Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White Wednesday Christmas decor

I intended to be more prepared with my WW post this week,
but with all that has been going on around here it just
didn't happen. I hope you enjoy a few photos that I snapped
of my holiday decor.

I added rosemary and white scrunchy ribbon
to these glitter stars.

This vignette is in my bathroom. I haven't decided
if I will leave it all like this or not. It originally did not
have the stars, but I put them there to get a good photo.

Love this tin ornament hanging on my tree.

Remember these birdies that I told you about and
many other bloggy friends have them too? I found seven more at another store! YAY! Now I have a total of 14...does that make me piggish? I sure hope not. I love them!

Favorite shots of my tree...

I pray you all have a wonderful WW this week.
Please go over to Faded Charm where you will find
many more WW posts.

...and please continue to pray for the family of the
missing boys. It has really affected a lot of people
in our small communities nearby.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on three little boys missing in our area...

Update : They just held a news conference in Morenci and said that
the father of the three boys has been discharged from the
hospital and has now been arrested on charges of parental kidnapping
but say more charges are pending. They also said after talking with the
father again they are pretty sure it will now be a recovery which
is what a lot of us feared.
They have been searching Holiday City area all day
...only about 7 miles away from where we live. Heartbreaking!!!! Continue to pray for the friends and family.

Andrew, Alexander and Tanner
5, 7 and 9 years old.

I imagine many of you have seen this sad story on the national
news....the town they are missing from is about 19 miles away
from where we live. We also just heard on the news that the search
has been exanded to Pioneer, Alvordton and Kunkle, Ohio.
Pioneer is 3 miles from us , I was raised just outside of
Alvordton (about 8-10 miles away) and we go to church in Kunkle
(approx. 8 miles away)
This is really hitting close to home. Please pray with me
that these little boys are found safe!! Thank you!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cinderella's carriage ~

Look what I found tucked away and haven't had on the
tree for years. An adorable little Cinderella carriage

A tiny sweet carriage that is definitely fit for a princess.

She spins and she sways To whatever song plays Without a care in the world And I'm sitting here wearing The weight of the world on my shoulders It's been a long day And there's still work to do She's pulling at me Saying "Dad, I need you There's a ball at the castle And I've been invited And I need to practice my dancing Oh, please, Daddy, please?" So I will dance with Cinderella While she is here in my arms' Cause I know something the prince never knew Oh, I will dance with Cinderella I don't want to miss even one song' Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight And she'll be gone... She says he's a nice guy and I'd be impressed She wants to know if I approve of the dress She says, "Dad, the prom is just one week away And I need to practice my dancing. Oh, please, Daddy, please?" So I will dance with Cinderella While she is here in my arms' Cause I know something the prince never knew Oh, I will dance with Cinderella I don't want to miss even one song 'Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight And she'll be gone. She will be gone. Well, she came home today with a ring on her hand Just glowing and telling us all they had planned She says, "Dad, the wedding's still six months away But I need to practice my dancing Oh, please, Daddy, please?" So I will dance with Cinderella While she is here in my arms 'Cause I know something the prince never knew Oh, I will dance with Cinderella I don't want to miss even one song' Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight And she'll be gone.

Cinderella by Stephen Curtis Chapman

Love this song! Happy Sunday! Blessings~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Giveaway...Pottery Barn...Wendy Addison...me!

Is everyone stuffed with turkey and all the trimmings? It was just hubs and I today as our kids and grandkids went
to other relatives for the big day so we had a nice lunch and
I think we may head out to see a movie soon.
That will be our big Thanksgiving celebration. LOL.

In the spirit of the holiday season I wanted to have
another giveaway and I decided what better day to start
it than on Thanksgiving because I am so thankful for all the
wonderful friends I have met in blogland. Before I had a blog
I thought people were messed up who said they had
*friends* online, but I am getting a totally different
view on that subject now. :)

The lucky winner will get four script napkins from Pottery Barn. I picked up the last two sets of these this
past summer intending to give one away at some point
and that time has come!
{these are mine , but the winners will be just like these}

a button garland made by yours truly

A 6.5 inch Wendy Addison glass glitter star. I love these, but I thought Wendy just might be a tad busy to actually make one for me, so I opted for one of her reproductions. lol.

a yummy smelling lavender sachet made by yours truly

and last , but not least a sparkly bird ornament.

