Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sign, sign everywhere a sign ♪♫♪

I decided I better pop in here quick before you all thought I dropped off the face of the earth.
 I have been a busy beaver as of late. I have LOVED making these large signs.
Believe stands five feet tall, Peace is 4 feet tall and Joy is approx. 28 inches high or so.
I still have to touch up the ends of the JOY sign with white paint, but I will get
to that eventually. Now I am on the hunt for more old barn wood...the hunt that is never-ending
for all the things I want to create. :)

This has been a project of mine for a few weeks and it is finally done!

I L.O.V.E. it!!

Hubby did a lot of the work , but shh...:)

I hope to get it all decorated and do a post on it soon. It is the new vanity on our back porch.
Kicked the old ugly one to the curb. It really WAS ugly! I didn't realize HOW ugly
until we actually took it out. "shudder"

Do you recognize the wooden piece that we put the sink in? It is the "potting table" that hubby
 and I made this summer. I had a revelation one day to use it for this and hubs thought it
was a great idea! Love it when we agree! SMILE

It has been downright FRIGID in Michigan this week and this soup was on the menu!
Creamless Cauliflower Soup
They say that the US shattered over 100 records {or was that 1000?} in weather this year.

UGH! I don't like breaking a 150 year old records at this time of year!! No thanks, but we take
 what we get right? For some reason God must think we need this bitter cold so I am trying to
take it in stride. It will be in the 50's this weekend so you know what I am doing!


Christmas decor to be put up outside!

I made this yummy recipe of cauliflower soup that we watched being whipped up on America's
Test Kitchen from the warmth of our living room. I did google and find it on another site so
you can click here to get the recipe.

As usual I didn't have some of the ingredients so I winged it. I didn't have the chives, leek
or sherry vinegar, but it was still very tasty to me. My hubby added cheese to his and loved
it. He is a cheese man for sure. The butter drizzle was supposed to be browned, but obviously
I didn't get it browned. lol.

Do you have your Christmas shopping started? ME?? Barely. It gets harder every year.
I am thinking of opting out...:)


Monday, November 3, 2014

She's Here!!

Our 9th grandbaby is here!!! Straight from God's heart to ours!!

We made the trip out to Indiana on the Sunday after she was born to hold and snuggle this
newest little member of our family. She is so, so precious!!

Her siblings Keira and Kanaan think she is pretty nice also.

She is just a beautiful little treasure straight from heaven.  Oh how much God loves us
to bless us over and over again!

She is just a teeny little one and so perfect!

Here is yours truly...I am always looking at something. ha!!
Just wanted to share the joy with you!