Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I finally caught the bug!

...the decorating bug that is. I wanted to keep it simple this year so I set out today to return a few items and
found some lovely greenery at the big box store. {somehow that just doesn't scream CHRISTMAS purchasing it at Wally World, but it was affordable so I grabbed a couple large packages}

I had tossed this idea around in my head for a few days and I love how it turned out. I took a frame without glass and hung it on top of my arched window that always seems to hang in the same spot. Someday I am going to change that you just wait and see. :)

I purchased these pinecones at an antique mall seveal years ago and I use them every year in my decor. I love the old tattered ivory ribbon. Over the years some of the ribbon has gave way and I had to re-tie the pinecones with the same tattered ribbon , but I still love them.

Simple , but it works for me.

I also added a little greenery and white ribbon to my paper napkin basket. *GASP* I know I should always use cloth napkins , but paper ones work for me as well.

I just love my paper angel wings and they look so pretty on my shutters.
Here is the greenery that I picked up today. I know this is way off the subject, but have I ever told you that I L.O.V.E. my kitchen sink?? It is extra deep with a little curved part on the left side that makes it even bigger. Add to that our faucet that has a long neck and it is perfect.  It has a few nicks out of it {porcelain} from use over the years and I have toyed with the idea of replacing it, but I am afraid we won't find another deep sink like this one. Besides that also leads to new countertop, cabinets, etc. etc. and that just isn't in the budget right now. Although I do know a *carpenter*...hmm...a certain man that I live with!! LOL
Last, but not least I wanted to show you my free postcards that came a few days ago. What do you think?? I like how they turned out , but wonder if I should have went with one of my other collages. Oh well...they are done now and best of all they were FREE!!! Can't beat that.

Take a peek at my blog url...I have a *favicon* now. My oldest son made it for me when we were over at his place for Thanksgiving. He amazes me. I know he went to school for computer tech and graphic design, but when I watch him click here and there and bamm it is done in a flash...oh my!! If only! We tried a *WT* , but it was just too small so went just for a *W* instead. I think it is much cuter than that big ORANGE *B*. :)

Also, I don't think I told you that my son-in-law {who is only 27 years old} just returned from a trip to Japan the day before Thanksgiving. He is an engineer for GM and was over there for 11 days on business. He brought me back a beautiful paper fan. Hopefully one day soon I can post some pictures from that beautiful country.

I just sat here and ate a bowl of black and white drizzled chocolate popcorn...then did my aerobics for half an hour. I think I defeated the purpose , but I will keep plugging along. :)
Happy White Wednesday!! Join Kathleen over at Faded Charm again this week for more beautiful posts.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A lovely gift...from my daughter

Have you ever seen such a cute candleholder? I used to have a vintage plant holder almost just like this only much larger of course.  My daughter gave this to me for part of my Christmas gift this year. I knew I would have fun fixing it all up.  I wrapped glass votive holders with doilies {some stamped with script}, added some fake pine and candles and started taking pictures. {don't have any real pine yet}

I shot photos from many angles.

I think there was a fingerprint on the lens for this photo...seems a little *hazy* in the middle.lol.

pretty in white

I started decorating a bit today {yes I am just starting } which led me to thinking about the story I saw on 60 minutes Sunday evening. It was about how many homeless people there are in the US. { the greatest percentage are in Florida} If you didn’t see it, it was heartbreaking. The reporter talked to children who were wise beyond their years and shouldn’t have to worry about the things they do. Finding a “safe” place to park their vehicle for the night, getting ready for school in gas station restrooms, not having enough food for one meal let alone all day long. Just doesn’t seem right here in America. Sometimes I think I should just sell it ALL and donate the money. We certainly can’t take it with us. Maybe a fresh start would be good.

I have more decorations than one person should have. I realize it comes from years of accumulation, but something has to give. Old ornaments, trees, houses, tinsel, decor...decor...decor...get the picture? I used to think that I had to haul out EVERY item and use it somewhere, but not anymore! I don’t like the “decorate to the max” look anymore and I am trying to figure it all out. What to get rid of and what to keep. I am going to work hard at “de-stuffing” my life in 2012. I won’t get rid of everything, but I have enough stuff for several people and much of it is going. I know I would feel much more at peace with a good purging in my home and in my heart as well. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh my stars!! {tutorial}

We had a whirlwind time since  Wednesday and I am ready for a long winters nap. lol. I packed up the car {back seat and trunk stuffed full} and when hubby got home from work we left for our oldest son's home in Indiana. We spent three nights and came home yesterday. We celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas with our kids and had a wonderful time. My parents even made the 2 hour drive and we loved having them there. It is the first time they have seen our son's new home as well.

For two years we have given our children and their spouses money for part of their gift. Last year it was a treasure hunt of sorts and this year I folded bills into stars. It was so fun and they seemed to be very impressed with them. Much more fun than just sticking money in a card. Click here for the link in case you want to try your hand at making them. I thought the directions were great and easy to figure out. They all asked me how long it took to fold them and it really didn't take long at all. Once you get a couple made and get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast.

Each side looks different and it was fun to do.

