Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage seltzer bottle, old books and a clock

I can't believe that White Wednesday is here again already.
The days just seem to fly by anymore and I am getting
farther and farther behind. ugh.

Scrambling for some white photos I took a few pictures
today of some goodies I recently acquired.
This vintage alarm clock is one of them.
Isn't she a beauty? $3.00 at the lake sales...the
day before they officially started, but a few of the
sales were open early. Lucky me!

I recently purchased some more of Rosemary's
tags over at Ozma of Odds. I just love her style and
anything she makes is gorgeous! This time I purchased
some bell jar tags and I love them!

This is another gorgeous tag by Rosemary.

Several weeks ago I went to an antique store that I had not been to before and found a few neat vintage books and the price was amazing as well. Love the photos on the front.

{sorry the photos aren't better, but the lighting was not good at all today}

Another one of my recent finds. A vintage seltzer bottle for $4.95! Can you believe it? I passed it up the first time, but just couldn't do it the second time I was there. It even has a *S* on it so it was meant to be. :) {Made in Germany as well}

More books I found and another Rosemary tag. Do you see a theme running here?? lol.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my recent finds.
Now stroll on over to Faded Charm and find more
wonderful White Wednesday posts.

PS. I cleaned out my booth on Monday of all days , but
it was the day that hubby could help. Be looking for
some of my things on Etsy soon. I gotta get this stuff
outta here! :)


Monday, May 30, 2011

Renaissance Faire

When we visit our son and his family who live about
2 hours away we try to cram in all the fun we can in
a couple days and this past weekend was no

Friday evening: Olive Garden
Saturday: garage sales in the neighborhood
and then off to the RC races...along with a few
times when their van would not start so had
to borrow jumper cables...twice.
Sunday: Church, lunch, Renaissance Faire,
sons 30th birthday party...and back home.

I had to share some pictures from the Ren
Faire and of my sweeties. Be forewarned there
are lots of grandchildren photos in this post :)

Fairy Annika

Fairy Keira

Just inside the entrance they had these fairy halos for sale and of course grandma had to get them each one. These are the ones they chose. Annika is trying to do the fairy dance that they were teaching her....Keira wanted no part of it.

there was all kinds of headgear and clothing

I felt so sorry for these people who were all dressed up
because it was about 90 degrees and so humid...
hot, hot, hot!

Our two little fairies got an *audience with the queen*.
This gentleman said that usually the queen does not
see fairies , but she might make an exception. He
announced them to her and and she agreed to see
them :)

They want to sing her a song and she is asking them
what songs they know.

We even found some pirates sitting near
the queen. Yikes!

They are all singing twinkle , twinkle little star.

They also bowed to the queen , but I didn't
get that photo...bummer.

Such a long, hot day, but the little fairies were determined
to have a good time.

Fairy Annika even got her face painted.
Again...Keira wanted nothing to do with it.
She is more of an onlooker and not so much a
participant. lol.

Two sweet fairies sitting under a mushroom.

Playing ring toss

Picking a prize out of the treasure chest.

Right before we left we all had had to stick our
faces in these holes and get photos.
This is my youngest son and his wife.

Such a fun ,but very busy couple days.
Making memories while we can and cherishing
each and every one of them!


Friday, May 27, 2011

I am that person...

...who loves America and all she stands for.

I am that person who will always remember the lives
sacrificed for us that we might live in a free country.
I am that person who gets very sentimental every
time a flag passes by.

I am that person who still stands and puts my
hand over my heart when I see the red, white
and blue.

I am that person who believes that our flag is
more than just cloth and ink.

I am that person who still believes in America.
I am that person who loves the land of the free
and the home of the brave.

As you celebrate this memorial weekend with friends
and family please take a moment to be *that person*

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More wisteria and a nest WINNER!

Remember a few posts back when I showed you this place
and the wisteria had not bloomed yet? I drove back up
there on Monday hoping that I had not missed it this year.

I was a little disappointed because there was not more
blooms, but thankful that there were a few. I don't know
if I am late or early since we haven't had much sun so
I hope to check again soon.

I just love this building with all the vines and wisteria.
Reminds me of France.
Makes me want to move upstairs in one of the
apartments...if they are apartments. :)

Wouldn't this be a neat door to walk through every day? Love it!

And now for the winner of a beautiful nest. This morning I put all the names in a bowl and the first name to hop right out of the bowl was: Danielle from A Blessed Serendipity Life!

Congratulations Danielle!! I will be contacting you to get your info. In the next week or so I will be doing a larger giveaway and another nest just might be included so stay tuned!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Win a shabby vintage nest!

I fell in love with these nests when I first saw
them this past week. I was in town and was
trying to remember if a shop that I stop at once
in awhile was having an open house. I decided to
stop by and sure enough they were.
Two of these beautys came home with me
and I will be giving one away to a lucky person.

I also stopped at a few garage sales over at the
lake on Saturday that is just a hop and a jump away
from us. I found a bag with several angel wings in it and I
just had to get them.

I also found this gate and the two white plaques off
to the left side of the photo. Score...all at one sale!

I have had comments on this gray and white planter so I thought I would tell you where I picked it up. Meijer...in the floral section where they have assorted pots. $4.99.

These beautiful nests aren't tiny little things. They measure approx. 7 inches across and 4.5 inches tall.

I stuck a bird in mine just for fun.

Birdies companion...lol!

So here's the scoop. The first 20 people to comment on
this post will get their name thrown in a hat and I will
draw a winner and that person will have a nest shipped
right to their door. {US only please}

As a side note: I have tried to comment on several blog
posts today and for some reason I get an error message.
I will keep trying though. I am not abandoning you! :)

Also just a little fyi...so far I have lost 12 lbs and I am
stuck...can't seem to lose anymore , but I will keep
trying. Great feeling ...

Happy White Wednesday...number 101~

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Wisteria in bloom!

I went to my bff's house last week just to photograph
her gorgeous wisteria and here it is. They have two plants. one is his. one is hers.
This one that is blooming is his. It is taking over hers.

I think it is just gorgeous no matter whose it is. :)

{ I was only allowed to photograph upwards because they are working on the house. lol}
This is her candytuft that she has planted on both
sides of her outside stairs that lead to her basement.

Love how it drapes over the sides!

Her potting shed cubby that her hubby made her.
Still haven't gotten mine made yet. I need to get hubby working on that asap!

Is this the cutest garden figurine or what?

Hope you enjoyed the photos today. It is raining here
again...and it is supposed to for the next few days.

This year is the strangest weather ever. I feel so bad
for all those out west affected by the tornados. One day life is moving along just fine and the next day
it is all wiped out. So many lives lost and so many
lives turned upside down. I am so very, very thankful
today for what I have.

Got a rude awakening today by snail mail.
Credit card charges to the tune of $138 for a credit
card that we haven't even activated. It was used to
purchase items in Virginia and California. Thank God
it wasn't for thousands of dollars. They are investigating.
How can someone use a credit card that I have in my
possession when I haven't called and activated it?
Another one of life's mysteries I suppose.
Seems very minor compared to what many people
have gone through this year so I am so very grateful.
It could be something so much worse.