Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year...2013

A New Year Wish

What shall I wish thee this New Year?
Health, wealth, prosperity, good cheer,
All sunshine- not a cloud or tear?
... Nay! Only this:
That God may lead thee His own way,
That He may choose thy path each day,
That thou mayest feel Him near alway,
For this is bliss!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's that time of year again...

...for downsizing my pretties. I have accumulated so much over the years that it is time
to let some of it go. All these goodies were just listed in my Etsy store with more to
come in the next few days hopefully. Hop on over and visit awhile if you are
 so inclined. :) 

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Just sharing few of my favorite pics from the past year...

...and praying for peace for those who desperately need it at this time of year.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Searching for Christmas

It happens every year. I always vow that the next year will be different, but it never is.
I get all excited for Christmas , the decor, the lights, the gift giving and all that goes
along with it. Cookie and candy making and love all around. BUT...every year
as it gets closer and closer, my joy slowly disappears and I am once again searching
 for Christmas.

The cookies and candy don't get made much anymore. I get too busy and
too frazzled to get done what I want to and I just get in a blue mood.  I know the true
meaning of Christmas ..really I do and I am so thankful for it, but I don't have
 a clue how to go about fixing the way I feel. Every year I just want to run away from the
  hustle, and bustle and try to find that Christmas peace once again.

Merry Christmas...praying that if you are searching like I will find it anew.

12.18.2012. An angel for Keira

It started out as a normal day just like any other day. Pretty routine.
Everyone gets up and goes to work, or prepares to start their day at home.
I like to think that I pray for my kids and grandchildren every day, but there
are those days that get so busy that I forget.  This particular day...I don't remember.

...but then came the text..."we are in the hospital with Keira. She had an accident at
the Y and almost lost part of her finger" about a jolt out of the blue!! If that
doesn't shake you awake I don't know what will.  I texted my son right back and he
kept in touch with me for the next several hours via texting and phone calls.

{thank God for amazing technology!! }

Keira { our little 5 year old petite ballerina granddaughter} had gotten her hand caught
in a large door at the Y and it made a mess of her finger. Such a tiny , sweet little girl who
 loves life so much and is so full  of joy was going through a horrible ordeal and there was
 nothing I could do except pray.

I prayed that God would send an angel to watch over her and comfort her little body and
mind at this time.

She was so brave and such a little trooper and we are so proud of her.  If I could have taken
away her pain and put it on myself, I would have, but we all know that life isn't that way.

Her finger got cut behind her fingernail at such a a downward angle that it literally almost took
the end of her finger off. It did take off a little slice of bone and we are so very thankful that
the doctors were able to fix her all up. Thankfully they gave her  meds so she could sleep
during the stitching.

Below is a picture and if you are the least bit squeamish, you will not want to view it.
Her tiny little finger is bloody and all stitched up at the end. She looks so tired in the photos,
but that little stinker insisted on going to her preschool program that night.  She did
not participate in it, but she wanted to go and she did!! 

We are so thankful that the accident was not any worse, but it goes to prove once again how life
can change in a split second.
Please keep her in
your prayers that all will go well with the
healing process.

Live life to the fullest and
cherish every single second!

Sorry this isn't a pretty Christmas post...:)
Blessings to each and everyone of you for Gods best in the New Year!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Joyeux Noel

I have been playing in my studio and I had fun putting together this little box of treasures.

I started by covering a small box with Joyeux Noel paper.

I added some puffy stars that I always have fun making along with some white jingle bells,
a crown earring and a fabric piece.

I also put in a white gauze flower pin and some tinsel candy canes.

Next I added one of my stickers that I won several months ago...

A piece of fabric that I had rubber stamped with ice skates and snow flakes

A french inspired tag

I knew it wouldn't be complete without some punched snowflakes and doves

This is my favorite piece...I made this tag and added some swarovski crystals where
the "berries" should be. I will say for future reference...glitter and THEN add the crystals..
not the other way around.. :)

At the very bottom of the box are two fabric frenchy tags.

This is the box all wrapped up. Yep, once again Sandi got things upside down. I had to stand
on my head to read the Joyeux Noel on the wrapping paper. ha ha!

The gorgeous paper...

I had fun doing this and after Christmas I might just make another one for a giveaway.

What do you think? Would you be interested? I am always running behind, but hey
you could use it for next year.

JOYEUX NOEL everyone!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

They said "I DO!"

My handsome nephew Justin,  married his beautiful fiance on Saturday and you could
certainly feel  that love  was in the air. They are so sweet together and I truly
believe that God has blessed this union.

I fell in love with the bouquets and Katelyn's dress!

They both struggled not to cry. They did tear up a bit, but quickly recovered and
got on with getting married. :)

 It was cold and breezy when we were outside taking pictures and I found me some shivering
 bridesmaids. lol

I just want to say that I have never really been a fan of the color red, but these cranberry red
dresses and bouquets were gorgeous!!

{My niece LaShawn is on the far left. Her brother is the handsome groom}

Fun times! Mason {young lady  in gray} and Chandler {young man right next to the groom} are my
niece and nephew also. All siblings to the groom. Such a beautiful family!!

Santa Justin was trying to find that garter and he eventually succeeded.  This was so fun. When it was
time to do this, all the groomsmen put on santa hats and dark glasses and they carried Justin down the
 stairs to the floor below where the reception was. Katelyn's brother threw her over his shoulder and
 took her down and sat her in a chair. I hear that Justin knew this was going to happen, but Katelyn
 didn't, but she was fine with it.  *giggle*

Gorgeous bride along with my niece LaShawn.

Told you I loved the bouquet didn't I?? Yep , here it is again. 

Bridesmaids shoes and bouquet

I took so many photos , but I figured you all didn't want to see 300, so I pared them down.

 We had such a busy weekend. My little granddaughter had a ballet recital on Friday evening
that we drove two hours to get to. Then we spent the night with son and family and drove
 three hours to the wedding Saturday.  We spent the night and came home today, but it was
an amazing and beautiful weekend!! We even capped it off by driving along the Lake Erie
shoreline, got out of the car and I took a few pics. It was just a hop and a skip away from
 our motel. :)
What did you do over the weekend?? :)