Friday, February 26, 2010

Playing with paper ~

I have been playing with paper lately.
I put most of a vintage book through a paper shredder.
Then I crumpled it up in bunches to give it that
crinkled look.

I have a huge basket overflowing with crinkled
paper goodness for all kinds of projects now.

I also wanted to try my hand at using a book
to make a folded paper tree ~

while it is very easy I realized right quick that I should not have used a vintage book for this as the pages are old and somewhat brittle and don't fold as well as they should. Neat idea though. {saw it on the martha show a while back}

{haven't finished the tree yet}

This is something to do while you are sitting and watching tv with your significant other. lol

Go forth and play with paper today... you have my permission.


A touch of pink ~

Although I love the *french* and Jeanne d' Arc look so much
I just can't seem to forgo my *pink*.

I was playing with bottles a few days ago and here
are my results ~
I am off to get my no line bifocals adjusted today and see if that helps
me any. If not...then back to regular glasses for me.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday ~ Blessings~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

White Wednesday and new glasses ~

Can you believe I ate the whole thing??

{ I tried to be extra careful so it wouldn't look too}

Now you wear glasses?? If you have had
your eyes checked anytime lately you know that there
are literally hundreds of glasses to choose from.

I finally narrowed it down to two pair.
I wanted something very
different and I accomplished that, but....
I can't handle the line bifocals.

My first time ever with bifocals and I thought it would
take me a few days to get adjusted,
but these just aren't working for me.

I restocked my booth yesterday and went to a couple
antique stores and just couldn't handle anymore.
My eyes were so fatigued from trying to see right!
It should not be that hard to see in my opinion...
so I called my optometrist when I got home.

Told them I wanted regular glasses and get rid of the
bifocals and I will just continue to take them off
to read. They want me to come in and have them
adjusted and see if that works any better...give it two
weeks and if not then they will change them for me.

I did ask...*ahem* ..."do I have to pay for this change?"

{I about had to mortage my home for this pair as it was}

and she sweetly told me no....thank God!
So the glasses saga continues... I do LOVE the glasses
{see new profile pix} just not the bifocals...
they even have *bling* on the sides!

I will be at the dentist today when you are reading
this...probably having a tooth pulled. Or rather...
what is left of one...ugh!!

update: tooth is gone! No problems at all...God is good!

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for more WW posts.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A rose by any other name...

is still a rose ~

look what I found at the thrift store a few
weeks ago for $2.00

brand new with tags still attached
including this one

{original price was $26}

I have not unwrapped it yet

I love it as it is


Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little redecorating ~

A little vignette on my antique oak buffet
that I put together this week.
I hit the jackpot this week at the Goodwill.
I found a vintage scrabble game that had six wood trays and lots of numbers and letters.
I was thrilled to find it. I can always use more trays
and letters in my vignettes.

It still needs some tweaking and maybe some added height, but
so far it is what it is until I figure out what else to.

Blessings~ Sandi

{yep...accidentally deleted my signature yet}

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am exhausted from my little visitor!

but who can resist this sweet little face?
She was as busy as a little beaver all evening! "grandma, I need to brush my teeth"
and of course grandma is there with the camera.
doesn't this look just say it all? lol
about 9 pm Annika decided she wanted
*mac a noni*
so we had to check and make sure I had some
oh yay....we found some!!
She insisted we mix it with the whisk...

I know , I know ...who is in charge here
annika of course!

Her and I went to bed about 9:30 ish and she also
insisted that I put my arm around her and underneath her
little head. She was just chattering away telling me
over and over, *You make a nice pillow*

Every time I tried to move my arm , she put it back
so I gave up on that. All of a sudden I noticed it got
very quiet...looked over at her and she had fallen asleep.
before 10 pm!!

I am thinking.... this isn't too bad.
UNTIL... she woke up about 2 am and it was downhill
from there. She was moving and talking ,
and moving , moving, moving until she got up
about 7:30 am.
I wanted to sleep some more, but that
did not happen. Maybe I can catch up tonight.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Guess who's spending the night??

for the first time ever. guessed it.

my little hornblowing...
daddy loving... angelic sleeping...
teeth brushing...

little 2 year old granddaughter Annika.
{almost three}

I will let you know tomorrow if
I have survived.