Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memories at the old homestead

My Grandma and Grandpa Good lived just down the road
from us when we were growing up, but when they got
up in years they moved to a tiny little town a few miles
away called Kunkle, Ohio and into a house right across
from the church they attended.
{my husband and I now attend there as well}

Grandpa passed in 1977 and Grandma followed in 1987, the
place was sold and others moved in. Sad to say it has become
very run down over the past several years. Last winter it
sustained a lot of water damage and the ceilings are even
falling down. In the near future it is to be torn down so
I just had to take a few pictures for old times sake.

I couldn't decide if I liked this photo or the one below
better so I included them both. These were taken on
the south side of the barn.

I never noticed this pretty trim on the roofline until today. Funny how that happens. We were in this house a lot over the years, but just didn't see it. Probably not a priority when you are a youngster...playing is much more important!

As I walked through this house...this piece of my past,
I was flooded with memories. Watching my dad and his dad playing carrom almost
everytime we would visit. It was fun to watch and listen
to them hollar when one of the rings went in the pocket.

Time spent with grandma through the years. Baking,
cleaning, sewing at her old treadle machine. Snitching
pieces of raw yeast dough when she was making donuts.
It was soooooooo yummy!!
We laughed, we talked, we played and had wonderful times.
Oh how I miss those days.

Look at this chain embedded in the tree. We figure someone
must have put it around the tree when it was young to
hold it together and it was never removed. Now it is
embedded in the tree. Amazing!

Grandma and grandpa lived a
very simple life
never having a lot of money, but they sure loved
their family and their God.
Grandma's prayers have followed me all throughout
my life and I miss her dearly. She prayed daily for
all her children and grandchildren that we would
come to know her wonderful Savior. Her prayers
of long ago are still being answered today.

The old dilapidated barn...you should see inside this gem. You would not believe it. The floor in the loft has half
fallen down and there is a ton of stuff in here.
I rescued a old pink table and also brought home a
white chenille spread to wash up and see if it can
be salvaged. Stuff just strewn about everywhere.
{A friend has purchased it so yes I asked first before
I took anything. lol }

It was cleaned out when our family auctioned it off, so I
am assuming the "stuff" came from others living
here. I hope I get to poke around a little more soon.

I will be linking up with Kathleen again over at Faded Charm for another White Wednesday.

Happy day! Blessings~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The beauty of rust

“A determined soul will do more with a *rusty* monkey wrench
than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop."
-Robert Hughes

I was looking through my old photos today and ran across
a few photos of *rust* that I think are so beautiful.

This amazing old latch is on a old cupboard in my
potting shed.

My bff made this wreath for me several years
ago and while it is probably looking weather
worn, I still love it. The *rusty* ribbon adds
the perfect touch.

Another beautiful piece on my potting shed cupboard...
this time a gorgeous handle.

Loving this *rusty* latch on my fairy house.

I think this old gate has just the right amount of rust.
Isn't it so beautiful?

In my opinion rusty, crusty and worn objects in the
right place are just perfect.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Just had to share this picture first that my 11 year
old granddaughter took at a nature preserve. Isn't she beautiful??

And now the drum roll....
the winner is #24...
who might that be you ask?

It is none other than Nelly of Bella Nella's. Congratulations Nelly!!
Nelly, please email me through my email link on my blog
and I will email you back with the specifics.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cupcake anyone...I have plenty!

err...I should say I had plenty.
someone around here has been eating them...
okay, maybe a few *someones*.

oh my...

do these scrumptious cupcakes...

ever have the calories,

but they are


I would offer you one,

but I can't figure out a way to email them to you.
So you will just have to drool...so sorry!

However, I will be nice and share the recipe.
You can find it here.

{I used two packages of the mini Reeses peanut butter
cups and 1 pkg of the Dove dark chocolates. Didn't quite
use all the dove pieces as some got eaten by someone in
this house first...no it was not me. lol}

Tomorrow is the day I draw a winner for my giveaway so
be sure to click here and enter if you haven't already!

Happy Day!! Blessings~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lovely Basket and Laundry Whites

the fun is having lots to do and not doing it.” ― Mary Wilson Little

One of my treasures that I found at Home Goods
last week. I added a few sprigs of lavender and

Love the linen lining.
This basket was in the clearance aisle for 10.00.
A steal...

I also found the laundry softener in the
clearance aisle. It is infused with lavender oil. Can't wait to try it.

I put my dryer sheets in a vintage jar so I don't have
an ugly orange box sitting around.

Linking up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm
again today. Happy White Wednesday! Blessings~

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surprises by snail mail

I ordered something a while back from Petite Michelle Louise
and just look how cute she packaged it up. I didn't open it
for a day or two because I just loved looking at the adorable
petite package! I am kinda strange I know! lol
Thank you Michelle!

Just beautiful!

I was very surprised to open my mailbox a few weeks
ago and find a package from Lady Pamela.
She is sooo sweet to me!

She included this beautiful sachet that she made,

... along with this vintage book for me to read to
my grandchildren. I was blown away by her
thoughtfulness. This book has the most adorable
pictures, but I forgot to add them to this post.
Thank you Pamela!!

Then I had entered a giveaway over at Ozma of Odds
and I was one of the winners. It came packaged up
all pretty like this.

This was what I won...I snatched the picture from
her blog so I hope she doesn't mind. Thank you Rosemary!!

Happy Tuesday everyone ! I am doing much of nothing today. Just kinda hanging out with granddaughter. My kind of day! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Exhausting, but fun weekend and giveaway cont...

We had a exhausting weekend, but it was fun too!
It started on Friday with me driving two hours one way
to pick up oldest granddaughter, shopped a little and
then drove back home. {It becomes an all day event
when I have to drive that far}

Then we had made plans to go to the Toledo Zoo on
Saturday with our youngest son and his family and the
did not deter us at all! We all ended up buying
and wearing plastic ponchos, but it was so much fun.

Here is little Annika in hers. She kept pretending she was a ghost.
She kept holding her arms out
and saying, *BOOooo*.

Hubby and son in their wonderful statement making
gear! lol.

Sweet grands Allysha and Annika having so much fun! They got soaked crawling up on these animals , but
you would never know it by the looks on their
faces. {we hadn't purchased ponchos yet at this point}

Then Sunday after church was putt putt golf and go cart fun. I think this adorable little face says it all. About the 14th or 15th hole she was tired! Poor little thing!

Oldest GD Allysha driving a go cart for the first time.
She was apprehensive at first, but then really
enjoyed it and did great at driving. She needs to get out more!

Look at little Annika's tongue! Too cute!
Now I am telling you we had the most fun a family can
have, but this is wearing me out! lol Then today I had to go to my booth because I didn't
make it at all last week so we hit the road again.
I am staying home tomorrow and resting...
that is the plan anyways.
Then Wednesday I have to take Allysha back...
more driving. I will need a two day nap when this
is over. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Blessings~

PS Giveaway continues...you can enter by clicking here.