Sunday, December 2, 2012

Was it worth it??? {Update on items for sale}

{UPDATE: several of you have contacted me wanting to purchase items , but some 
of you do not have your email linked up to your blog so there is no way for me to
 contact you. Please link your email  up to your blog or email me directly...the link is
 on my profile page here on my blog. I feel bad when I can't get ahold of you}

I kinda felt like I was getting ready for a know...a big production.

Sewing, gluing, painting, creating, glittering, printing, cutting,scrunching, packaging...
for days weeks on end and then


It is  over with...done...fanito!

I am one tired lady and I have decided that once a year is about all of this that I can handle. ha!
{Kudos to you who do this every week or even hats off to you!!}

I got many, many compliments on how nice my treasures were and some people even
purchased an item or two.

But when you get right down to it...did I sell very much??

I sold a few of the burlap bags and several stockings
{but still have some left}

...a few candles and ornies

 one of these Eiffel towers sold

the star boxes didn't sell...two cloches did

I think I sold maybe three sets of candles at $ 6.00 a set...all my number tags went except one set.

I didn't sell any of the old tart tin glitter ornies, {I think they were $6 each}
 but I did sell some of the music ornies with angels on.

All three paper trees sold

a few nests sold 

some music sheet angel wings sold, the beautiful white script ones didn't 

Sold one bottle , none of the cabinet cards, none of the scrabble tile sayings etc. the million dollar question is:

was it worth it???

Well...I am not sure.  If I wouldn't have had two
ladies that purchased a lot from me, then I would 
say it was iffy at best. Do I want to do it again
next year?   Time will tell. I suppose there is something
to be said for hanging in there year after year and
hoping my  "style"  grows on people.  Also, am I pricing
too cheap? I know I am not pricing too expensive. 

Lots of questions, but all in all it was still a 

great day. I met many wonderful people and chatted
up a storm with them! ha! Here's to small town living!!

{Note: If you see anything you want to purchase give me a 

shout out as I just may have it left} 


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Looks like you had lots of beautiful things that you had made. There is so much work to do a show (I've been there, but didn't do good)long term booths do much better for me.


Donna said...

Your items are beautifully created and you had a wide variety! It's really kind of potluck with some of the shows, and the economy is still stuck in the mud. So all in all, you probably did quite well!

Julie Marie said...

Well Sandi... those people just didn't know a good thing when they saw it... I would have spent ALL my money at your booth!... can you add the "blessed" scrabble saying to my order?... I'll wait to hear back from you in another email, much love... xoxo Julie Marie

Trisha said...

I would have bought so many things! I am very interested in one of the Eiffel Towers!


Anonymous said...

Not only are your creations gorgeous but they are displayed so beautifully. Your question is a good one...I believe at times we all find ourselves wondering if it's worth it but as long as you enjoy yourself and you still have the passion to do it then it's worth it.

Fishtail Cottage said...

The show looks so dreamy! you are so crafty Sandi, I wish I could have attended! Be sure to come and enter the giveaway at my place (on my side bar) it’s the last night to enter! xoxo, tracie

Irene said...

I asked that questions too many times when I did this, finally when my wee ones were sort of acting up one day and I couldn't create, I said, it's not worth it. And I quit. Now, I think I just create to satisfy myself. When you've rested you may feel like it was worth it, it gives our art purpose, even if you only sell some things.

Createology said...

When we create from our hearts and souls very few lucky ones ever make any real money at it...most of us just do it because we love it. Your treasures are beautiful. It is always very difficult to predict what will sell and for what price. Rest and have earned it. Blessings...

Unknown said...

Oh Sandi, everything is gorgeous!!! I definitely would have bought several things! I love the angel wing ornaments, tne burlap bag, the boxes, well everything really! I would love to purchase a few things. Will they be in your Etsy shoppe or do I order straight from here? Thank you so much!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I have always wondered myself if I had a booth or something if it would be worth all the time put into it. How much are the angel wing ornaments? Though I can't see them very well the pretty white ones sound like something I would love. Do you have a Etsy shop? All your things looks so pretty!

Vintage Memories said...

Your creations are gorgeous~and you should have had nothing left after your show~I also create and have found in recent years more people prefer buying commercially and don't appreciate the handmade~more people need to buy from small businesses and creative people to help bring this economy back~please keep doing what you do~There are still alot of us that appreciate your work

Unknown said...

i know exactly how you feel. Its so unpredictable what people like and will buy ~ I just did a show, and ya know what sold?~ the "leftovers" from 2 years ago! I had "the leftovers" in my shop last year for 50% off and they still didn't sell but i took them to the show (mostly sheeet music stuff) and everyone bought them up!! So wierd right? ya just never know ~ your creations are BEAUTIFUL! And the best thing is a Vintage Christmas never goes out of style!

julie - eab designs said...

I adore everything you made! I have to say that if your items were at any of the fairs I've participated in the past, they all would have been sold out within the hour. Truly beautiful!

Melissa said...

I love everything!!! I think you should participate in Collette's Arts and Crafts Fair on December 8 & 9 to sell all your leftovers!!! :)

Dorthe said...

Hi Sandi,
I say the same here,
:"Is it worth it" --only I HAVE to do it, as I HAVE to try earning some money as it is my job, and have been for 17 years, with my shop ....but it is not so much worth it, as it has been before!!
You made so many beautiful pieces, -and I love your style, which are similar to mine....only the danish are even more carefull buying this style!!
I`m going again next sunday,-and have the shop open for costumers saturday, then it is normal shop life the rest time of the year.

Annie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say that your items that were for sale were gorgeous. I had the same experience this past weekend at a Holiday Fair. I sell an assortment of vintage, french and whimsy items. The things i thought would sell didn't, and others that hadn't done so well in the past did great. It's just hit or miss. I would love to purchase your angel wing ornaments. Do you have a link to your etsy shop?

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I love everything ... The style is not for many as Mine is about the same as yours and I know the couples coming tonight the style I have defiantly are not for either of them either... They have all expensive and new.. But I don't want it to be for everyone... I enjoy being different... And funky...You need a outlet where you would have a longer selling time and now it is getting too close to sell many... You do beautiful work...

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Wow, you had quite a plethora of beautiful creations, Sandi! I do agree it's sometimes tough to find folks that have our JDL-vintage-whitish style. I'm happy for you that those ladies that appreciated your hard work and talent!

lala said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful!.. I did a Christmas fair 2 years ago and it was a bit disappointing, even though I received many compliments. My items were in a similar style to yours, plus many decorated bottle brush trees and various ornies, etc. I discovered that most people weren't interested in purchasing decorative or christmassy type items, they wanted gifty type items - candles, soaps, crocheted items, handmade baby clothes, etc. I stopped doing christmas fairs and started doing summer & fall shows, and did much, much better. Don't give up - you just need to find the right niche - it's not your work (which is amazing) - it's the timing and the venue.

Barbara Jean said...

All so beautiful.

Christmas Blessings