Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sneak peek of a few projects

I have just been a busy little beaver as of late and I wanted to give you a few peeks!!
{Kinda helps me keep my mind off of missing my granddaughters so much...keeping it real here}
I haven't had the time to do a pretty post yet about any one of these items, so thus this post.

Floor length chalkboard above was a brainy idea I had one day. We had taken out an outside
door a few years ago and just drywalled that spot, but didn't do one other thing. You know
how the months years pass and things just keep getting put off?? Yep, happens here quite
a bit.  I wanted to make over my pie safe and this drywall was right behind it so I decided
to make a big chalkboard also. Well, here it is!!  The drywall wasn't exactly level with the other
walls {it sat in a tad bit} so it was a perfect solution to do this and trim it off.

I also ripped up the MAUVE carpet in my bedroom and painted the floor "pinch of salt" white.
LOVE how it turned out.

Pie safe BEFORE above...

Pie safe AFTER above....I LOVE it also!

I know some people think I am crazy , but you know what? I don't' care! Life is way too short to
 get hung up on whether someone else will like it, so I don't. It is exactly the look I was going for.
 I did take the old screen out of it before giving it the makeover and we haven't gotten
anything put back in it yet. Trying to decide what I want for sure.

Today we started this project!! Wish us luck! ha! It has needed done for years. We are
halfway done. Fun times and busy, busy, busy.

What have you been working on? I would love to know!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Friendship Tree

I have been spending a lot of time lately rearranging my studio along with adding a floor
 length chalkboard {more on that on a later post}, and gray washing my pie safe that
stores all my linens and it has kept me very busy and tired! :)  It  has also led me to adding
special pieces to this little tree.

I call it my "Friendship Tree".

I picked up this little wire cutie a year or so ago at a friends shop who was selling and moving
out of the state. I only paid like a couple bucks for it and I knew it had to come home with me.

I have always been a "detail" person and just love the bits and bobs that come along
with ordering things in the mail. I started hanging them on this tree and each time I
look at it and see a specific tag , I think of the person who sent it to me.

I just added this tulle bow with the "OH JOY" tag. I won it in a Christmas in July

This JDL fabric tag and lace was on one of the scarves that I ordered last year.
Love it!

I have shown this heart tag before. Becky over at Timewashed sent this to me along with some other
goodies awhile ago.  As you can see I haven't removed it from the tag yet because I love it as is. 

I can't highlight each and every tag, but believe me there are several and there is room for many more so I
shall keep filling it up. It just makes me happy.

What makes you happy?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you will have an awesome week ahead!

Friday, August 8, 2014

The final days of summer

Can you believe that summer is winding down already??   I can't!  It seems once again
that it has just flown by, but I LOVE summer here in Michigan this year.  Not scorching
hot, but beautiful weather for the most part.  We didn't even put in our air conditioners
this year and that is saying something.  Most evenings we even had blankets that we
covered up with instead of laying in bed roasting!  Although, I will say that we
 need rain here...badly!!  The grass is brown and crunchy which does not make
 for pretty photos at all.

I don't think I will ever tire of the chippy , white look.  Will you?   I think it is here to stay
for me.  I do add splashes of color such as pink and aqua every now and then, but I
always wonder what the next "trend" will be. hmm...

I am loving all my outside flowers again this year!  They are doing pretty good even in spite of
the lack of rain.  I have had to run the hose a bit, but not too bad.
 I  am glad that I can capture their beauty every year to share with you.

This is the back deck area this summer.  Yes, I do need to get the blower out and get rid of some leaves
and get out the spray to kill off some weeds and grass, but for the most part it is okay.  The area on the
right of the photo is just covered in tiny white flowers {Sweet Woodruff} in the Spring, but when
summer hits it looks rather bland. I wish the flowers would bloom all summer long!

I love white picket fences and have put them here and there on our property.

Here is one of our kitty's that we "inherited" when my son and his family took off for North Dakota.
They are finally coming around and being very friendly for the most part, but for the first couple
weeks we thought they would never return. ha!

We have two of them, both gray.  They are sisters and they fight like sisters do also! :)
One of them hisses at the other when it is feeding time and I tell them to stop that they
need to share.  We usually end up separating their food bowls. Crazy cats!!

I acquired this vintage can just recently and I love it.  I plopped some fake flowers in
it , but I really need to pick some real ones and take the fake ones out.
{I am a bad blogger...:( }

Up close and personal.  Not sure which one this is.
They are named Merida and Maeve and I can never keep track of who is who.
We need to get one of them a different color of collar so we can tell them apart.
One of them does have a wider face also so that helps sometimes. 

We had to work on this little window house this summer.  It has sat outside for a few years and was showing
the ill effects of the sun , rain and snow so we replaced the "peak" windows and I also gave it a touch up of
paint here and there.  I also added some silverware chimes and a white geranium sitting on an old stool.
Still love it!

I hope you are not tired of seeing my back deck area.  This is where we enter the house.
We rarely use the front door {unless we get locked out for some reason} so this is
the area I love the most. AND most of the time I can't remember what pics I have
shared with you so you may get duplicate posts.

Are you having a great summer? Ready for school to start??

I have been doing a few projects inside the house that has thoroughly exhausted me.
Hopefully I can share those with you soon if I can get some decent photos with this
crazy lighting.