Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm in a gray, gray mood...

 Can you tell?

{truthfully a little of that going on inside of me as well , but it is getting better. Today I put on my
 big girl panties and pulled them wayyyy up so I hope they stay there this time!}

A peek inside my gray has been decorated this way for a few weeks, months, ...could it
possibly be years?? Parts of it have been I am sure and it needs some tweaking, but I am leaving it
 as is for now. 

I know all of it hasn't been this way for years because I have added a few
treasures as of late such as the dress form that I found at Hobby Lobby
for $6.00!

I am still in love with my Simply Shabby Chic shower curtains that I use for closet
doors. I also have these same curtains on the windows. I just love the gray and
white design.

I know I have shown you these lavender sachets before, but...
YEP, they are still hanging on my bed.

A window that I adorned awhile back and a  small canvas tote that I embellished.

This is the mirror that hangs above my bed. Another Hobby Lobby find several years ago that I
painted white.

Isn't that black box on the dresser just precious? ha! 

One day I will take ballet lessons...umm...NOT, but I love these shoes!
Worn by a true ballerina no less!

Are you in a gray mood today also?

Sharing with Grey Dey Thursday this week...IF I remember. lol

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Parisian Birthday...♫♪♫

Happy birthday to me...♪♫♪
Happy birthday to me...♫♪♫
Happy birthday dear meeeeeeeeeee...♪♫♪
Happy birthday to me!! ♪♫♪

It just so happens that I love anything to do with Paris or the French style so it was
a pure delight when my daughter surprised me with a Parisian style birthday party a
couple weeks ago.

{way back on March birthday is the 10th}

 The lighting wasn't that great for pics , but I did the
best I could and I loved every little detail. 

 She said she googled "Parisian brunch" and found out they have lots of pastries so that
is what the party was all about .

Cream puffs sprinkled with powdered sugar and croissants along with those little pastry sticks.


She also used small goblets and served me sparkling juice...

and  she filled a second one with fruit and cream.

The main course was quiche and asparagus.


They were just delicious!!!

All made from scratch by her loving hands.

{ I gotta find me some "scratch" }

YES, I ate both pieces because they were two different kinds.

{that is my excuse anyway}

Swiss Chard Quiche

 and Bacon Quiche

{click on them to get the recipes}

She also whipped up some chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and icing.

The Eiffel tower chocolate...Yep she made that also!

In fact I forgot I have a couple of those!

Wait a minute while I run out to the kitchen and take a bite!!

Okay I am back. tee hee.

Just what I needed tonight.


As if that amazing meal wasn't enough, she also gifted me with these two huge mugs and I love them.

{along with a book and seems like something else, but I forgot what...haha!}

Oh, I forgot to tell you that we were out shopping that day and she said we had to stop at
one more store so she could run in for something. I waited in the car and when she got back
she said she had to dig through tons of these "things" to find the specific one she wanted and
they only had ONE in the print she wanted. I found out later it was the tablecloth with the
 coffee cups on it. She didn't miss one little detail!

Thank you Mandi...I love you!!!

Then on my actual birthday my son and his family brought me dinner and these cupcakes
that granddaughter Annika picked out for me.  I now have FOUR heart shaped rings...
one for two fingers on each hand. :)

They brought chicken, baked beans and coleslaw that was delicious as well.

I LOVE family times!

I was headed for bed that same evening and I received a phone call from my oldest
son Jason. I picked up the receiver and I said, 




...all of a sudden four precious voices started singing Happy Birthday to me.
 Mommy,daddy and grandchildren Kanaan and Keira.

 It was the perfect end to a perfect day. ♥

Today, my bff took me out for my birthday lunch and handed me this adorable card!!

{I love stretching my birthday out over several weeks because then it seems like I celebrate me all
 month long. lol}

She also gave me this belt which I absolutely L.O.V.E.

In fact I have it on right now.

Her and I quit exchanging gifts a few years ago and I reminded her of that , but she informed me
that she could get me something if she wanted to. haha!! Love you Peggy!!!

I just love it when my family and friends "get me" and understand what it is that I love.

Now, they may think that I am cracked, but they indulge me and that is fun.
After all, we all are unique creatures and that is what makes the world go round.

55 years old...oh my goodness!!
Where in the world did those years go? Funny thing is that I don't feel that least
not most of the time. ha!!

Here's to another 55 years...bring it on!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I have drawn the winner for my box of goodies. Well, actually I had hubby do it for me. Gotta keep it all
fair you know. :)

...and the winner is:

Sherrie Cowan of Shabby Gr8 Dane.

Okay Sherrie, you have three days to contact me with your address or unfortunately I
will have to pick another winner.


Wish I could send you all something! ♥

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patty's Day!

{If you are interested I printed this off of  Pinterest}

Happy day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inspiration Kit GIVEAWAY!!

I have been wanting to do a


for awhile now and I finally got a kit made

for one lucky winner. My birthday was yesterday

so I thought what better time to share my blessings with

you. I can't believe I am 55 years old! Where have the years

gone? I am sure I don't know! HA!

Enough about on to the giveaway...

I painted a chipboard box in white and light gray colors

and  I filled it with pretty tresors. 

When you open the box the first thing you will find
is one of my very favorite tags.

 Then you will open a vintage white hanky that is trimmed in

luscious lace and embroidery to reveal all the tresors inside.

Lovely items such as:

a rose pin

a parchment rose

and trim that I hand-stamped with script writing.

a Cinderella card

an enamel number and a glittery metal tag

A sparkly butterfly

A number tag that I made along with some vintage 
buttons and a script heart.

a few tags...

some vintage lace and trim

on hand-stamped script tags

and finally
more old lace on a handmade card.

If you are interested in this kit and you have a

United States address,

please leave a comment

on this post

and you will be entered in the drawing.

For an extra chance to win share this post on your blog,

or on facebook.

Please leave a separate comment for each  entry

or your extra entry will not count.

I will draw a winner next Tuesday.

Good luck to all who enter.

UPDATE: I have made a new blog header as you may have noticed and the writing on it appears
blurry to me. I have no clue why. This has never happened to me before. It looks fine when I
made it, but now doesn't...please bear with me as I work on it. Taking a long break right now
though. lol

Friday, March 7, 2014

Trying to capture the beauty of Spring ~

I added just a

*touch of Spring*

in the dining room a few days ago.

I am soooooo longing for Spring.

You too?

This is how my vignette ended up, but I am not sure
about that Cuisine sign... now that I see it in a photograph.
It looks way too tall? I think some tweaking is in order. 

You can't have


without eggs.

The beauty of


that my friend Becky from Timewashed sent to me.

I altered some eggs last year
and added  a few to my vignette.

Eggs, egg cups, tulips...

I mean...

How much more


can you get?? 

I love the small old fence that I have had hanging around here for years.

Up close and personal

A little overkill on so many photos? *smile*

Here's to


and hoping that it shows up soon!!