Thursday, April 17, 2014

Grey Dey Thursdey

I thought I would pop in and do a quick post.

I have been wanting to change the lampshade on my night stand, but couldn't
spend much money so what was my solution?

A ruffled, cotton Hollister skirt from the Goodwill for 2.50.

I assured the lady who was at the checkout that I was NOT going to wear it.

{it was awful short for these legs!}

She told me that she doesn't judge...haha!

It was too big around the waist so I had to do some folding to make it fit the shade, but
I managed to get it done. I am thinking now that is just may be "too foofy" and full, but
I do love the color. I may tweak it , but for now it is what it is.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You gotta have faith!

Spring IS coming...
Yes, it is! I can almost smell it, can't you?

I am so ready to throw open the windows, breathe deep of the fresh
country air and run barefoot in the sand.
no sand around here!!
My mind must have wandered for awhile.
It tends to do that quite often these days.

But, I am so ready for warmer days that is for sure.
We had a couple days in the 70's last week and then got hit
with SNOW again.
The weather this year has just been so crazy!

"Faith is a knowledge within the heart,
beyond the reach of proof".

- Khalil Gibran

I took these pics a few weeks ago and forgot all about them until I found them on my
computer again.  I picked up the chevron "B" at Hobby Lobby for a mere $7.50.

It was on clearance and I love it inside this frame.
I initially intended to hang it alone , but it looked rather forlorn all by itself. 

I also had this  family sign printed several weeks ago. I hung it in an old frame
that I picked up at a garage sale several years ago and it is just perfect.

 It was designed by Alice from Thoughts from Alice
blog. I love it. Thank you Alice!!

I am still loving the paint treatment that I did on our fake brick wall. Makes me want
to fake brick my whole house. lol

This has become a favorite corner in my house right now.

I have not done much creating lately, but I did manage to sit down last week and make a couple bird nest
pieces. I created them inside of old zinc lids.

There's that word again...FAITH.

Faith...working on that as I type this.

There are a few issues going on in our family right now that I wish you would say a prayer for.
I won't get into it on here, but I know God is able and I am trying to have FAITH that in HIS
time it will all work out.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Tuliptree and Toadshade Trails ~

Yesterday afternoon our youngest son and his family went with us to a nature preserve called
Goll Woods
 that is in our area. I can't remember the last time we walked in here!
I wanted to last fall and it didn't work out so we got a jump on it this year. Not many pretty
leaves or flowers yet, but we will come again in a few weeks when the tulip trees and other
flowers are in bloom hopefully and again in the fall.

We followed our son and he took us over this bridge on the way.
Of course I had to have hubby stop the Jeep and get out and snap a few pics.

We parked our vehicles and hit the trails.
Don't you just love the names? I do!
We decided to walk Tuliptree Trail first.

The little girls did well overall. Big sister Annika did a lot of whining the farther
we walked, but I thought they did a great job because we walked over 3 miles.
Maybe four.

This is what sweet Ainsley said to her mommy after picking up these two sticks.

Moss was everywhere you looked and it was great to see some green.

I tried to take photos of unique trees.

I think this is a shag bark tree? 

A huge roll of barbed wire

Have you ever seen a camouflage tree? Pretty neat. We saw a few of these.

I wonder what little creatures have wandered in and out of here over the years.

This was the second trail we walked called Toadshade Trail.

I wanted to get a shot of how huge these trees look next to us. 

These trees are just crazy

Son Nathan on a baby snake hunt. It wriggled away so I couldn't get a photo.

Contemplating the long walk ahead? lol

There were several trees with carvings on them along the river.

This sweetie did a lot of this...her legs could just hardly carry her. 

This tree reminded me of an elephants foot! What do you think?

This photo should have been up higher in the post , but I forgot to add it.
 {Had to get one of myself in here too}
If you scroll up higher in this post you will see that my son swiped my hat and was wearing it.
 He LOVES that hat. {It is really my husbands}

We had a WONDERFUL family time, but I am just not as young as I used to be. I went into this walk already
aching all over and I was worse for wear when we got home. Exhausted, but it was so worth it. I love
family times like this. I hope you enjoyed our nature walk as well! I took about 280 pictures plus so I
really had to pare them down!!

{I am having an online garage sale again so be sure and check out my previous post. I will be adding
more things as the days go by. Thank you!!}