Sunday, November 24, 2013

Antique Christmas Ornaments

I have been sorting out all my Christmas items and just had to share some of my beautiful
very old ornaments with you. I have a thing for "treasures from the past" as I know many
of you do also. Here are just a few of mine...

Several of these are so old that they are almost paper thin and have lost a lot of their
color, but they are still beautiful!

Don't you just love this amazing glitter?

I don't know why, but every time I see the above ornament, it reminds me of the Star-ship
Enterprise on Star Trek! lol

In case you are interested, these are now listed over on my ebay site. You can click here to
be taken there.

Happy week ahead and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rock and Roll Tree ?

Yesterday I decided it was time to create so I whipped up this paper tree. I have made paper
trees that are round , but haven't made any square ones until I made this one and I love it!

I have cut tons of round circles in the past and now I am cutting tons of squares! :)

I added a tiny vintage ornament for the tree topper along with some glass glitter and she
just sparkles.

I did have a blooper along the way though. I thought it would be so cute with a white
porcelain doorknob as the base so I glued it in and guess what? It just rocked and rolled all
over the counter...rocked and rolled and rolled! I could not get her to sit up straight for me
at all!
She is now dubbed my "ROCK AND ROLL TREE".

On to plan B...which was sitting the doorknob in a vintage silver
creamer. I can't get her out of the door knob unless I ruin it in the process.
Hubby says to put something on the bottom of the knob so she will set up straight,
but I haven't accomplished that yet. :)

I am working on another white tree, but she isn't quite finished yet. She looks much
different being all white and shorter. Each one is unique and fun to make. 

Are you ready for Christmas?

I am not ready.

Hubby's work being the only income in our family for the most part, and him losing his job
 has thrown a kink in some of our plans.

Please pray with me that he will find a new job soon. This isn't just a lay off and back
to work...they closed the plant. No warning. Wonderful Christmas present eh? Just
makes a person wonder.  To top it off...I don't get near as much done during
the day now with him home and the man thinks he needs to eat at lunch time.

What in the world is up with that??


Friday, November 15, 2013

My home is dressed for winter

Do you *dress your home* for winter? As in, replacing summer curtains with winter ones
and changing out tablecloths? I do. I really only change my bedroom curtains, but I adore
this vintage chenille bedspread for winter used as a tablecloth.  I just love the rose pattern.

Isn't it just gorgeous?  I also have a light blue bedspread like this one. They are keepers for sure!

I stuck this holly on today because I thought it needed a pop of color , but it could change
at any given moment. *smile*

This is as far as I have gotten with my winter decor, but I say , BRING ON WINTER!

{without the tons of snow}

I am still running my sale in the previous post and I am also having an Etsy sale at 20%
off so please pop on over and visit.

We were kinda thrown for a loop last week...hubby's factory is basically shut down. No
warning or anything so it is back to the unemployment line for us. ugh. What a time of
year to have that happen, but God is good! He went to the factory yesterday to pick up
 his toolbox and to get his pay stub and he was told they are holding the checks. WHAT??
Well, thankfully his was deposited today into our bank account so we thank God for that!

Happy weekend dear blogging friends and have fun dressing your home for winter!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Online Garage Sale...items added daily!

It is way past time to weed out some of my treasures and pass them along to someone else
to enjoy so I am having an online garage sale. You can purchase these for the price listed plus
shipping charges.

 I am asking for a check or money order for
payment. You can email me at :

with any questions you might have. I am removing items as they sell so you don't get

I charge actually shipping charges to rest assured I am not trying to make money on
shipping. Thank you and have fun looking!

We are starting this sale off with a vintage rusty/crusty clock that is just perfect for display. I have several of
these used in my home for just that purpose.

Next, we have a vintage baby ben alarm clock for your viewing pleasure. :)

This is a small canvas also from Peacock Park. It still has the shrink wrap on most of it . {some missing
from the back} It is brand new also.

I used to collect these vintage candy boxes and I just love the graphics on them.

Another cute vintage candy box.

For the shoe lover in your life...

Silver glitter keys...we all love them! :)

I love these crosses...I saved a few out for me. I am pretty sure they are glass.

Pretty crystal ornies...

Other beautiful ornaments...

Merry Christmas signs to add to your Christmas packages...

Now did you find something you just can't live without?? I hope so!! Like I said, I will keep adding items
and take off the ones that are sold. Happy shopping!!

Please note: I only ship to United States and Canada.

Thank you!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas Spirit

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that


Just in case you didn't know

I just found this beautiful cream and white tree at our local Goodwill store
for $5.00. That just immediately put me in the Christmas spirit. 

 I saw an idea on Pinterest to make candle holders in old zinc canning jar lids and I intended
to do that, but for now I decided just to throw in a tea light with some glittery mica.

Truthfully, that may be as far as I get until after Christmas. Candle making sounds like a
great idea to do on a cold and blustery January day. I have never made my own candles
so it should be a fun first time ever craft.

I am not ready for Christmas. I am farther behind than ever. ONE gift has been purchased
and that was a small one. HELP! lol

Are you ready?? Ready or not..
here it comes!! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Beautiful Fall Roses

As I was steering my cart through the grocery store a couple weeks ago, these beautiful fall colored
 roses just hopped right out of their cooler and landed in my cart. I do think they made a wise
decision, because I fell in love with them right away. ha!  I usually don't do colored roses
 but these just spoke to me.  I do love the color for this time of year. 

I couldn't fit them all in my pitcher so I added three of them to a silver vase and put them in my bathroom.

They sure are gorgeous , but alas... I had to pitch them today as they were very wilted and
 sad looking.  I did wire them because they last much longer as far as standing upright, but
 they had definitely seen better days. I thoroughly enjoyed them while I could

Happy weekend! Don't forget to change your clocks tonight. I can't wait. Maybe I can
finally catch up on my sleep...zzzz...:)