturday hits so I must keep these fingers
moving. I am afraid if they stop they will never start again. ha!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

All in the eye of the beholder...

I have been as busy as a little beaver these past few weeks because I signed up to be in
a holiday bazaar that will be held in a couple weeks. I wonder if I will get the response I am hoping
 for with my handmade treasures. I hope so. :)

I realize it is *all in the eye of the beholder* , but I am tired of going to shows that are full
of country style items that have been around since the 1980's.  I certainly don't fault anyone for
 having different tastes than I do, but it will be interesting to see how this goes. It may be my
first and my last show. :)

I lay in bed at night and my mind just spins with ideas.  A couple nights ago I remembered
that I had some star boxes, so yesterday I set to creating these two. I thought they turned
out very pretty and sparkly. They would be lovely to hold a very special gift or even to
put treats in for that special someone.

I am also creating a few stockings out of vintage feed sack fabric with ruffles on the
top of them.

This feed sack was already hemmed on the sides so that was a plus.

I always have to make a few altered bottles so this time I made a few simple ones with angels
and feathers.

I added a scripture verse or a quote about angels and I thought they turned out
absolutely angelic.

I have created nests, all kinds of tags, angel wings and candles also, but I didn't get
photos of them all yet so hopefully I can do that soon.  Wish me luck please! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The little peanut... so cute!  We were able to go up to our daughter's home this past weekend and visit our
 new little grandson this past weekend and is he ever a cutie pie.

Grandma had to take lots of photos of course. Many didn't turn out  because the lighting
was terrible, but I did get a few good ones.

love his little hat 

I think Grandpa is trying to tell him all about the hard knocks of life,
but Daniel is oblivious. That will come soon enough. 

Beautiful baby boy...:)

A friend of my daughters took these two photos of his little sweet!

His little foot with his ankle monitor on. Wow, are things different than when I had my babies.
No one can even attempt to walk out the door with this little guy. :) I suppose that is a good
thing, but very sad that our society has come to this.

13 year old sister Allysha singing to her baby brother. He loves it! He was crying on the
way home from the hospital and he quieted right down as she sang *Twinkle, twinkle little
star* and other tunes to him. Allysha has a beautiful voice...I love to hear her sing.

The kids made two "birthday" cakes for the day Daniel came home. This one with the diaper and
another one with a pacifier on it. Too cute!

I am in full swing here in the boonies working on goodies for a holiday bazaar that I signed up
to be in. Somedays I wonder why I did that, but it is keeping me busy so that is good.

We took our car to the body shop last night and they will have it for at least a week to fix the
damage from a week or so ago when someone sideswiped us.  Will be so glad when all that
 is done and behind us.


Can I just say one thing? Please, let's all be kind to one another. No matter the color of our
skin, our religious beliefs or any other differences we may have...
 KINDNESS matters.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another gift straight from Heaven!

Our EIGHTH grandbaby arrived today
 at 12:28 pm and is he ever a cutie pie!!

It is hard being 3 hours away, but hopefully we will get to see him soon.  Our car
is in the repair shop from last weekend when we were up there and got in an
accident. No big deal, but it takes time to repaint etc.

I am loving technology at times like know when the mommy can't be
there with her only daughter. I got blow by blow updates from her hubby and I
was so thankful for that. The first one came in about 3:19 am by text and said
they were at the hospital. You can bet I didn't get one more wink of sleep. :)

Just had to pop in and tell you!

{photo courtesy of his daddy via facebook}

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pigeon in the Parlour

In my previous post I mentioned stopping in Holly, Michigan and finding a little store called

*Pigeon in the Parlour*.

The pictures on this post are ones that I snapped inside this gorgeous place. I do wish I
had taken more because several of them turned out blurry. That is what happens when
the picture taker doesn't really know what she is doing. ha!

I met and loved chatting with the owner whose name was Emily. Such a pretty lady that
makes you feel right at home as soon as you step inside the door.

Unbeknownst to us, there was a Christmas open house going on in the village so our timing was great.
 The store was decorated from top to bottom and was just beautiful.

I don't remember if these were candlesticks or lamps , but t heir glittery beauty
just drew me right in. I do love glitz and glamm!

This whole booth had mostly Peacock Park items in it. *sigh*

Another lovely booth full of pillows and other amazing treasures.

Sparkly, silver ornaments in several booths in different shapes and favorite!

I thought this pillow was so pretty! In case you didn't know...I have a *thing* for pillows. :)

This is the lovely sign that sits outside on the sidewalk.

Just pure beauty everywhere...I love the style of clothes also!

A beautiful wreath made out of coffee filters caught my eye. 

I was soooooooo good. This is all I purchased along with the December issue of Romantic Homes
magazine. I thought this tag was so unique and  fell in love with the little silver ornies.  I hope you
enjoyed my small tour of this amazing store. There is so much more to see than I have shown
 including a huge WALL of Annie Sloan Chalk paint  and the Vintage by Nina book.

If you are ever in or near Holly, Michigan I suggest you stop in and take in all the beauty.
Be sure and tell Emily that I sent you. :)

{110 S. Saginaw St. , Holly, Michigan}

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My week in 80 words...more or less!

Packed, traveled, ate, restaurants,daughter, grandchildren,cut finger, burned hand,
cleaned, laundry, kisses, ate, shopped, lost daughters debit card, crawled, Meijer,
son-in-law, homemade cookies, washed dishes, swept floors, ate, high speed computer,
TJ Maxx, car accident, police, laughter, tears, more kisses, camera,
 Home Goods, hugs,dinner, homemade potato soup, Jo-Ann Fabric, Michaels, Halloween,
Holley, Michigan, candy, pizza, missed hubby, goat {in the middle
of the road!}
, Christmas,Target, Chiles, Home sweet home, and after all that...
No baby!! {yet}

My friend Nicki Winkles shout out in the new Holiday issue of Romantic Homes...congrats Nicki!!!

First three photos were taken at Pigeon in the Parlour store in Holly, Michigan.
Beautiful store!! I hope to share more soon. Also we are very thankful that we
didn't get hurt in the accident which happened on the way home about 15
minutes into our trip. Not our fault. Crazy drivers out there. lol