Another thing I did for them was to get small totes and fill them with all their leftover baby items that I had stored in a chest upstairs. Baby books, clothes, blankets, photos etc. I  think our daughter-in-laws loved them just as much as our children did. Our youngest sons wife was amazed at how clean they were and she loved every detail. Don't know if it really impressed my son-in-law or not. LOL!!
My daughter sent me an email today telling me that she just went through her whole tote today at home, looked over each and every item and read every single card etc. Hers included a baby blanket that I had made for her out of squares of fabric and her dedication dress and slip that my mom had made her shortly after she was born.  Both of my boys included adorable teeny tiny outfits that had lace trim. My sister had purchased them at a childrens boutique and of course they had something to say about the lace. You actually put these on us mother??{ hee hee} I said yes and you were adorable!   All these goodies are from 27-32 years old and it was fun to see their reactions when they were opened. I am bummed that I did not take photos of their totes with the lids off for you all to see, but I didn't even think about it. Can you believe that??

We also took a large tote of items purchased throughout the year on clearance or sale. I spread it all out on the table and had a fun time of drawing names, numbers etc. and watching them pick out goodies to keep.  All in all it was a very fun weekend, but I am taking a long rest now!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Abundantly blessed!

My house looks like disaster central right now


there is stuff everywhere!!

totes, boxes, gift wrap, tape, dishes, food, pans,

clothes, {unmade bed...shh...I usually get it made before

this time of day}, messy bathroom, cluttered kitchen, dishes in the sink,

dining room table laden down with ribbon , tape, my

creations, magazines...you get the picture!!

I will:

help my son and dil make thanksgiving dinner,

feast on turkey and all the trimmings,

inhale some pumkin scones and

thank God for my abundantly blessed life!

reminisce about the past,

hug and kiss my grands,

laugh until my sides hurt and

thank God for my abundantly blessed life!

sleep in a warm bed,

sit in front of a cozy fireplace,

snuggle under a soft blanket and

thank God for my abundantly blessed life!

celebrate Christmas with our children and grands,

sit back and watch as they squeal in delight when opening gifts,

enjoy time with my family and

thank God for my abundantly blessed life!

Thanking Him today because I have totes ,boxes, gift wrap, tape

{it means I have been blessed with things that are not a necessity}

dishes, food, pans

{it means I have plenty to eat}

clothes, unmade bed

{it means I have a warm place to sleep and clothes for my back}

messy bathroom, cluttered kitchen, dishes in the sink, dining room table laden down with ribbon, tape, my creations, magazines and so much more than I deserve!!!!

{it means I have a roof over my head}

I am also so very thankful for each and every one of you who have come into my life via internet. I would have never dreamed how blessed my life would become because of you! Praying each and every one of you have the most blessed Thanksgiving ever!!

{white leaf and acorn embossed casserole dish...Martha Stewart...at Goodwill for $2.00!
Just had to throw that in...lol} 
Will link up with Kathleen for White Wednesday again this week, but will probably be too busy
to view many posts until after this week.
May you be blessed and may you be a blessing!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Selling my mercury glass glitz and glam!

I rarely do two posts in a week let alone in one day, but I am feeling better so I started digging out my Christmas stuff. I am going to sell most of it that I had stored up for my booth this year. These pink mercury glass style tree toppers are from Michaels last year. Two measure approx. 10.5 inches tall and the third one is approx. 8 inches tall. Selling all three for a total of $15 plus shipping.  If you are interested give me a hollar. I am only shipping to US and Canada at this time.

ALL trees are now SOLD

Then I also have these two pink mercury glass tyle tealight holders. They stand approx. 3 and 3/4 inches high and are also 3 and 3/4 inches in diameter at the top. Selling these two for $8.00 plus shipping for the pair.
{I have a total of six of these pink tealight holders)

Same price for these gold mercury glass style tealights...$8 for the pair plus shipping.
Send me an email if you are interested and I can send you an invoice through paypal or you can send me a check.  I can't list them on Etsy because they are not vintage.

Printed burlap at JoAnn Fabric!

I feel rather icky today with another attack of vertigo, but I wanted to get this posted. Have you seen this printed burlap at JoAnn Fabric? They also have some with a skeleton key design. Cool stuff!! My bff told me about it so I had to check it out for myself.  Last time I was at the store they did not have this so it is relatively new.

I haven't done anything with mine yet, but I sure will when I figure out what! lol

You might also want to pick up some of these when you are at JoAnn's. I found them several weeks ago. They have many items in this theme. I will use them for tags or something along that line.

Several giveaways going on over at Fishtail Cottage and she is featuring items that I donated today so be sure and stop on over and tell her hello! You just might win some amazing goodies!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Have you done any creating this week? I pulled out a roll of white paper that I found a few years ago at a thrift store. I have used part of it for different things, but had quite a bit left. It measured 30 inches wide which is a perfect size for wrapping paper. {most folded sheets are approx. 20 x 30) I cut the length at 20 inches and started making my own wrapping paper.

Isn't it pretty?

I pulled out several of my rubber stamps and just stamped away. I stamped here and I stamped there and in no time at all I had several sheets of pretty paper...I call it Jeanne d' Arc style paper, but I just might be throwing that name around too loosely. :) No two sheets are alike so I guess that makes them unique? lol
I rolled each one up and tied them with twine until I actually use them.

Some are designed for Christmas and others in the french style to use anytime.

Joyeux Noel

I love script stamps and used them a lot on this project.

This is a project that anyone can do and you cannot mess it up so get out your stamps and make some paper.  It is also a good way to take out your frustration when you bang those rubber stamps...just sayin'...lol.

I will be linking up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm again this week for White Wednesday.