Now for the fine print:

this giveaway is open to United States and Canadian
residents only. {so sorry , but I must do this for now} Just leave me a comment on this post and I will draw the winner on December 4 so there is plenty of time for the recipient to receive their goodies before Christmas.

If you choose to post my giveaway photo on your blog sidebar and link me up to it I will throw your name in the hat one more time, but you must tell me in a separate comment that you have done this. Being on dial up internet I can't always get over to everyone's blog to find out who posted and who didn't. Easy peasy!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scrabble...dressed up in their Sunday best

My previous post was going to be my White Wednesday
post...until I created these.
{you can still read my previous post too lol.}
I call these
Scrabble in their Sunday best.
I must admit that I got the idea to paint them white
from the latest Country Living magazine, but I
wanted to make them even prettier so I also added
ribbon and roses.

When I saw the holders painted white it was one of those,
*why didn't I think of that* moments.

I left one of the ribbon tails long so it can be swooped
in front of it like they are on my table.

I have a few listed in my Etsy store and I can also take
custom requests.
Happy WW and Happy Thanksgiving!!
I will also be linking up with Kathleen this week. Blessings~

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

...it's the hap-happiest season of all...
vintage pair s and p's...
Made in Japan

I am sure you have seen these adorable little birdies
before as they are appearing all over blogland.

I just think they are so cute!

I scored seven of them on my outing last week
to the city.

This was also a wonderful find at Home Goods. I have
never seen anything like this at that store before.
It is huge at 24 inches square with a feather/down
insert and is comes with a zippered cover too.
Very squishy and nice.

Just a little update...grandbaby number 7 will soon arrive. She is due in 10 days so we are anxiously awaiting Ainsley's arrival. I know she will be tiny, beautiful and precious just like her big sister Annika.

We had Thanksgiving at my parents home on Saturday evening. We feasted on turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, squash casserole, broccoli casserole, stuffing, salad, deviled eggs, rolls, cherry pie, coconut pie and apple pie. The food was delicious as it is every year and we had a wonderful time with family.

In case you need a quick delicious salad recipe:

Lettuce { I used a head of lettuce and a package of spring mix} 2 oranges { cut up in chunks} Craisins, {dried cranberries}, Toasted pecans Poppy seed dressing{ I used Marzetti brand} Everyone loves this salad so I took it again this year. I figure why mess with a good thing. :)

I want to wish each of you a most blessed Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's on your Christmas list?

Will you ask for something pretty and feminine like jewelry or some beautiful ruffled item? Or perhaps something more practical like tv tables so you can continue to create while you are watching
your favorite movie or show ?

I don't really have a list this year...after all I am 51 years old and I really don't need a list.

But if I did have a list it just might include
a few beautiful soy candles with wonderful fragrances...
{I do love candles}
some french style goodies,
maybe a little bling...
and we can't forget a glittered item or two.
It's the simple things that make my heart go
pitter patter.
I already received a wonderful gift from
Tracey over at French Larkspur and I told
her that if I did not receive one more thing for Christmas I would be over the moon happy! She sent me this beautiful clock face along with my
Jeanne de Arc Living magazine.
She had remembered me mentioning awhile ago that
I love vintage clock faces so being the thoughtful person
that she is...she sent me one.
I was so overwhelmed by her kindness to me!
{yes like a giddy little child at Christmas.lol.}

Have I ever told you that I am a detail person?
{Detail could be my middle name. lol.}
So is Tracey!
I adore how she wraps all the magazines up and adds
her special touches like a sweet tag, vintage book pages,
punched out snowflakes or birds etc.
I love it all.

I would have never dreamed when I started blogging
that I would *meet* so many wonderful people in blogland. Most of us will probably never meet in person,
but we are kindred spirits and that makes us friends.
Blessings to each of you today and a special blessing
is wished for Tracey.~

Friday, November 19, 2010

Say what...a mouse in my house???

now before you all run away screaming...at some point you
are going to have mice if you live in the country...
maybe even the city. However, I do not like mice in my

I was so happy and had just been telling people that we
haven't had that problem for a long time which really
surprised me because of losing our cat a year or two
ago who was a great mouser.

