Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tiny peat pot crown

I had this idea mulling over in my head for several months and yesterday I decided to just jump
in and attack it full force.  Seriously, not hard at all and not perfect, but I thought it turned
out pretty cute for something I just figured out as I went along.

I just took a small peat pot and started cutting. Now as I said not perfect, but hey it is my first one.
I can see unlimited possibilities and designs with this idea.

I wanted to incorporate a cross somehow and I think the cross should have been smaller,
but it is what it is.  Hopefully the next one will be more to scale, but don't count on it.
I fly by the seat of my pants most days when I create! :)

I added a crown earring for some extra bling along with a few white flowers.

Sitting on a favorite shelf in my bedroom.

Hanging out with vintage flowers.

You can tell more by this photo the size it actually is. Just right for a tiny fairy maybe??
Hope you enjoyed my little creation today.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Herb thyme!

 I had to visit my surgeon yesterday for my follow up appointment, but before I went there
 I decided to visit a few stores that I hadn't been to in awhile. I found this lovely crate piece
and I knew it would be coming home with me. I had a 25% off coupon so that really sealed
the deal for me!  I used it here to showcase my herbs, but I bought it to use as a serving piece. 

I am already liking it very much! I am still pining over a square or rectangle white chippy table. I am
tired of my round table, but it works so until I can find a different one this one will stay.  You can bet
that I will be looking a lot this summer at sales for a vintage chippy white table.

I found these cute metal plant markers a few weeks ago for only $1.00 each. I bought five.

My favorite snipping scissors and a  favorite linen towel.

I will be joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday this week. I have missed a couple, but
hope to get back on track here soon.  I always love to see what others have posted even if all I can view
is the pretty thumbnail. Yep, it is getting that bad. Now today seems to be a good day for my internet,
but two days ago I was ready to throw it out the window as I could hardly bring up anything at all.
Crazy how that works!! Happy WW everyone!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Almond creme braided pastry

Oh what yummy goodness I baked up this week! I purchased two of these frozen braid pastry's
from my granddaughter Annika when they were having a fundraiser for her preschool.
OH.MY.WORD! They are sooooooo good!! This is my kind of baking too!
Take them out of the freezer...let it rise overnight on a cookie sheet and bake them in the morning!
Doesn't get any easier than that!! :)

I didn't even take the time to pretty them up for you. Just took it out of the oven and
 took quick photos. By the way I wouldn't recommend these if you are on a diet . Just gotta
break the rules every once in awhile though or it is no fun!

Pure yummy goodness in a loaf! I have one more in the freezer , but that one is strawberry
creme and I know it will be just as wonderful as this one was!!

Minor setback regarding my health. Remember I had my appendix out over Easter weekend?
Several days ago I noticed my arm was swollen and very sore above where they had put the
IV in my elbow area. Finally went to a walk in clinic yesterday because my doctor had no openings.
They are pretty sure I have a small clot and put me on steroids so time will tell.  I go to the doctor
who did my surgery on Tuesday as a follow up so we will see what he says. When it rains it pours!

Happy weekend everyone!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini crate makeover

I found this cute little crate at the Goodwill and while it is not from France I still thought
it would be cute fixed up. It started out a grayish/ blue color and it just didn't do anything
for me so I gave it a light gray/white paint makeover and then rubber stamped it with a script
design. I do like it much better this way. :)

I grabbed a handful of lilacs yesterday and brought them inside to showcase the mini crate.

This little crate can be such a versatile piece. It can be used for flowers or you can put glassware in
it, drinks, silverware etc. The sky is the limit. { I was too lazy to put any actual food or drink in today}

I found six of these glass pieces at the Goodwill the last time I was there. They are marked
 Ikea and made in Italy on the bottom. I paid 55 cents each so I think I got a bargain. :)

I so want some white lilacs and we did plant a bush about two or three years ago, but so
far no flowers. This year it looks like it MIGHT have one flower on it. I sure hope
 it flowers more next year.

I hope you enjoyed my lilacs today. Can't you just smell them? I went out on the back porch
this morning and was hit with their fragrance as soon as I opened the door. Scrumptious!!

Linking up with White Wednesday over at Faded Charm today.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Better late than never!

Since I was in the hospital over Easter weekend it put my moms Easter dinner plans
on hold and we had it this past weekend instead. I wore my pj's almost all week long,
but I actually got dressed to go out to my parents house. I have been doing really well
and I am itching to get out and go antiquing.

We also had an Easter egg hunt for our grands at our house afterwards.
{well four of them anyways...the others couldn't be there} I had white
baskets for all of them to use, but Annika found a colored one that I
guess she liked better! :)

{left to right: Keira, Annika, Kanaan and Ainsley}

{I have been told over and over that Keira is the spitting image of me when
I was young}

We  followed the kids outside with their Easter baskets in hand and were getting
ready for the egg hunt when I noticed that Ainsley{littlest grand} was sound
asleep in her mommy's arms. I so wanted her to be a part of it, but didn't think
that was going to happen when all of a sudden her mommy stood her on
 the ground and she was instantly awake and ready to go!  I am amazed
that she was not grumpy because I would have been had it been me! rofl.

I would say that Kanaan has a full basket already!

Annika with a full basket as well...almost time to head inside.

Keira and Ainsley on the hunt.

You talking to me Uncle Jason??

Daddy helping Kanaan find some more eggs.
{if you look close you can see my reflection in the window}

Keira and Ainsley... Keira was so sweet. A couple times she picked up some
eggs and gave them to Ainsley.  Although Ainsley was awake I think
she was still kinda in a trance. :) I got more photos of her then anyone else
because she was the slowest mover. ha!

This one is mine! :)

All the loot has been found and they are ready to go in the house and open all their eggs.
Kids are sooooo fun!! Love watching them get a thrill out of each and every egg and
 what they find inside.   Later that evening my boys and husband went to a movie
 while my DIL's  and grands stayed back at our house with me. The kids played hide
 the eggs all evening long!!  Who knew that a few plastic eggs could keep little
 ones entertained for hours! More precious memories...:)

Friday, April 13, 2012

On the mend

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am on the mend! An appendectomy was certainly
not what I was expecting to do over Easter weekend, but I guess my plans are not always the
same as Gods plans.

Hubby had left around 4 pm Friday with our youngest son to go to my oldest
sons home which is about 2.5 hours away so they could spend a few hours together.
I was a little nauseous when he left, but as this happens to me periodically I thought
nothing of it. As the hours passed it just got worse and worse along with stomach pain
generally over my whole abdomen.  I was so uncomfortable that I laid on my
 relief, I sat in the relief, I ended up laying on the bathroom floor and
hovering over the toilet {TMI??} and I was not getting any better at all.

I started reasoning with myself..."okay Sandi if this gets even worse CAN you get yourself
to the hospital?" I decided no way so at about 10 pm I decided to get in the car and drive
 to the hospital about 30 minutes away.  Thank God I made it there okay. I know probably
not the smartest thing to do , but my parents, brother and friend all live at least 20 if not
 30 minutes away so it made no sense to me to call them and add additional time on to
 me getting to the ER.

I texted my son when I arrived at the hospital and they headed home. They all know that if
I am at the hospital something is definitely wrong, because I have a high tolerance for pain.

I got out of my car and walked up to the hospital and then turned back around toward my
car and thought, "Okay is this really bad enough to go in"...hee hee. I opted to go in and
I am very thankful I did. Long story short, after x-rays the doctor said my gall bladder was
fine. After the cat scan he told me I had appendicitis. I said WHAT?? I was floored.
Never dreamed it was that.  So they took that pesky little appendix out and life will
never be the same without it. *SMILE*  Thankfully hubby got to the hospital before
they did the surgery. I am also very thankful that he was not far, far away.

I am doing pretty good and just taking it one day at a time...God is good!!

{Yes I got chastised for not calling someone to get me to the brother wondered
sarcastically if my phone quit working...}

First photo I am using an antique horse muzzle for a cloche of sorts. It was tagged as such at
an antique store last year so I assume that is what it is. I immediately thought CLOCHE
when I saw it and it was only $4 so why not? :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Appendectomy for Easter!

Yep it is true. I am betting you had a much more fun Easter than I did...I will be back with more details
 later. Such as how I drove myself to hospital late Friday evening {hubby was out of town}...just got
 home today...they didn't let me shower for three days {SO GROSS} so that is the first thing I did
when I got home about an hour or so ago. Then checked my email and now am heading for bed
or couch. Hospital stays wear you out...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The land of good intentions

Have you ever been to this land...the land of good intentions?
I seem to frequent it way too often.  It starts when I lay in bed at night thinking about what a productive
day I will have when the next morning arrives.  My brain just can't shut off.  Believe me I have tried many
times and it just doesn't work.  "I will sew this and make that and paint this and finish that...and, and,
and!  Before I know it the "next day" has come and gone and I am lying in bed once again dreaming
of this far away land.  So close , but yet so far away! {for me anyways} 

I will happily admit that some of these good intentions actually came to fruition a few days ago when
I painted and embellished these darling little egg cartons that I have had for a couple years. 

I could not decide what I wanted to do with them so they just hung out in my studio until a couple days
ago when inspiration struck.  It all started with some chocolate strawberry Lindt truffles that I found in
my cupboard and forgot I even had. 

First I painted the boxes and then embellished them with a graphic that I found from The Graphics Fairy
quite some time ago.

I added some sparkly glitter to the tops of them...

...along with some other pretty embellishments.

I tied white crinkled seam binding ribbon through the middle of the carton lid where there
was a hole ...

...and added a tag as well. This way when you open the box the tag lays right on top of the truffles.

I also took small white doilies and lined the four little egg compartments with them.

As a finishing touch I tied them up with seam binding ribbon or striped twine.

Now wouldn't you love to get one of these for Easter? I know I would. lol.
 {Now I wish I had more of these little cartons!}

Happy Tuesday and Happy upcoming Easter!!