I have had this vintage tin mitten garland for several years.
I am guessing at least 10 and maybe more. I have had them
stored under the bed in a box all that time and pull them
out each year for Christmas.

Guess what I found this year?? The mitten garland with
NO TALLOW BERRIES left on them! I was very
disappointed. Strange thing is we slept in that bed and
never heard a sound. Usually we can hear mice
and we take appropriate measures, but not this time.
I think they were practicing for Christmas...

"twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring... not even a mouse"...lol.

I do not use many fake flowers or greenery, but I did have
a swag of these berries that I got somewhere at some point
so I chopped off some of the berries and put them on my
forlorn looking mittens. I wish I had taken pictures when they
were all eaten off. They also had twine holding the berries
on and this time I opted for crinkled ribbon. I really think that it is time to remake the whole thing.
At one time the bay leaves were green and the nutmeg
did not have spots. UGH!! Yep time for a major makeover.

On another note I hit the *big city* all alone yesterday. Went to Home Goods , TJ Maxx, Target and JoAnn
Fabric. Drove 1 and 1/2 hours one way and was home
by 4 pm. Not too shabby. I had a mission and it got
accomplished in record time. HA! I will be sharing
my goodies soon and I am also gearing up for a
giveaway ! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Food and glitter don't mix...

I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins a couple days ago
in the same kitchen that I have been glittering in for days.
Last night hubby said, "What is crunchy in these muffins"...
"uhhh I don't have a clue...mine aren't crunchy"...
Sure glad I wasn't using glass glitter! LOL

Just had to show you these delicious macaroons...
You can pick up a whole container of these at *W* for
like $2.98 or something like that. I can inhale these
because I love coconut anything.
I am seriously thinking of buying some more and putting
them in pretty candy boxes for Christmas gifts.
No one will ever know that you didn't make them...
unless of course they ask for the recipe. :)

This is the extent of my Christmas decorating so far.
I did get some lights up outside too before it turns frigid.
I have my lights up earlier this year than ever.

This is tending to look a little messy...sorry. I made another
paper tree and had to show you the finished pair.
I just plunked them down on the buffet along with all
the other stuff that was already there and has been
for quite some time. I really need to do some redecorating.

Wishing I had a lot more silver candlesticks because
then I would make these cutie trees for gifts.
{For the *rest of the story* about these trees
see my post below this one}

Happy White Wednesday everyone. I know I am early this week,but tomorrow is a very busy day for me. Linking up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm again this week. Blessings~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How NOT to make paper trees !

Aren't these trees hysterical?? I was cruising around
blogland yesterday and found this post and decided I
wanted to make some of the paper trees. After all how
hard could it be??

Then I saw another site where someone made felt trees
like this and used wire to string the circles on. Yippee...I had wire , I had paper and glitter...what more
could a girl want? Well...obviously more smarts than I
had! These three are my first attempt and I found out
FAST that wire is not good for paper trees. They will bend
this way and that way at the slightest touch!

I also could not get them to set on a candleholder to save
my life and I knew there had to be something I was missing!

Now I do think they look pretty when no one is around and
the wind is not blowing and someone doesn't open a door!

I asked Susan for a tutorial and you know she was a
sweetie and posted one fast. You can find it here
if you are so inclined to try one yourself. I will say these
take a lot of circles! I was seeing circles in my sleep and
my eyes were crossing! LOL

Now this tree is the one I did RIGHT...with the
tutorial. Makes much more sense to put them on
a wooden skewer...inside a cork...inside a candleholder.
DUH! Lame brain here.
I will say that I didn't use the spacers though
and mine is pretty packed.

You can use any size circles and any amount you want.
Make a tall tree, a short tree, a skinny tree, a fat tree
all kinds of trees. I am even thinking I just may keep
my WONKY trees the way they are. They would sure be a conversation starter. lol.

LOVE the glitter edges too. I would put glitter on all
of mine , but then I am just a glitter kind of gal.
Oh also this tree I used a white type of butcher paper
instead of the brown kraft or brown grocery bags. You can use anything you want to and make
yours unique.

Oh yes, I also cheated and found these circle patterns
online to use for patterns. For my trees I only used size 10
and under, but if you want larger trees go for it.
Please be sure and let me know if any of you make them.
I would love to see yours! Blessings~